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Good Friday Appeal 2010

Guest **Julie**

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A few Home and Away cast members will take a trip to Melbourne, Australia for TODAY'S special TV Event - The Good Friday Appeal 2010.

They will be doing some signing sessions, taking photos and taking part in the telethon throug out the day/night.

For all the latest check out - http://www.goodfridayappeal.com.au/ and http://www.homeandaway.com.au/ for details.

*** If people from the forum here went along and took photos and videos, please post and share on here.



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I was looking for a thread for this. I went took some pictures and videos. Surprisingly, home and away came to the stage first. In previous years, they are normally last. Jay and Axle sang for abit and I got videos of those. Wasn't expecting Jay or Lynne to come so that was a surprise.

Here's a link of Jay singing: (sorry a little bit crackling :/ better to hear with volume a little down.)

. He sings like 15 secs into the video.

By the way, home and away were in the telethon at 5 and it was funny because Esther turned her eye lids back kinda gross. This happened when grant was asking if the cast had any hidden talents.

I'll upload more pictures and videos later.

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If any 1 has photos and videos, please put up we would so love to see.

Even scans/photos of the fan cards, would be great to, especcialy Jay's card.

Did any 1 also pick up when Hamish - host from AFL Game Day show on Channel 7 sunday mornings, interviewed Esther Anderson in the tele-room and were talking about the new season of Dancing with the Stars starting up again for 2010 soon, she hinted that she is or possibly in the cast line up for the new series.


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