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Only A Drink

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Story Title: Only a drink.

Type of story: medium/long fic

Main Characters: Charlie, Angelo, Nicole, Aden, Ruby, Geoff, and generally everyone in the bay tbh :)

BTTB rating: A

Genre: Romance and Drama

Does story include spoilers: No I don't think so.

Any warnings: Possible Violence later on.

Summary: One little drink can make all the difference...

AN: I'm not too sure where this is going, I have some ideas, I just wanted a story involving everybody. Please read and review :D

Music swirled from the open door of the diner like the gentle wind. The sounds of people laughing, chatting, generally having a good time could be heard if you lingered near the door.

Out on the beach the sun was beginning to set, melting into the vast blue ocean. The waves lapped gently at the white sand and the evening breeze was picking up though it was not cold enough to chill you. The setting sun cast a warm glow upon the horizon and its rays reached you and warmed your heart. It was a beautiful night.

She picked up a handful of sand and watched as the grains began to slip through her fingers. As the last few grains fell lightly back to the ground, she sighed and brushed her hair off her face.

She stood up among the sand and brushed it from her flowy dress. She turned back towards the party, taking in a deep breath of the salty sea air.

She closed her eyes for a minute to clear her head before walking slowly towards the path.

“Hey, Charls!” came a voice from beside her.

Turning slightly, she saw her daughter Ruby skipping down the path from the diner towards her.

“What are you so happy about?” Charlie asked jokingly.

“Geoff is back” Ruby literally squealed.

“Really? How come?”

“He said that he couldn’t concentrate on becoming a minister when all he could think about was me! How cute is that!”

“Very” Charlie replied wearily.

“Whassup?” Ruby asked, her brow scrunching with concern.

“Nothing… I’ve just been thinking”

“About Angelo?”

“About a lot of things, Rubes”

“Why don’t you just talk to him?”

“It’s a bit more complicated than that” Charlie sighed.

“Well, why don’t you just try and forget about it, at least for tonight! It’s the diner’s re-opening and everyone’s celebrating. So come inside and have some drinks and just let loose for a little bit.”

And with that she grabbed the older woman’s hand and dragged her into the friendly inviting atmosphere.


Inside, it was a totally different story.

To celebrate the diner’s grand re-opening, Irene and Leah had laid on free drinks for everybody.

Which probably had been a mistake.

The music was booming and everyone was dancing together. In the corner a limbo gain was going on and some-one must

have brought along a Hawaiian outfit, for there were lei’s strung round people’s necks. Everyone’s faces blurred into one in the massive writhing crowd an Charlie found it hard to pick anyone apart.

Ruby pulled away from her, and ran over to the corner where Geoff was standing, throwing her arms around him and proceeding to make out with him.

Rolling her eyes Charlie scanned the room until she located the bar where she found some comfort in a Miami Vice cocktail.

She watched the party-goings with some amusement, at one point the crowd convinced Colleen to get up on the table and demonstrate the proper essentials of a strip-tease.

At that point Charlie nearly choked on her straw and scuttled away to an empty table where she flopped into the chair.

“Not really your scene either?” came a quiet familiar voice from behind.

Jumping slightly, she turned round to see Angelo leaning against the chair.

“Not really” she murmured, fiddling with the straw between her fingers.

“You okay?” he asked, staring at her.

“Yeah, fine” she mumbled, examining the depths of her cocktail.

An awkward silence erupted between them, and Charlie turned her gaze to the party to hide her embarrassment.

On the dance floor something was exploding.

“I can’t believe you, you ignorant little b******!” screamed Nicole furiously.

“You can’t believe me, you stupid slut!” Aden yelled back, pushing Nicole.

She tottered on her sky-scraper heels, her drink sloshing over the sides of the glass in her hand.

“You were all over her” she slurred back at him, pointing at some voluptuous blonde next to them.

“And you were all over him” he shouted back, pointing at a dark-haired stranger.

With that, Nicole tipped her drink over him.

“You little slag!” he bellowed, raising his hand behind him.

“Hey, don’t you dare” cried Romeo, rugby tackling Aden before his fist made contact with Nicole’s face.

The two men began to tussle on the floor, fists and swearwords flying.

Nicole was weeping, swaying on her shoes until Annie took her over to a corner.

Girls were screaming, and as more men tried to break it up, they also became involved.

Knowing they had to intervene, Charlie and Angelo instinctively ran over.

“Hey, hey!” She screamed at the guys on the floor, grabbing an arm and trying to wrench it upwards.

Angelo was on her other side, trying to separate the brawling men.

Grunts of anger and pain could be heard as the two off-duty officers tried there hardest to separate them.

It was only when Miles and Tony stepped in that they managed to get the spitting men away from each other.

Charlie held Aden’s arms behind his back while Angelo restrained Romeo.

“Right, you guys sort this out now, or we’ll cart you two off down the police station” she ordered.

