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Demon Hunting

Guest Georgia

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Story Title: Demon Hunting

Type of story: Short fiction

Main Characters: Georgia, Elainea, Tele, Bec, Steph, Aden, Niff, Belle, Ruby, Dean and Sam, Wentworth Miller, Taylor Lautner and Roman.... read to find out.

Rating: T

Genre: Comedy, romance

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: A few swears every now and then

Summary: A bit of a laugh... inspired by a conversation with Elainea and Tele. Dean and Sam take Elainea, Georgia, and the residents of Summer Bay with them to hunt a bunch of demons. There may be a few shirtless scenes...

A/N: The Impala is now big enough to store about 100 people now

Chapter One: The Introductions

Sam and Dean slammed the boot of the Impala shut, and sighed with relief. They had been in Summer Bay for a while now, and it was time to move on. All of their possessions were packed, and the local mechanic had done an extension on the Impala, making it big enough to house a ton of people.

“Sam?” a woman’s voice called, and Sam quickly turned around, opening his arms as Elainea ran up to him, and planted a light kiss on his lips.

Elainea and Sam had been together for about a month now, and everything was going perfectly... apart from the fact that Sam was leaving Summer Bay. They had managed to get past the whole “hunting demon” thing, but now Sam was leaving her behind

“Where’s Georgia?” Dean asked, looking around for Elainea’s best friend, and the woman that had captured his heart

“Right here handsome”, a voice behind Dean giggled, and Dean quickly spun around, smiling as he saw Georgia standing there with a giant sports holdall slung over her shoulder

“What’s the bag for?” Sam asked, laughing at Dean, who had a stupid soppy smile on his face.

“Me and Elainea weren’t just going to hang around in Summer Bay, while our boyfriend’s travelled the worlds and hunted evil demons”, Georgia explained

“Yeah, we’re coming with you”, Elainea announced, “and we’ve made a new friend as well... actually a couple”

“Who are they?” Dean asked, as Sam now had that stupid soppy smile on his face

“Well... there’s Steph... she’s an angel, who happened to be passing through Summer Bay. She wants to help kill demons too”, Georgia said, gripping onto Dean’s hand, and doing some weird hop of excitement

“And her boyfriend... Taylor Lautner, he had to come as well!” Elainea interrupted, also doing that same weird hop

As soon as Elainea had finished speaking, Steph and Taylor walked in, and Dean gasped in shock

“You’re the werewolf from the Twilight series!” he squealed, “I’m such a huge fan”. When he realized the looks he was getting he quickly explained, “Georgia made me watch them!”

“Anyway....” Sam continued the conversation, as if this exchange had never happened, “is that everyone?”

“Actually no... I met Wentworth Miller on the beach yesterday, and those blue eyes...” Georgia trailed off wistfully, but blushed as soon as she saw the glare she was receiving from Dean. “I’m just joking Dean, you’re the only man in my life”

Elainea picked up the story. She and Georgia had this extremely annoying act going on... they finished each other’s sentences. “So Georgia met Wentworth yesterday, and he mentioned that he was bored of Summer Bay, so she invited him along”

Dean turned and glared at Elainea, not wanting Wentworth to come along... Georgia was all his!

“And Wentworth wouldn’t come unless Bec was allowed to come with us as well” Georgia finished, and waving as Wentworth and Bec walked towards the Impala hand in hand.

“So let me get this straight”, Sam said, “Me, Elainea, Dean, Georgia, Steph, Taylor, Bec and Wentworth are all coming on this trip? Luckily we had the Impala modified!” he explained

“Tele said she would catch up with us later. Apparently she and Roman are going on an island escape” Elainea explained, a slight confused expression on her face

“Oh... Belle and Aden are coming as well”, Georgia chimed in, and Dean rolled his eyes. This little road trip was growing huge!

“Nicole and Geoff are coming as well”, Bec added, and Wentworth smiled at her

“Oh, and I invited Ruby”, Steph jumped into the conversation, before giggling when Taylor kissed her quickly

The five Summer Bay residents quickly walked to the car, Nicole dragging a suitcase, and Geoff trailing behind with another five bags.

“Is that everyone?” Wentworth asked, anxious to get started

“I think so”, Georgia thought carefully, but Elainea quickly jumped into the conversation.

“Well, we’ve got Sam and Dean, me and Georgia, Steph and Taylor, Bec and Wentworth, Aden and Belle, Nicole and Geoff and Ruby”, Elainea said, counting on her fingers at the same time

“And Tele and Roman”, chimed in Tele, as she strolled towards the Impala, smiling from ear to ear, as Roman held onto her hand

“I thought you were on holiday” Georgia said, confusion clear in her voice

“Well... Roman was a member of the SAS and he really wants to go on an adventure, so here we are...” Tele announced, rolling her eyes affectionately at the blonde muscular man standing beside her

“Let’s get going”, Dean insisted, and climbed into the driving seat of the Impala, pulling Georgia into the passenger seat. Sam and Elainea quickly followed, as the front row now had another room to fit four people.

Everyone else quickly climbed into the Impala, all jostling to sit next to their loved ones. Nicole almost fell out of the car a couple of times, and Ruby got sat on, but after ten minutes of yelling, everyone was seated comfortably.

“And we’re off!” Dean declared, pushing the accelerator to the floor and speeding off, out of Summer Bay.

Ok, if you want to be in the story, just ask in a comment. I might as well write about anyone who wants to be involved :D

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Sure Sarah, I'd love to write you in my story :D It might be in a few chapters time though... keep an eye out for it :P Thanks for the reviews guys, and enjoy :D

Chapter Two: The Car Ride

Dean turned on the radio, and laughed as everyone recoiled in shock at the choice of music. Led Zeppelin boomed out of every speaker, and no one seemed to like it.

Georgia quickly reached over and changed to the radio, so that everyone was happy.

“Georgia... I was listening to that”, Dean grumbled, but Georgia quickly kissed him, which put the smile back on his face.

“Now concentrate on driving Dean”, Georgia said solemnly, trying not to smile, as Dean turned his eyes back to the road.

