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The Way Things Are

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Story Title: The way things are

Main Characters: Most of the cast and a few added characters.

BTTB rating: SC <-- this is not an official BttB rating. Please see Here for official BttB Ratings and adjust accordingly.

Type of Story: One Shot / Short/Medium / Long

Genre: Drama/General

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: No (Yes SC)

Summary: Twists and turns go through the Bay - Can the residents cope with the uncomphrenesable future that almost swallows the bay? (It's also based a few months ahead from now)

Chapter one.

It's 6 AM. Xavier has just woken up and found that the sky outside is still dark. Xavier then re examines his clock and realizes that it's actually 4 AM. He looks under his bed and finds his shoes. He then slips them on and attempts to leave the house. His mother Gina stops him.

"Where do you think you're going at this time at night?" asked Gina. Xavier gulped and replied.

"What are you doing up, mum?"

"I've been organizing activites for school - I guess the time has been eating at me" said Gina. Xavier then looked his mum up and down and headed back to bed. Gina sighed and headed to bed.

Later on in the day, Annie and Romeo were walking the halls when Xavier saw them.

"Hey" said Annie.

"Oh, hey. Have you seen Annie?" asked Xavier.

"No. She's been away lately. I think she's actually using this time to catch up on assignments" said Annie.

"Yeah, since it's year 11 and all. I don't think we can stuff around like last year. I mean, it's nearly July and everything is going all wrong again. We need to get back on track" exclaimed Xavier. Annie nodded.

"I've got some halfyearly exams coming up" said Annie in agreeance. Romeo and Annie then parted ways and Xavier stood alone.

Gina was then seen on the phone walking around the school talking about some "new" thing that is going to be added to the school. Xavier smirked in surprise and awe. It's obviously got to be good if his mum is putting this much effort into it.

Afterschool, Xavier saw Ruby sitting around a bench alone. He was about to have a conversation with her when another older looking guy (about 20 or so) sat down and kissed Ruby. Xavier gulped and raced over and pushed the guy off Ruby.

"What do you think you're doing? She's my girlfriend!" said Xavier, looking very angry. Ruby then turned away and began her sentence.

"I had to tell you sometime..."


"We're over. We haven't been connecting recently and me and Gered here has been a very supportive friend so I decided we might as well start were we left off" said Ruby. Xavier then glared at both Ruby and Gered and walked off.

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