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Tues 23 Mar 2010 – Episode # 5037

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” Was Goldilocks In Town? – Because All The Good Stuff Has Gone From Our Fridge !!! “

[ Screened in Australia on Tues 23 Mar 2010 – Episode # 5037 ]


DAY AFTER THE EVENTS OF 5036 – Xavier is on tee front patio when Marsha arrives. Gina reminds Xavier to phone Brendan. When Gina asks, Marsha tells her Liam is moving out. Marsha tells Gina she will phone tonight – to tell her how things are going. Marsha & xaver bail.


Nic, Miles & Alf are concerned when lots of food etc has gone form the fridge & pantry. Marilyn arrives – telling the others she has throw eon out on the unhealthy things they had – esp. the coffee. She just bought tigs like tea & soy milk etc.

When she offer to cook everyone a nice healthy breakfast, Alf & miles quick bail – and Nic loos like she wished she had bailed too.


After they enter the house, Marsha tell Xavier him living her in a temporary solution – and he has to sort tigs out. She also poimnts out that ppl [even John] can change – she cites Liam as an example.


As Nic works on her designs, Maz comet on how great they look. Aden & Justin enter. Maz is please to see Justin is up and about. When Aden suggests to Nic they have diner at diner tonight, he almost picks up on et fact her internship isn’t going so well. Only some quick thinking by Nic saves her from having to explain.


Tony suggests to Gina he may have good idea for Xavier - to be involved in after Scholl sports etc. she likes the idea.

Miles & Nic talk bou how tings aren’t that great atm – with her internship and how Maz has changed things around at the house.

Later, Xavier talks to Ruby in the corridor. He does not like it wham she suggest he “go with the flow” re John/Gina. He even suggests ruby is kicking him whilst he is down.

Tony starts talking to Xavier bout after school sport, but when Gina arrives in et corridor, Ruby says it best [with Gain is out of view] that that was quite uncomfortable.


Alf & Marilyn talk bout how Don Fisher come to see her whilst she had breast cancer – or more to the point, money FOM him with passed onto Maz as she didn’t want any visits at the point in her life.


Aden & Justin talk bout their dad. Aden insists at he's changed, but Justin will always think of him as scum.


As Gina ^& John talk, he suggest that they should maybe break up. Gina doesn’t want that – but she does think she should have opened up to her kids more after their dad left her & them. When John wonder what if Xavier does not come home form the farm, Gina insist she will keep on talk to him till he does.


Nic arrives and Britt tells her a potential buyer has rejected all of her latest line. Nic wonder if any of the deigns she has done can help. Britt seem VERY impressed when she looks at Nick’s deigns 0 and suggest if the pull an all-nighter, they might be able to pull this off.


Aden is on the phone – when off, he tells Justin bout Nic’s plans fro the night. Talk turn to Nic/Aden – and how her dad was in the SAS, and how for quite a while there, Nic & Aden weer like brother & sister.

Justin tell Aden that being in the Army has turned his life around – he’s even about to study law. Justin suggest in to Aden that one of the reasons he is in et bay if to suggest to Aden tat he should enlist in Army too. Aden isn’t that keen on idea.


NIGHT - As they do the dishes, Marsha tell Xavier [like he is now] Liam sings/plays his guitar quite a bit.

Talk turns to the Gina sitch. Xavier insists he does not want to hurt his mum – but Marsha tell him that he is [as long as he keeps up this anti John stand].


Rach enters. She suggests to Gina she should join them for a BBQ next door. Gina does not want to -0 after Rach bails, Gina looks at a framed pic of her 3 sons.


Miles isn’t that keen on both the vegetarian meal Maz has cooked or her very feng shui ideas bout the house. Alf assure Miles that Maz is harmless – but Miles wonder if Alf will still he saying that if Miles’ bed ends up in alf’s room.

Maz wonder bout Nic – and suggest Nic needs more balance in her life [when told bout Nic’s all-nighter plans].


Britt & Nic are very happy with how things are going so far. After she sends Nic out to get some dinner, Bruit is ion the phone – telling her potential buyer bout the news collection. After the call ends, Britt largely writes her autograph – on of Nic’s designs !!!



Angelo sees Charlie with her counsellor at diner - and assumes she is seeing another man

Romeo is REALLY nervous bout tee play

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Rachel: dark [brown trim] low cut neck top/denim jeans


Nic: red thin strap top/dark mid thigh skirt/silver belt


Gina: white [pink floral] l/s top/dark long pants


Aden: grey [dark wolf face] t/dark long pants

Alf: blue & white check shirt/bone long pants

Britt: dark maxi dress/silver studded belt/dark pretzel like necklace

Gina: dark jacket/dark top/grey long pants/black & white beaded necklaces

John: white l/s shirt/brown long pants

Justin: olive green shirt/denim jeans

Justin: whit [dark trim * vert stripe on each side] shorts

Marilyn : dark [red floral] low cut v neck knee dress/red belt

Marsha: white halter maxi dress/dark [white floral] headband

Miles: olive green shirt/white [dark unknown motif] t/dark long pants

Nic: SBH uniform

Ruby: SBH uniform

Tony: red [silver “puma”] t/grey long pants

Xavier: dark [green sun & white ‘Santa Monica’] t/denim jeans

Xavier: SBH uniform

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