Sam was already asleep, and Elainea had stolen his mobile phone, and was checking through his phone book, every now and then pausing

“What are you doing El?” Georgia asked, curiosity overcoming her

“Sam has had a lot of women fawning over him, and I’m just deleting all the women from his phone book. I’m the only one he should be calling”, Elainea explained, causing Georgia to laugh at Elainea’s jealous streak.

In the next row back, Bec had her hands on Wentworth’s arms, and was examining his tattoos.

“What do they mean?” she asked; puzzled because the tattoos didn’t seem to make sense

“Well, I played Michael Scofield in this TV show called Prison Break and the tattoos were part of my costume. I liked them so much, I had them done permanently”, Wentworth explained

Bec opened her mouth to talk, but Roman interrupted her. “What was it like... acting like a prisoner?” he asked, and the men got into a very serious discussion about the pros and cons of prison meals.

Bec turned to Tele, and they got involved in a conversation about artwork. It turned out that Bec was an amazing icon creator, who experimented with a bunch of different colour, and Tele was just starting out.

Further back, Steph was talking quietly to Taylor.

“So, was there ever anything going on between you and Kirsten Stewart?” Steph asked, whilst eyeing Taylor’s well developed shoulder muscles

“Nothing at all; we’re just good mates”, Taylor explained, “but she did come with me to get this cool tattoo done”

“Oh cool! What does it say?” Steph asked, her curiosity levels rising with each passing second

“It’s your name, and it’s across my heart”, Taylor told her, which received a squeal from Steph and several angry glares from the other men in the car, whose girlfriend’s now expected the same levels of romance

Taylor lifted his shirt over his head, and Steph quickly ran her fingers over the tattoo, her smile stretching from ear to ear.

This received several more stares from the men in the car, who were furious to see their girlfriends staring at Taylor’s chest.

Geoff in particular, was extremely annoyed. “Nicole, stop staring at Taylor’s chest”, he hissed

“Well, he’s the only guy with his shirt off... I’m allowed to look”, she said simply, as if it was common knowledge

“So if I had my shirt off, you’d be fine with people staring at me?”

“Of course, but that’s not the issue. You don’t have your shirt off”. Before Nicole had even finished talking, Geoff was pulling off his shirt, and throwing it into the row in front

“Geoff, put your shirt back on”, Nicole whispered, her eyes on Geoff’s chest instead of his eyes

“I can’t, I don’t know where it is”, he replied, “maybe this wasn’t such a good idea”

Belle, who was sitting next to Geoff, turned to face Aden. “How come Taylor and Geoff are being nice to their girlfriends and taking their clothes off and you’re not? Why are you still fully dressed? Are you trying to become a nun or something?” Belle questioned, bored out of her brains even though they had only been in the car for about an hour

“I didn’t realize my girlfriend wanted me to become a stripper”, Aden retorted, his hands crossed firmly across his chest

“So you’re not going to entertain me?” Belle asked incredulously

“I don’t feel comfortable with you using me for my body”, Aden replied, his face set its firm no position. Belle turned to face Geoff instead, because as they say: drastic times call for drastic measures.

“Fine”, Aden hissed and pulled his shirt off as well, his arms still firmly across his chest but allowed Belle to remove them after she had kissed him lightly.

Wentworth and Roman had long since discarded their shirts as well, and Roman was now examining Wentworth’s tattoos, while Wentworth was asking Roman how he stayed so in shape.

Tele and Bec had joined in on the action, and were both pretending to be examining Wentworth’s tattoos, but Tele’s eyes (and hands), kept wandering over to Roman’s chest.

Ruby had undone her seatbelt, and climbed towards the front of the car, and was now in a conversation with Elainea and Georgia... who were trying to convince Sam that the air conditioner was broken and he should take off his shirt to keep cool.

Luckily, Dean had his headphones on, and was staring at the road, missing out on all the mayhem that was surrounding him.

Sam had soon folded, and his shirt was discarded, which may have had something to do with the fact that Elainea had refused to let him touch her until his shirt was on the floor. The incentive had worked extremely fast.

However, the car soon pulled to a stop, and Dean pulled off his headphones.

“All right everyone! This is the first stop... our first demon hunt”, he announced before turning around and looking at the disaster that was unfolding in the Impala.

In the furthest row back, Belle was sitting on Aden’s lap facing him, her hands on his chest, while she gave him a massage. Nicole seemed to be searching for something in Geoff’s mouth...

Wentworth was sitting extremely close to Bec, and they were holding hands, while Bec talked to Tele, and Roman was talking to Wentworth. Tele’s hands however were nowhere to be seen.... and one of Roman’s hands was still on Wentworth’s arm.

Sam was sitting in the front seat, chatting to Elainea and Ruby... whose head seemed to be poking round the seat. Georgia was now playing Uno by herself... and appeared to be losing.

But the strangest thing was... none of the guys were wearing shirts.

Dean grabbed onto Georgia’s hand, and pulled her out of the car.

“Oh thank god I was driving. There is something seriously wrong with the people we’re travelling with”, Dean trailed off when he saw the pout on Georgia’s face. “What’s wrong?”

“Everyone else got a show from their boyfriends but you were too busy driving”, she explained, her face now falling into a cheeky smirk

“Well maybe you’ll get a show tonight”, he replied cheekily, and kissed her passionately on the lips. “God, I’ve been wanting to do that for hours”, he said breathlessly, and leant forward to kiss Georgia again, but was interrupted by Sam and the others...

“Come on Dean”, Sam yelled from across the car park, and Dean burst into hysterical laughter, Georgia soon following

“Sam, you’re wearing a girl’s shirt!” Dean yelled back, and everyone within hearing distance laughing as well

“I must have put the wrong shirt on”, Sam swore, “but why was there a woman’s shirt in the foot well?” he asked, trying to put the attention onto someone else

Georgia blushed an extremely bright red, and ducked her head into Dean’s chest.

“That might be mine”, came the muffled explanation from Dean’s shirt, and the rest of the group burst into another round of laughter

“Leave Georgia alone; who hasn’t left their shirt in their boyfriend’s car before?” Steph interjected, and everyone turned to look at her, curiosity clear on their faces. “Don’t worry, carry on laughing at Georgia”, she whispered quietly, her face blushing red as well

“See Georgia... I told you they were all mad”, Dean whispered to Georgia, “are you sure they have to come on the trip with us?”

