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Where For Art Thou Romeo?

Guest tessalove

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Story Title: Where For Art Thou Romeo?

Type of story: Short/Medium

Main Characters: Romeo, Nic, Aden Annie

BTTB rating: G

Genre: romance, drama

Does story include spoilers: Nope, unless they go down this path, they could....

Any warnings: Nope

Summary: When one relationship ends, one begins, but unexpectantly and they don't want to let anyone know just yet, but things get in the way, will this pair end up together afterall?

I would like to dedicate this to Danni02.... she sort of came up with the idea, And then I thought I had to write a fic lol

“Sorry, Nic I just don’t think were working out” Aden sighed, tears stinging at his eyes

“So what were not going to even try anymore? I thought we had something” Nic sobbed

“Nic, I never thought we had anything” Aden shrugged “I don’t know what I thought, I am sorry”

“Save it for someone else, you wait for 6 months to tell me, when I’m really in love with you? Why?” She cried louder “You know what just don’t, keep away from me, and just know you’ve broken my heart” More tears escaped her eyes “Sounds stupid and corny? But it’s the truth!” She yelled before running away.

When she ran out of breath and thought she was far enough away she stopped and fell to the ground, she was on the beach, far away from the town, not that far but far enough away from where Aden was. She let everything she was feeling escape her; her sobs grew louder and louder until she was screaming and the tears flowed from her eyes like a waterfall.

“Why?” She screamed

“Why what?” A voice said from a mouth towering above her

She looked up and attempted to wipe the tears away but stopped after realising he had already seen them. “Aden” She sighed “He dumped me, and told me he never felt anything for even though I loved him and I was with him for six months” She said one tear falling down her cheek

“Ah” He sighed “Sorry? I guess”

“Save it” she said and attempted a smile “He’s not worth it”

“I think he is, if you feel this way, is there no chance?”

“Oh believe me I tried to talk him around, I sounded so desperate and pathetic, but he turned me straight down”

“It’s his loss Nic” Romeo said as he sat down beside her on the cold sand putting his arm around her neck squeezing her reassuringly.

“You would say that, that’s what everyone says when someone breaks up” Nicole laughed slightly

“No, I’m serious Nic, anyone would be lucky to have you, your gorgeous, smart, funny and you’re so good the be around”

“Thanks” she half smiled “You're not so bad yourself, one you get over your huge ego” Nic laughed

“I so do not have an ego!” Romeo defended himself

“Yeah right, you have a huge one; you can see it floating behind you sometimes! Look at me, I’m gorgeous! And I can surf, and just check out my body!” She taunted

“Well it is pretty good like, come one who wouldn’t?” Romeo said lifting his top a little “I am hot!” he laughed and Nic joined in

She slapped his arm playfully, he returned the slap and a small playful fight broke out

“Oi! Get off” Nicole complained when Romeo pinned her arms to the ground, putting his weight on her body so she couldn’t move

He giggled and pressed harder forcing her to the sand, she could move an inch. She looked up and caught his gaze; he looked into her eyes for a second before placing

his lips to hers. They kissed for a few seconds before Romeo pulled his head up and let go of Nicole

“What was that?” He asked

She shook her head little as if to awaken herself “No idea, but I liked it” She smiled shyly

“Me too” Romeo admitted, before he knew Nicole’s arms were around his neck and he was the one with his head on the sand. There kiss grew stronger and more passionate.

“What are we doing?” Nicole asked stopping

“I don’t know” Romeo looked her straight in the eye “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have kissed you, your fragile, I’m sorry” he said and got to his feet and began to walk away

“Wait!” she yelled down the beach getting herself to her feet to rush after him “Stay!” she said as she caught up to him grabbing his hand

“Nic, I don’t want to make a mistake with you, You mean so much to me... You’re such a good friend” Romeo said keeping his distance

“I know” She smiled, she closed the distance between them, she wrapped her arms around his neck “But I liked that” She kissed him again, her lips fixing perfectly on his.

He took control and laid her gently to the ground, unbuttoning her top, while she removed his, his bare back touched the sand and it sent shivers up his back. They continued kissing until it became extremely passionate.

They lay in the sand for a while, wrapped in each other’s arms, before realising they were in public and getting up to retrieve their close and putting them back on their bodies.