“He was about to hit Nic!” Romeo detested.

“The stupid little slap had it coming” Aden slurred.

“You f****** idiot!” Romeo yelled, and tearing his arm from Angelo’s grip, launched himself at Aden.

He collided with Aden with such force that they were sent flying backwards. Romeo and Aden hit the floor with a loud thud, rolling amongst the spilt drinks and crumbs, knocking over tables and chairs.

Charlie tipped backwards as well, her head making contact with a solid wall behind her.

Darkness overcame her for a moment, and all she could feel was extreme pain.

Opening her eyes, she could see anxious faces staring down at her, and raising a shaking arm to her head, she felt the wetness of blood matting her hair.

Bringing the trembling fingers to her eyes she stared at the crimson liquid before uttering one last word as she blacked out.


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Thank you for the loooovely comments :)

here is the next chapter, sorry its a bit Changelo orientated at the moment, but that will improve.

I also apologise for the shortness and crappyness, I have to get ready to go see a play in Swindon (of all places! I live in Wales!) in about 20 minutes and it takes 2/3 hours to get there -_-

Enjoy :D


“Right we’re all done here” said the doctor, applying the last stitch to the wound.

“Can I go now?” Charlie said, glaring at the doctor.

“Yes. Now the blow to the head has left with you mild concussion, so go home, rest and take paracetamol every four hours to help with the pain.”

“Right, fine” Charlie said, hopping off the bed. As she got to her feet she put her arms out as she swayed slightly, her head going fuzzy for a minute.

She clutched her head until everything came back into focus.

“Do you need us to call anyone to take you home?” the doctor asked, steadying her.

“No, I’m fine” she replied sharply.

“I’ll make sure she gets home okay” said a voice from the corner.

Charlie turned to see Angelo leaning against the wall, observing the situation.

“No thanks, I’ll be fine” she stated, before turning on her heel and walking out of the room.

Angelo thanked the doctor and followed her out the room, walking quietly in her shadow until they reached the car park.

Charlie was stopped in front of her car, fumbling in her bag for her keys.

“Oh for god’s sake!” she ranted, as she wound herself up looking for the keys in the depths of her bag.

When she eventually found them she attempted to insert them into the lock, scraping the key against the side of the door.

“There is no way you’re driving your car” Angelo said, stepping up in front of her.

“Well how the hell am I going to get home” she snarled.

“I’ll take you” he offered.

“No thanks” she replied viciously “I don’t need a babysitter”

Finally getting the key in the door, she twisted the key and opened the door.

She strapped her seatbelt on and started the engine.

“Charlie, you have concussion, you can’t drive!” Angelo yelled, walking swiftly round to the front of the car so that he blocked her way.

“Just watch me” she replied, revving the engine.

“Well I’m not moving, so you’ll have to run me over”

“Fine” she yelled, and revved the engine again.

He placed his hands on the cars bonnet and stared through the window, his eyes pleading with her.

Charlie sighed and threw her hands in the air, and opened the car door. As she stepped out, the world span again and she fell towards the floor. Angelo ran forward, catching her in his arms, pulling her towards his chest.

“See, you do need me” he whispered.

“Eurrgh” she muttered, and pulled out of his grip.

For the rest of the car journey she maintained a stony silence, staring blankly out of the window into the inky black night.

Eventually they pulled up outside her house, the house doused in darkness, with everyone still out at the diner re-opening.

Charlie stormed out of the car and inside into the house.

Sighing, Angelo followed suit.

Inside, Charlie had grabbed a bottle of vodka, and was pouring herself a measurement into a shot glass.

“Charlie what are you doing!” Angelo yelled, grabbing the bottle from her.

“Having a drink, what does it look like” she replied, before necking the drink.

“You’ve had a bad knock to the head!” he cried.

“I’ve had a crappy day, my head is killing me and I all I want to do is get wasted and forget about everything. So are you going to stand there complaining or join me?”

Reluctantly he joined her, with the fact that at least he could keep an eye on her.


3 hours later, and they were a bit worse for wear.

Empty bottles and glasses lay scattered around on the floor, and plates of half-eaten food.

Angelo was sitting slumped in a chair as Charlie danced around the living room, bottle in hand.

“Come dance!” she giggled, grabbing hold of his hand and pulling him out of the chair.

His combined weight sent her stumbling and the toppled backwards onto the sofa.

Charlie giggled slightly, as he pressed on top of her, his breathing heavy.

Their eyes met and she stared into his, into the depth of chocolate brown.

Without thinking, she leaned forward, her lips meeting with his halfway.

The kiss was soft and gentle like the waves lapping upon the beach had been.

Slowly it got more passionate and it felt like a thousand fireworks were exploding in her mind.

After several long minutes they broke apart, both breathing deeply.

Scrambling up from the sofa she grabbed his hand and directed him into her bedroom, where they fell on to the bed together, a tangle of arms and legs entwined with one another.

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