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Well, here is chapter 3... enjoy guys, and thanks for the reviews. Sarah and Mira... your time to shine will be coming soon :lol:

Chapter Three: The First Hunt

The whole group crowded around a very tiny table, in a very crowded road house, planning for their first hunt. Sam had tracked a particularly vicious demon to the small town a few hours away from Palm Beach.

And now, they were sitting around, trying to make a plan, which wasn’t working very well.

Tele and Steph both seemed more interested in their boyfriends then in trying to save the world... and Georgia was deep in conversation with Elainea, Sam and Dean... who were supposed to be conducting the planning session

Eventually, Dean managed to get everyone’s attention back to the main topic

“Ok, well the first thing we need to do it find out who is going to fight... I think that we should take one person from every couple” Dean announced

“And what about me?” Ruby asked, annoyed that she hadn’t been mentioned. She really should have bought a boyfriend on this tour

“Well you can either be our bait... or you can stay at home until you find a boyfriend” Taylor interjected, and everyone nodded their agreement

“I think I’ll stay at home”, Ruby whispered, and retreated out of the conversation, playing with the napkin that was on her lap

“Ok, so we should vote about the selected group”, Georgia said, always the voice of reason

It took another twenty minutes, but the group was finally selected. Everyone would be going, except Ruby, who still thought it was a good idea to stay at home, and Nicole, who didn’t want to break a nail

No one wanted to be left out of their first fight.

The plan was simple... Steph would be the bait, because no demon would be able to resist the temptation that an angel would provide. As soon as the demon went for Steph, everyone else would sneak up and pounce, before exorcising the demon... sending it straight back to hell.

Unfortunately, things don’t often go according to plan....

The Fight:

Steph stood completely still in the middle of the deserted field, waiting for the demon to come out of hiding.

Apparently, the demon had disguised itself as the town’s local busy body... someone remarkably like Colleen when you think about it...

She could see everyone who was supposed to be hiding, because to be honest, they weren’t doing a very good job.

Wentworth seemed to be hiding in front of a tree, and Bec was sitting at his feet. Dean and Georgia were making out in the front seat of the Impala. Sam and Elainea were at the ice-cream truck, buying ice-cream. Taylor was sitting next to a dog, and they seemed to be in a barking contest. Tele and Roman were nowhere to be seen... which wasn’t very reassuring. Belle, Aden and Geoff were playing tag in the trees. All in all, it wasn’t a very comforting feeling...

“What is an angel like you doing out here?” a feminine voice called from behind Steph, who quickly spun around

The eyes on the unidentified female were black... the tell-tale sign that she was being possessed by a demon.

“Just hanging around... waiting until I can check into the hotel”, Steph announced casually, her eyes focused on the demon’s black ones

“Do you mind if I wait with you?” the demon asked

“Sure, as long as you tell me your name first” Steph bargained, trying to buy time. None of her team seemed to be paying attention.

Wentworth and Bec were now carving their initials in the tree. Dean and Georgia were still in the front seat of the Impala. Sam and Elainea were sharing one ice-cream, which seemed to be going over their faces instead of in their mouths. Taylor had untied the dog, and was now walking around the field. Tele and Roman had appeared, but they were sitting under a tree deep in conversation. Belle and Aden had ditched Geoff, and were kissing against another tree... leaving Geoff running around by himself.

“I’m Gabrielle Anne”, the demon introduced herself, holding her hand out, but Steph ignored it

“Stephanie Anna”, Steph replied, nodding her head curtly

“Wow, we’ve got a lot in common”

“We have nothing in common”, Steph spat, repulsed at having something in common with a demon

“We have similar middle names”

“I’m changing mine”, Steph retorted, making sure that Gabrielle would realise that this conversation was going nowhere

Steph looked around, still trying to buy more time. She was only supposed to be the bait... she had no idea how to exorcise a demon, she was still in “training”

Wentworth and Bec were walking around the field hand in hand, completely oblivious to the fact that Steph was talking to a demon. Dean and Georgia had finally broken apart, but instead of concentrating on the mission, they were sitting in the front seat, playing cards. Sam and Elainea had joined Dean and Georgia in the card game. Taylor was sneaking towards Gabrielle... at least one person remembered the plan. Tele was reading Roman’s palm.... Belle and Aden were waiting for their turn. And Geoff was still running around the tree...

“The plan you guys are supposed to be following isn’t going to work”

“What do you mean?”

“You see how all your friends aren’t doing anything? That’s because I’m actually quite powerful... I’m forcing them to do other stuff, you’re on your own” Gabrielle explained

“Well, how come Taylor is walking towards us?” Steph asked, sarcasm leaking into her tone

“Thanks for reminding me”, the demon said, before clicking her fingers, and watching as Taylor dropped to his knees and started making a daisy chain.

“Well, how about you let me and my friends walk away, and we’ll leave you with whatever you were doing before we got here”

“As soon as you leave, more hunters will come after me. I’m just going to wipe you all out” Gabrielle chuckled, her eyes growing darker... if that was even possible

Steph put her hand in her pocket, and started fiddling with her cell phone. She had made Dean record an exorcism on there, so that she could play it and memorise it.

After a brief struggle, Steph managed to press play, and Dean’s voice drifted through the phone. She would never have said this to anyone, but she was so thankful to him.

Steph watched as the demon poured out of Gabrielle’s mouth, and the young girl collapsed on the floor, before struggling to stand up and then running away from the scene

Wentworth and Bec came rushing over to Steph, still hand in hand. Dean and Georgia emerged from the car... lip gloss all over Dean’s face. Sam and Elainea soon followed, Sam with ice-cream all over his face. Taylor rushed over to Steph, and put her hand over his heart, and on top of his tattoo. Tele and Roman walked over, hand in hand, although they seemed more interested in each other than in asking if Steph was ok. Belle and Aden also came over to Steph, after making a detour to the ice-cream truck. And Geoff... Geoff was still running around that same tree, looking for Aden and Belle.