“That was am..” Romeo sighed not finding words

“Fun?” Nicole smiled

“You could say that” Romeo grinned “It was definitely hot, I was cold a while ago” he laughed

“Well what do you expect? We gorgeous” Nic winked

“Who has a big head now?” Romeo chuckled

“True though, right?” Nic asked, seriously


“We should get back home, it’s pretty late” Nicole said, Romeo nodded, he placed his arm around her shoulders and they began the walk back.

They didn’t say anything, if anyone seen them they probably would have sensed the awkwardness, but they didn’t actually feel that awkward, they just couldn’t say anything.

“Where were you two?” Miles asked as they walked into the house

They glanced towards each other, wiping grins of their faces “Just went for a walk, Nic was a bit upset” Romeo said quickly before Mile’s looked up at them

“Oh really, why’s that?” Miles asked looking at Nicole

“Aden and I broke up” Nic sighed

“Oh, are you ok?” Miles hated situations like this, he tried to avoid them at all costs, but he couldn’t avoid this, and if he did he might seem insensitive, after all he was their guardian.

“I’m ok yeah, Romeo cheered me up” Nic couldn’t help grinning, but she quickly hid it when Miles looked at Romeo suspiciously

“Nothing and ice cream and a good chat can’t sort” He smiled

“Well that was nice of you” Miles smiled and got back to the school work he was marking.

“I might go to bed and watch a movie” Nicole said sighing and realising just how tired she was.

“Why don’t you join her Romeo, you don’t have school tomorrow?” Miles asked secretly trying to get rid of both of them so that he could get the work done is peace and quiet

“Hmm.. I might if that’s ok with you?” He asked Nicole

“I don’t see why not” Nic smiled “Although were watching A Cinderella Story” She grinned

“That’s cool, I don’t mind a chick flick, although please never let that out of this house!” Romeo cringed after the words left his mouth, “My rep would be out the window!”

“Don’t worry, your secret’s safe with me” Nic smiled and let out a laugh “Right come on, I want to get to bed at a decent hour” She said and she grabbed his hand a pulled him towards the stairs.

“God, I thought he would have sensed the tension” Nicole giggled

“I know, but it is Miles”

“True true” Nic smiled

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Thank you all for the comments :)

I hope you like this :)

“Uggh” Nic groaned as the light fell in the window “Go away” She moaned and turned over to face Romeo’s back, she buried her head deep into the covers escaping the light

“Nic” Romeo whispered

“Sleeping” She groaned out “Shut up”

“I think we should talk” He said sitting up and causing her head to fall further down

“Tomorrow” She said sleepily

“It is tomorrow” He said with persistence

“Barely” She groaned and looked at her clock, “7am, are you kidding me, go away or go back to sleep”

“I can’t” He sighed

“Uggh, try really hard!” She groaned again

“Nic please, I just want to talk? Please?” He said raising his voice at the end to try and sound cute

“Fine” She grumbled, pulling herself upright “You have ten minutes, go” She smiled, but not meaning the smile

“Ok, well what happened last night on the beach, I just wanted to know what you thought” he said awkwardly

“I’m sorry” She sighed “I was upset, I never should have done that, I wasn’t thinking, we can just put it behind us, I was being stupid” She said sadly, she felt

embarrassed and upset, “I’m really sorry Romeo, I love having you as a friend, you’re a great person”

“Nic, It’s ok”

“No, it’s not!” She cut him off “I never should have let it happen, I used you, and I feel so bad about it!”

“Nic, I don’t mind honestly, I kind of enjoyed it” He smiled “I mean it’s not as if you held me against my will, I kissed you.. Don’t beat yourself up, It may not have been the right reasons, but it felt right...” He smiled

A smile crept onto Nic’s face, “I guess so, but don’t you feel used?” She asked

He shook his head “No, because you didn’t just ditch me, I mean I am in your bed” He laughed “And maybe it was meant to happen, were good together!”

“Yeah we kind of are, I’ve always liked you, But I loved Aden and I found comfort in you and it was wrong”

“Yes you were upset, but I found comfort in you too, You know I could have used you more than you used me” He said

“Why do you need comforting?” Nic asked her face scrunched

“I haven’t kissed a girl or been with anyone in five months, you know it’s kind of hard for teenage boys to do that”

“Maybe you were waiting for the right girl”

Romeo smiled “Maybe I’ve found her”

“Me? You think I’m your girl?”

He shrugged “I’ve liked you since the first day I came to the bay, But I was too gutless to ask you out”

Nicole giggled “Well, you know I am totally hot” She grinned

“I know” Romeo blushed after the words left his lips “Do you still think Aden is the one for you?”

