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Many years ago when i used to lurk here when I was just out of short pants :P , I don't even know if there are any members still around from then, there used to be a question and answer sesson with a Home and Away writer. I was wondering if it was still around somewhere to read. I looked on the site. There were questions about Max being written out, and about the Fletcher house being rebuilt, and I think about Rhys leaving.

Also there was something about somebody buying loads of old H&A episodes from I thnk it was 1997-1999 and they were going to put them up on the site, but I can't find them anywhere.


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Bevan's Q&A is one of of the parts of the site which Chris didn't get around to re-uploading when he started working on the new look....the unfinished new look which is actually quite old now.....I'll try and find some of the old pages to copy into the new placeholders at some point.

Unfortunately all episodes were removed from the site and forum at the request of Seven, and at this point in time its very unlikely they'll be returning.

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