“Thanks for all your help guys” Steph said grumpily, although a smile was on her face... which probably had something to do with the fact that her hand was still on Taylor’s chest.

“It wasn’t our face” Aden interrupted, “the demon put a curse on us”

Everyone else nodded their agreement, and silence fell upon the group, but Dean however, had to break it

“Well, I would apologise, but I’m happy with the way I spent this afternoon”, he announced, and raised his hand for a high 5... which everyone ignored.

“Dean, why do you have to open your mouth?” Sam hissed, ashamed at his brother’s sense of humour

“Oh leave him alone”, Elainea jumped in to rescue Dean, who was looking like a toddler who had been reprimanded for stealing a cookie

Everyone looked at Elainea, who was usually the last person to stand up for Dean. She always thought he was crude, and preferred Sam’s sense of humour

“I was just trying to stop an argument,” Elainea admitted, “I’m starving”, she concluded, the grumbling of her stomach backing up her statement

“Well dinner it is. Shall we go to the local diner?” Sam asked, and received a bunch of assorted looks in return

“Georgia and I are going to have some fish and chips on the beach, and then have a swim. We’re taking the Impala though, so you might want to find somewhere close... because you’ll have to walk or find a cab” Dean announced, while everyone else was still discussing their dinner plans

Before anyone could argue with Dean taking the car, he was in the front seat, Georgia next to him, and they were driving towards the beach.

“Well... I’ll text Nic and Ruby, and I suppose we’ll have to meet at the diner”, Geoff said glumly, finally having joined the rest of the group

“Diner it is”, the group agreed, and started to trudge, albeit wearily, towards the local diner, which was kind of creepy, as it looked a lot like the diner in Summer Bay...

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Thanks for the reviews guys. Mira and Sarah... chapter 5 will be when you appear in the story, so keep your eyes peeled :D

Chapter Four: Revenge is Sweet

Everyone was still annoyed at Dean for taking the Impala, and leaving them stranded after their first demon hunt. So, as they all sat round a table in the small town diner, they hatched a plan to get back at Dean...

They’d have to hit him where it really hurt... his collection of dirty magazines that were hidden in the glove box of the Impala. Of course, this would affect Sam as well, as he looked at the magazines on long car journeys, but he was taking one for the team.

Aden, who had a tube of superglue, and Geoff, who (for some strange reason) had a huge collection of nude photos starring Irene and Colleen, were going to steal the magazines. Belle and Nicole would help them glue the photos over every naked woman in Dean’s magazines.

But to get to the magazines, they needed to infiltrate the Impala, which was going to be difficult as Dean had taken to wearing the keys around his neck. The group were now debating how to steal the keys...

“Well, I could always sneak in at night”, Nicole put the idea out there

“Dean doesn’t sleep with pyjamas on”, Sam informed her, expecting the idea of a naked Dean to repulse her

“Well Georgia has put up with it for a couple of months now, so he can’t be that bad”, Bec joined in the conversation, but quickly took back her point of view when she saw the look of shock on Wentworth’s face. “Wenty, you know that I only want you”, she told him, and Aden burst into laughter

“Oh Wenty darling”, he mocked, beer dripping from his nostrils as it had exploded out of his nose due to the laughter

“Shut up Aden, or I’ll tell everyone your nickname”, Belle threatened. Aden was suddenly very interested in the table top

“Back to the point”, Elainea chimed in, shooting a look of disgust at Steph, who was searching for something in Taylor’s mouth...

“Don’t look at Steph like that”, Roman defended, “it’s perfectly ok to get “special treatment” in a public place”

“For the last time: get over it! It’s creepy to have sex at a circus”, Tele retorted, causing Roman to blush and join Aden in his investigation of the table top

“I’ve done it at a circus before”, Sam interrupted, trying to get one up on Roman

“No you haven’t, you’re terrified of clowns”, Elainea reminded him

“Well, what self respecting person dressed up in a clown suit and wears make-up?” Sam yelled, attracting the attention of everyone in the group, including Steph, who had somewhat glumly detached herself from Taylor’s lips

“Why don’t we just come up with a plan?” Ruby asked, sick and tired of all the bickering

Everyone looked at Ruby in shock... no one had remembered she was here

“We could just ask Georgia to get us the keys”, Elainea spoke, breaking the awkward silence

“But won’t Georgia be against us... she is Dean’s girlfriend after all?” Tele asked, putting forward the point that had been in everyone’s mind

“Georgia hates those magazines, she’d do anything to get rid of them”, Belle chimed in, remembering a conversation she had shared with Georgia

“Isn’t she in one of the magazines though?” Geoff asked innocently

“Why were you looking at dirty magazines?” Nicole asked, a frown set on her face

“Aden showed them to me”, Geoff stammered, recoiling from the glare Nicole was shooting at him

“Oh bring me down with you Bible Boy; nice one”, Aden said, frustrated at Geoff passing the blame onto him

“Taylor would never look at those magazines”, Steph declared loudly

“I use the internet, because that way I can delete the history”, Taylor blurted out, and then swore after realizing his mistake

“Why did you have those magazines Aden?” Belle asked, interrupting Steph’s rant at Taylor

“I was holding them for Wenty”, he admitted, his eyes looking at the tabletop again

“I was holding them for Bec”, Wentworth spoke quickly, trying to get rid of the blame. All eyes turned to Bec, who had blushed ruby red

“I was holding them for Tele”, she murmured, playing nervously with the mood ring on her finger.

“I was getting ready to give them to Roman for his birthday”, Tele informed the group

“You are the sweetest girlfriend ever, but I don’t need any magazines... I have you”, Roman told her, and all the other men agreed, trying to get back into their girlfriends good books

“So about the keys to the Impala...” Sam reminded them, happy that no one had blamed him for the dirty magazines

“Why don’t we burn the car?” suggested Ruby, having no idea how important the Impala was

“We can’t do that! Sam and I first slept together in that car!” Elainea squealed

“That’s disgusting El, we’ve all sat in those seats” Ruby said, her face going slightly green

“I vote we kick Ruby out of the group”, Elainea retorted, and everyone except Nicole agreed. Ruby trudged out of the diner, broken hearted, and determined to get revenge...