“Nicole shook her head “Nope, I thought about it all night, and I think Aden and I were always meant to be friends, He’s been here since I first moved to the bay,

and I think the relationship was just the next step, but it wasn’t the right one, I think we’ll always just be friends” She smiled “Well not anymore”

“Maybe you could be, he does love you Nic, but I maybe just in the same way you feel for him, just friendship but looking for love?”

“You know what, I think you might be right”

“And what about us?” Romeo asked the question, not holding his breath, he didn’t think he would get the answer he was looking for

She leant closer to him and kissed his lips softly “We’ll just take it as it comes” She smiled “Now sleep” She giggled

He smiled when she turned away and placed her head on the pillow, he lay down beside her wrapping his arms around her waist and closing his eyes.

Nicole woke up a few hours later, she untangled Romeo’s arms from around her and stood up, she took her gown and put it on. She sat on the ground in front of her long mirror and began to brush her hair, she tied it in a bun with a messy look and took a wipe from her drawer, she wiped her face and felt s little more fresh. She stood to her feet and searched the room for her slippers, finding them under the bed, waking Romeo in the process. “Morning!” She smiled

“Morning” He croaked, sitting up, swinging his legs out of the bed. He grabbed her by the waste and hugged her, pulling her to sit on his lap, he kissed her cheek lightly before she stood back up again, he followed and they walked down the stairs. “Are you going to say anything to Miles?” Nic asked

He shook his head “Not if you don’t, I kind of want to take things slow” He smiled as they stopped just before they turned the stairs to be visible

Nicole agreed “Really slow? I don’t want to tell anyone until we know what it is, if that’s ok with you” Nicole smiled at him

“its fine” They continued the stairs until they were in the kitchen, Romeo opened the fridge, while Nicole sat at the table. He poured to glasses of orange juice for them.

“Breaky?” Miles asked from the cooker

“Please” Nicole grinned, Romeo nodded in agreement with Nic, Miles smiled and began to cook. Bacon and eggs was served a few minutes later, they sat in pretty much silence for most of the meal, Miles not aware of anything.

“Late night?” Miles asked grinning “You’re like the undead”

Romeo and Nicole looked at each other “We watched the entire movie, and then he kept me up talking as usual, then he found another movie he wanted to watch, but we ended up falling asleep” Nicole smiled “So pretty late yeah” She giggled

“At least your awake now, It’s a great day, you should go for a swim” Miles smiled

“I might go for a surf in a bit” Romeo smiled “Is my board out the back?”

“Yep, by the barby, Nic why don’t you go to?”

“Me, surf? Are you trying to get rid of us or something, usually the idea of that would put you into fits of laughter, what are you up to?”

“Nothing, It’s just a gorgeous day, and you have been in the house a bit lately, and I think this might be good for you”

“Is this about the break up? Miles I’m fine.. But I suppose I can go for a swim if it will make you feel better” Nic smiled, she put her plate and glass in the sink and ran up the stairs to get ready, she grabbed a swimsuit and put it on, throwing a dress over it. “Ready” She called when she got back down “Where did Romeo go?”

She asked when only Mile’s was in the kitchen, Miles pointed out the door, she waited a second before Romeo walked back into the house with two surf boards under his arm “Oh no!” Nicole protested “No way” She said when she saw Romeo grinning

“I’ll teach you and you will be fine! Come on!”

“Romeo I can’t surf!” She shouted as she followed him out the door

“Have a good day” Miles said laughing as they left, he moved across to the sofa and grinned, he put his feet up on the coffee table and switched on the TV. “What

a life” He smiled

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Thanks Danni & Sarah for the comments :)

This is that last update for a few days, Im going to the USA for a week.....

Hope you enjoy it :)

“Romeo! Will you give up already, I can’t do it!” Nic laughed while splashing about in the water attempting to get on the surf board “This is hopeless!” She laughed

“One more time, you can do it!” Romeo encouraged her

“Fine once more, but I’m done after this!” Nic lay with her stomach on the board, she got her balance and she attempted to stand up, Romeo was swimming besides her holding onto his board. She put one foot flat on the board getting her balance once more, she pushed down on her knee and pulled herself to her feet, She stood up straight with her arms out, she saw a wave coming and braced herself to be flung off the board once more, but she balanced herself and her board glided over the wave with her still balancing on it, she grinned and put her arms out wider, she looked at Romeo and smiled, he grinned back at her. The next wave was coming, she had her feet firmly planted on the board, this time she wasn’t so lucky, she flew to the side and ended up in the water once more.