Meanwhile, inside the diner, Steph and Taylor had nipped off to the bathrooms; Bec was in a debate with Wentworth about his tattoos. She really wanted him to remove

the one that said Anna, because she thought it was a bad omen

Sam and Elainea were the only ones still working on the plan, as the Summer Bay kids were now playing Uno... the game that seemed to be everywhere these days

Just then, Dean and Georgia walked into the diner hand in hand

“Hey guys, we thought we’d find you here”, Dean greeted the group. “Where’s Taylor?”

“He’s in the bathroom with Steph”, Sam said quietly, frowning when Dean waggled his eyebrows

“Oh it’s Uno”, Georgia pointed out, chuckling when Dean’s face lit up and he rushed to go and play

“Elainea, you’ll never guess what just happened!” Georgia squealed, taking a seat opposite Elainea. Sam contemplated moving to sit beside Geoff, but when he saw that Geoff was drawing a tattoo on his arm with a purple gel pen, he changed his mind

“Did Dean ask you to marry him?” Elainea guessed, her fingers crossed in her lap

“No but he’s thrown away his dirty magazines!” Georgia screamed, and El jumped up to hug her, followed by Bec and Steph, who had emerged from the bathroom. Dean ran up to Taylor and started chatting to him about New Moon spoilers...

“That means he’s so into you”, the girls chorused, still hugging and jumping around

“Well I guess our plan is over”, Sam swore with frustration, “can you pass the gel pen Geoff?”

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Thanks for the reviews guys :D

Chapter Five: Mira, Sarah, a pregnancy, an engagement, a deal that one of my friends would love and a double wedding... (Wow that was a loooong chapter title)

Ruby kicked the gravel angrily, as she fumed over her dismissal from the group, all because of Elainea and the Impala. She wasn’t going to accept that...

So, rather impatiently, she picked up her cell phone, and texted her best friend, Sarah, who without a doubt, would drop everything to come and help her.

Within minutes, she had received a reply, and Sarah was going to come and help her... the most unique thing about Sarah was that had a hearing problem, but that didn’t stop her from working as a paid assassin.... the first target would be that horrible Elainea. After all it was Elainea’s idea to kick her out of the group...

While she waited for Sarah to show up, Ruby wondered if it would be more painful to kill someone with a gun, or by pushing them off of a very tall building... Sarah specialised in both...

Meanwhile... at a motel in Las Vegas (the Australian Version):

Wentworth, Sam, Dean, Taylor, Roman, Aden and Geoff all sat around the table... dark sunglasses on their faces, as they concentrated on their hand of cards. Poker was a very challenging game.

Wentworth seemed to be texting someone under the table, and his cards were lying face up on the table. No one had the heart to tell him why he was constantly losing... after all; his lack of common sense was winning them a lot of money.

Sam and Dean were holding a whispered conversation, both of them holding onto their cards with one hand, and a small jewellery box in the other. They seemed like twins, a fact that Taylor noted, slightly annoyed that Dean wasn’t following him around like an obsessed stalker anymore

Taylor, however, had some other things to worry about as well. Steph had seemed slightly weird for the last couple of days, and it was starting to concern him.

Roman, on the other hand, was actually concentrating on poker, although his mind was in a completely different place. He wanted to make a deal with Tele... and he was hoping that she would agree.

Aden and Geoff felt slightly left out. They had no idea how to play poker. After all, there was so much drama in Summer Bay that that didn’t get to act like normal teenagers. Geoff appeared to be following the same rules as Go Fish, whereas Aden was just sneaking money out of the pot when no one was looking.

Before long, the men had discarded the game, as Aden seemed to have over $1000 sitting in front of him, and the other men had a total of $50... put together.

So they all settled on the giant over-sized couch, which the motel had arranged specially for them, and talked about their girlfriends and their future fantasies

“I’ve always wanted a double wedding in Las Vegas”, Dean started off the conversation

“Umm Dean, you do realize that this isn’t America right?” Wentworth asked, and everyone laughed at Dean, who scowled, and waited for someone else to talk and take the attention away from him

Luckily, the door opened at that moment, and the group of girls spilled into the house... after a quick count, Taylor realised that there was an extra girl with them... a fact that everyone else soon picked up on

“Who’s that?” Geoff demanded curiously, forgetting all about his manners

“This is Mira”, Nicole said, while glaring at her boyfriend, “turns out she’s a hunter... just like Sam and Dean, so we thought it would be a good idea to bring her back with us”

Mira stepped forward to introduce herself. “I’m Mira”, she said shyly, “and I’ve heard a lot about the legendary Winchester brothers”, she finished, her voice sounding

more and more confident

“I’m taken”, Dean blurted out, and Sam nodded his head in agreement

“Oh don’t worry, I didn’t mean it flirtatiously. I have a boyfriend”, Mira explained herself, a large smile on her face as she thought about him

“Who is totally hot”, Belle whispered to Nicole, who burst into a fit of giggles

“And who is your boyfriend?” Aden asked, frowning with disapproval at Belle and Nicole’s antics

“Paul O’Brien”, Mira explained, “but he couldn’t make it today. He’s busy hunting down some police officer who killed his alter ego, but he said he’ll catch up with me in a few weeks”

Dean frowned, not liking the way this conversation was going, so jumped to his feet and pulled Sam to the side, Georgia and Elainea automatically following them.

“We were thinking...”Sam began

“Oh, that must have hurt”, Georgia teased, but Dean shot her a look... the “this is serious, don’t joke around” look, which quickly shut her up

“We were thinking...” Sam continued, “that as we are so serious these days... that we should have a double wedding. It is Vegas after all!”

Elainea and Georgia sat there dumbfounded, shocked at the thoughts Dean and Sam had been entertaining recently.

“Yes”, Georgia whispered, after a couple of minutes of awkward silence. “Yes”, Elainea chimed in, as soon as Georgia had finished talking

“Yes?” Dean questioned

“Yes?” Sam asked, not wanting to be left out of the conversation

“YES!” Elainea and Georgia screamed

“Yes!!!!” Dean and Sam chorused, and they all started jumping around and screaming... the guys in the other room desperately trying to ignore their noise.

Mira was texting Paul, while Roman sat off in a corner with Tele... trying to float his deal

“I have an idea about what we should do after this”, Roman said softly, his thumb rubbing slow, soothing circles around Tele’s hand

“Spill”, she whispered, her eyes half shut as she concentrated on the relaxing feeling in her hand as well as the words Roman was speaking

“When we’ve finished with this demon hunting thing... I think we should go and buy an island, and live there until we’re really, really old. It’ll just be us two... with the sun, and the sand, and the waves... imagine the sunset” Roman said romantically, his voice deep, yet calm at the same time

“That sounds wonderful” Tele whispered, her eyes still half-shut

“The only thing is... I wouldn’t want to have children. I already have Nicole... which was slightly awkward in the car rides and stuff... and I just think that children will get in between us”

“Oh thank god! No offense, but I was wondering if there was something wrong with you... genetically, because you’re amazing... but Nicole is slightly unbalanced sometimes... and I wouldn’t want a child like that” Tele breathed a sigh of relief

“Yeah... sometimes I wonder about Nicole as well”, Roman admitted, “so do we have a deal?”

“Deal”, Tele agreed, shaking his hand, as Roman leaned forward and kissed her passionately on the lips...

Sitting on the couch beside the table, Wentworth dropped to the floor in front of Bec

“What’s wrong? Is your shoelace untied?” Bec asked densely

“Umm no, but thanks for making the moment less romantic”, Wentworth teased, although there was a serious undertone to his voice

“There isn’t anything romantic about this. Dean, Georgia, Elainea and Sam are in the next room, still screaming. Tele and Roman are having an intense make-out session, while his daughter is sitting on the floor playing Chinese Whispers with Geoff, Aden and Belle. Steph and Taylor are staring at nothing.... there’s nothing romantic about this”, Bec explained, before rolling her eyes and giggling slightly. “Why did you want it to be romantic?”

“I was going to ask you to marry me”

“Like a wedding right now... here in Vegas?” Bec asked, her eyes wide with shock

“No... like an engagement” Wentworth whispered, his eyes boring into hers

“Well, in that case... yes!”

On the other side of the room, Steph was sitting quietly next to Taylor, who was becoming afraid of the silence. If Steph was going to break up with him, he wished she would do it already.

“Steph... what’s wrong? Can you just put me out of my misery?” Taylor blurted out, his eyes cast down at the floor

“What do you mean; put you out of your misery?” Steph asked, her eyes narrowing in conversation, and her hands automatically clenching into fists, a reflex reaction

“If you’re going to break up with me... just do it already Steph. I love you, and I have no idea what I’ve done wrong, but if this is what you want... just get it over and

done with”

“I’m not dumping you... I’m pregnant”, she whispered, tears filling up her eyes

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Chapter Six: Why are there so many characters in this fiction? Do you realize how hard it makes to write? I have to try and incorporate everyone, and deal with the issues I wrote in the last chapter! (Sorry about the long chapter title, I do really enjoy writing this fic


Taylor stood up and walked away, leaving Steph crying on the couch. He loved her more than anyone else, but he wasn’t ready to be a father... the idea was so foreign to him and he had no idea how to cope.

No one seemed to notice that Steph was crying... they were all too busy with the happiness that had just engulfed them. Everyone seemed so overjoyed... it was almost as if it was scripted...

Wentworth was still laughing at Bec for making the proposal completely unromantic, and Sam, Dean, Elainea and Georgia had left the hotel room. The boys didn’t want to take any chances with their relationships, so they were making El and Georgia their wives as soon as humanly possible.

Tele and Roman had packed their bags and were getting ready to leave the group. Roman really wanted to find a perfect place for them to stay, and he didn’t want to wait. Tele was getting slightly annoyed at how many people were always around her, so she was more than ready to leave.

Nicole, Geoff, Aden and Belle had left the hotel room as well. Belle and Nicole wanted to be witnesses at the wedding, whereas Geoff and Aden were looking for a liquor store... Aden wanted some larger, Geoff wanted a red vodka cruiser.

Mira, however, had no one to hang out with. Paul still hadn’t arrived at the hotel, and everyone else was in their happiness bubbles, so she went to sit by Steph, who was also on her own

“Hey, where’s Taylor?” Mira asked as she sat down next to Steph. The seemingly casual remark caused Steph to burst into tears, and Mira looked around nervously. She was new to the group, and they were really freaking her out. They were either completely, deliriously happy, depressed, or plain stupid

“He left me... I told him I’m pregnant, and he left me”, Steph sobbed, and Mira gulped with surprise. Taylor and Steph had seemed inseparable, attached at the lip, and it was weird to think of them apart

“I’m sure he didn’t leave you”, Mira tried to reassure Steph, but was interrupted halfway through by Bec, Wentworth, Tele and Roman, the only other people left in the room

“Bec and I are going for a walk around town... I need to buy her an engagement ring... she seems to think that I’m a cheap skate”, Wentworth explained, before grabbing onto Bec’s hand and walking out of the door

Tele and Roman were staring lovingly into each other’s eyes, which was quite sickening. Roman didn’t take his eyes off of Tele as he started talking

“Tele and I are going on a brief holiday, to find a secluded desert island where we don’t have to worry about demons and daughters”, he spoke quickly, and as soon as he finished speaking, he and Tele practically ran out of the hotel room, leaving just Steph and Mira

“Everyone is so happy”, Steph cried, her tears starting all over again. She had managed to restrain them while Bec, Tele, Wentworth and Roman were talking to her, but now she couldn’t hold back the pain. She was terrified that Taylor was going to leave her

Mira opened her mouth to explain her theory on the moods of the small group she was travelling with, but shut it quickly when a loud bang exploded from the doorway, and the door was suddenly lying on the floor, smashed from its hinges

Steph looked around in shock, and Mira grabbed onto her hand, squeezing tightly.

“You’re going to be sorry you kicked me out of the group”, a voice yelled from the door, and Mira and Steph looked at each other in shock. They hadn’t kicked anyone out of the group... Steph was usually too attached to Taylor to notice anyone else, and Mira was new to the group

“Are you sure you’re in the right room?” Mira asked, and a shadow emerged from the smoke hovering around the door

“Wait, that’s Ruby”, Steph exclaimed, “Elainea kicked her out of the group because she didn’t have a boyfriend, or any close friends, and she was kind of hard to understand or get to know”

“Elainea isn’t here. She’s getting married”, Mira said softly, trying to calm down the angry woman who had now been identified

“S**t”, Ruby swore, and walked further into the room, a smaller figure following behind her

“Do you want a glass of milk while you wait?” Mira asked politely. She hadn’t met Ruby before, so she didn’t know just how far she would go in her quest for revenge

“No, I’ll just take you both hostage”, Ruby decided, after a short pause, in which she used her thinking face

“What do you mean?” Steph exclaimed

“Well, I messaged my friend Sarah, whose an assassin, and she’s going to help me... you’re all going to pay!” Ruby yelled, followed by an evil laugh

“But we didn’t do anything to you”, Steph and Mira spoke in unison, both trying to remind Ruby that they hadn’t done hurt Ruby

“Look, I’m just trying to carry out an evil plan here. Sarah, grab them”, Ruby sighed with frustration at the endless questions Mira and Steph were asking, and turned to Sarah to

sign what she had just said.

Within two minutes, the door was back on the hinges, and Steph, Mira, Ruby and Sarah had disappeared.

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Yeah, long time since an update, but I'm really sorry. I'm trying extremely hard to get all my fics finished now, so I swear that this will be done soon. I doubt it will be more than 15 chapters long, and this is chapter 7, so not long to go now.

“Steph, I’m sorry I ran away earlier. I needed some time to think, and I’ve come to a decision. We should stop hunting with the rest of this motley crew, and raise this child together, because I love you”, Taylor announced as he ran into the hotel room, looking for Steph.

When he saw the door, hanging slightly wonky, and the help, we’ve been kidnapped, scrawled in the dust on the floor, Taylor realized that something was very, very wrong.

When he had left the hotel room that morning, he was fairly sure that the door had been straight. He was fairly sure that the dust had held the Uno scores. And he was fairly sure that he had left Steph crying.

Everything seemed out of place, so Taylor picked up his phone and speed dialled Dean, who had insisted that he wanted to be number one on Taylor’s phone.

After a few rings, Georgia picked up.

“Hey Taylor”, she giggled, “stop a second Dean”, she whispered.

“What are you two doing?” he asked, curiosity getting the better of him.

“Well, we just got married, and Sam and Elainea decided to check into their own hotel room, so we have the Impala to ourselves”, Georgia started to explain.

“I don’t want any more information”, he said, shrugging off the disturbing mental images that had infiltrated his mind, and moving on to the point of the phone call.

“Steph and Mira have been kidnapped”, he announced, and that’s where everything went downhill.

The phone line went dead, and when Taylor tried to call again, it said that the number was either busy, turned off, or disconnected. So Taylor tried everyone else in the little group, including a number that he had never seen before.

“Hello?” a muffled voice answered, and Taylor sighed with relief. Finally someone had answered!!!

“Hi, I found your number in my phonebook. Could you tell me who I’m speaking to?” he asked politely

“Umm... this is Ruby Buckton”, the voice hesitantly replied

“Hey Rubes, its Taylor. I was wondering if you wanted to catch up for a coffee or something. I haven’t seen you in forever”

“I can’t right now Taylor. I’m looking after someone”, Ruby said apologetically

“Bring them with you”

“I can’t, sorry Taylor. How about a raincheck though?”

“Sure, I’m free whenever you are. Oh, and if Steph or Mira calls you, or Dean, Georgia, Sam, Elainea, Aden, Belle, Geoff... Michael, Nicole... any of the group basically, could you let them know that Taylor’s been trying to get hold of them?”

Ruby didn’t reply, but moved the phone away from her mouth. “Steph, Mira, Taylor wants you guys to know that he’s been trying to get hold of you”, she called, before moving the phone back to her mouth. “Ok Taylor, I’ll let them know, and thanks for calling”

“Oh Rubes, do you want me to bring coffee to you, because you can’t come out?”

“That’d be lovely!” Ruby exclaimed, forgetting about the fact that she had Steph and Mira tied up in the basement. “I’m at 110 Silvertip Crescent”. For the first time in days, a proper smile crossed Ruby’s face, thrilled that someone had finally remembered she existed. They exchanged goodbyes and Ruby hung up her phone, swearing when she realized that Taylor now knew where she was.

As Taylor grabbed his wallet and rushed out the front door, he ran straight into someone. Before he had a chance to apologise, that someone was talking.

“Have you seen Mira? She’s supposed to be staying around here somewhere, but I can’t find her”

“Oh, she and my girlfriend Steph have been kidnapped. I’m on my way to get some coffee... I’ve found someone that might be able to help me find them”

“Can I come with you? Mira’s my girlfriend...”

“So you’re Paul O’Brien?” Taylor checked. Normally he was too busy with Steph to pay attention to the conversations that the rest of the group shared, so he found it necessary to check even the most basic facts.

“You can call me Paul”, he allowed, and Taylor smiled, forgetting about the fact that their girlfriends had been kidnapped and none of their friends could be reached.

“So, do you want to go to the beach or something Paul?” Taylor asked. Paul looked at him, and realized that Steph obviously wasn’t with him for his brains.

“Our girlfriends have been kidnapped...” Paul reminded.

“Oh right, coffee, and then Ruby’s place”, Taylor said, jokingly slapping himself on the head as a punishment for forgetting about Steph and Mira. For the second time since Paul had met Taylor, he was worried about his mental state.

At that moment, Georgia, Dean, Sam and Elainea came rushing up the stairs. “Thank god your here Tay, I thought you’d have rushed after Steph and Mira”, Dean announced, and Paul looked at him in concern. This group didn’t seem quite right in the head.

“We found Steph and Mira. We activated the GPS on Ruby’s phone, and she’s at 110 Silvertip Crescent”, Sam said, sounding very much like a computer geek. Elainea, however, smiled up at him with love shining in her eyes.

“Well, let’s go then”, Paul chimed in

“Hey Paul, I’m Georgia, this is my husband Dean, my best friend Elainea, and her husband Sam”, she introduced everyone, dutifully pointing them out to the newcomer. No one bothered to question how she knew who Paul was. “And as fun as that plan sounds, we can’t do it... Ruby’s hired an assassin!”

Paul and Taylor gasped in shock, whereas Dean pulled out his iPhone and chucked it at Sam, who quickly started pressing the buttons. Elainea looked up at what he was doing, and soon enough, her fingers were flying across the screen as well.

“Just ignore them. Sam’s trying to find out a way to get into the back of the building”, Georgia explained, quickly flitting over to Dean’s side, and sliding her hand into his.

“Here’s the plan. Dean’s going to dress up as a pizza delivery guy, and go round to the front of the warehouse. I’m going to be in the suitcase he’s carrying, because all the best pizza guys use suitcases these days. Elainea is going to go down the chimney, whereas Sam is going to walk through the emergency exit door. The loud alarm will surprise Ruby and her assassin buddy, and they’ll immediately go to check it out. Dean will run and open the front door, letting Taylor and Paul in. I’ll climb out of the suitcase, Elainea will get out of the fireplace, and we’ll quickly untie Mira and Steph, before running back out of the front door. Then we’ll get in the Impala and swing around to pick up Sam, who will have run back outside and hidden in the dumpster after setting off the alarm. Any questions?” Georgia spoke quickly, and her voice was full of authority.

Once again, Taylor and Paul gasped in shock. They had never heard anyone speak that quickly, or seen anyone wield that much authority, let alone a girl.

“Yeah, she speaks fast, but her plans are the best”, Elainea chimed in, walking over to her best friend and squeezing her arm reassuringly. “Everything thinks that Dean and Sam run this little group, but in actual fact, it’s me and Georgia. After all, our husbands know that they have to listen to us”

At the word husbands, Georgia started giggling, and clapping her hands. Elainea joined in, and they were soon doing some odd victory dance, while discussing the wedding they had just shared.

“Yeah, we know. One moment they’re in charge, the next they’re giggling about shoes. It’s best not to question it”, Sam and Dean spoke in unison, and Taylor and Paul just nodded, too confused to do anything else. Paul was feeling more than a little overwhelmed, what being new and all, and it was one of the first times Taylor had actually had a conversation with anyone but Steph.

A minute or two later, the giggling finally stopped. “Let’s get this show on the road!” Elainea called, and they all walked to the Impala, looking like something out of a second rate parody film than an action/spy thriller.

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The plan went off without a hitch. Dean did the whole pizza delivery thing, Elainea came down the chimney, Sam set off the alarm... basically, Ruby and Sarah didn’t know what had hit them.

The reunion between the group was sweet, and affectionate. Paul rushed at Mira and they embraced passionately, before jumping into an awaiting taxi and speeding off. Taylor apologized seventeen times to Steph, before they too, jumped into a taxi and sped off.

“Well, it looks like the couples are leaving the group as fast as they possibly can”, Elainea noted, and Georgia nodded her head alongside her best friend. Their group had gotten a lot smaller during the last few days, but they didn’t really mind. When they had started this road trip, they had known that not everyone would stay for the entire duration.

The remaining members of the group gathered around: Georgia, Elainea, Bec, Aden, Nicole, Geoff, Belle, Dean, Sam and Wentworth quickly gathered in a semi-circle.

“So, what’s the plan guys; are you all staying or do some of you have other plans?” Georgia asked, her eyes lighting up with excitement at the idea of planning the rest of the trip.

“Well, Wentworth and I are engaged now, so we’re thinking of settling down in a small town... maybe a quaint cottage with a white picket fence”, Bec chimed in first, her eyes alight with love for Wentworth and the idea of settling down.

“Us four are planning on going back to Summer Bay... it’s been nice travelling with you guys, but it’s made us realize just what we’re missing out on. We like normality, so we’re heading back home”, Belle was the spokesperson for the little Summer Bay group. Nicole, Geoff and Aden all seemed happy to be going home.

“Well, not that you asked, but I’m planning on going back to Summer Bay as well. Sarah will probably be coming with me; I don’t think I’d be able to live without her after spending so much time together”, Ruby chimed in.

“Well... that’s nice Ruby. Thanks for sharing; make sure you keep in touch”, Elainea said sarcastically, but Ruby didn’t seem to notice.

“Thank you so much for acknowledging I existed Elainea; it’s all I ever wanted”, she sobbed, throwing herself at Elainea, and wrapping her arms tightly around her. After a few minutes of awkward silence, Ruby let go, and walked away, still crying. Sarah was right beside her, rubbing comforting circles on her hand.

“Well, that just leaves us”, Elainea said quietly, trying to wipe the snot off her clothes discreetly.

“Well, it’s obvious that we’re going to stay together. We’re the awesome foursome”, Georgia added.

“Don’t we get a say in this?” Sam pouted.

“Yeah, we’re part of the ‘awesome foursome’”, Dean reminded the girls.

“You know that you have an opinion boys”, Georgia said, as Elainea was busy getting rid of the snot. “We just thought you’d want to stay together; after all, won’t you miss your brother if we separate?”

“Of course I won’t miss him”, Dean said loudly. After all, he hated chick flick moments.

“Yeah, I hate Dean”, Sam chimed in. All the time he had spent with Dean had paid off: he too hated chick flick moments.

“Bitch”, Dean retorted.

“Jerk”, Sam yelled back, poking his tongue out.

“Break it up you two”, Elainea screamed. “Georgia and I know that you love each other”.

“Of course I love you Dean. You’re my brother; we’ve been through a lot together”, Sam said quietly.

“Elainea, congratulations on marrying a woman!” Dean teased, but quickly stopped when he saw the look Georgia was giving him. “I mean... I ... love.... you... too....


“That’s better”, Elainea and Georgia giggled, before breaking into that weird dance again.

“Women”, Sam deepened his voice to sound really butch.

“You can’t live with them, you can’t live without them”, Dean added.


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