She surfaced with the grin still on her features “I did!” She yelled

“I told you that you could!” Romeo shouted over the crash off the water

“Yay, I’m, so proud! You’re a great teacher, Geoff tried once, but he had no hope, But I have gained balance since then I guess” She smiled “Thanks” She kissed his cheek softly, she reached her board, climbing onto it and laying on her stomach, he put his arms onto her board and floated along with her, she reached up towards her face and kissed her lips slightly.

“You're welcome” He grinned “Are you done?” She nodded and they paddled back to the shore together. They walked off and placed their boards in the sand, “Do you want an ice-cream?” He asked

“Are you buying?” She smiled

He nodded

“Then yes I do” she giggled “Strawberry please” She grinned “Thank you” She yelled as he walked up the beach towards the ice-cream shack. She looked out towards the sea, and then looked around her, she stopped when someone caught her attention, Aden, she looked at him for a few seconds with him looking back before he continued walking. She sighed and was about to get up when the confidence lost her and she sat back down again, she sighed once more and felt sad that she couldn’t talk to him, she promised herself that she would soon, just when she thought of what she was going to say.

Romeo returned with the ice-creams, he noticed she wasn’t herself, but he said nothing as he seen Aden himself and figured she had also. “These are good” he smiled

“Yeah” She replied, but it was clear her mind was elsewhere

“So what’s your plans for the rest of the day?” Romeo asked trying to fill the silence

“I’m not sure, Not much though.” She said

“Do you want to get lunch together? We could go to the movies later if you like”

“Sounds good, I’m going to go home and get changed, I’ll meet you at the diner” She said and left, she walked home slowly, still thinking about Aden, and how close they used to be, before they started a relationship, he was her best friends, they told each other everything, and now they couldn’t even speak to one another. She hated herself for what she said to him, she did love him, but only now she realised what way she loved him. He didn’t really break her heart, but for a moment when he broke it off with her, she thought he did.

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Heres the next chapter guys! :) I hope you like it!

Please comment and let me know! :)

A week had passed, Nicole was laying on her bed reading a magazine and gathering her thoughts, “Hey” Romeo whispered as he opened the door “Do you want to go for a swim?” he asked still in a whispered voice.

“Why are you whispering?” Nic asked

“Miles is getting suspicious of me always being in here” Nic nodded “Do you think we should tell him?”

“I don’t know, If you want to, Maybe we could wait until tomorrow or something? Have a chat about it later. I’m still not even sure what this is” Nicole admitted, Romeo nodded in agreement “I really like you and stuff, but it just doesn’t feel like a proper relationship” She sighed “Maybe if it is out in the open it can be” She smiled

“I was thinking the same thing” Romeo smiled with her “I have to go, are you coming to the beach?” He asked

She shook her head “I’m going to see Aden” She had a worried look on her face

“Don’t worry about it, everything will be fine” Romeo kissed her quickly and exited the room, closing the door quietly behind him

Nicole sat for another 20 minutes on her bed, She got up once, but sat back down again. She took a deep breath and exited her room, walking quickly outside and down the path, not wanting to think about turning back.

She got to the house, she stood at the door for a few minutes before building up the courage and knocking the door, she tapped three times lightly. After a minute of nothing she was just about to turn around when a ‘coming’ came from inside, she took another deep breath and the door opened, Aden stood there with just tracksuit bottoms on, his face was as shocked as hers, neither one said anything for a few seconds.

“Nic” Aden said breaking the awkward silence

“Can we talk?” Nic asked awkwardly “I’m sorry” She said before Aden had a chance to answer

“For what?” he asked

“Everything” She said with tears threatening to spill, she blinked them back, but one escaped, she wiped it away quickly not wanting him to see, but he did.

“Come in” He said widening the door for her to enter, she sat down on the sofa. “There’s nothing to be sorry about, I’m the one who should apologise Nic, I was a tool”

“I understand why you broke it off now, I just miss not having you around, your my best friend, and I love you, not in a relationship type way, I realised I love you as a friend, and everything I was feeling for you wasn’t really there, I just wanted it to be”

“I love you too, As a friend. But I really am sorry, I shouldn’t have did what I did, we could have talked about it”

“It doesn’t matter now, But can we go back to how we used to be?”

“Of course we can” Aden smiled and wrapped one arm around her shoulders hugging her.

“I’m thirsty, Do you want to go get a milkshake?” Nic asked her eyes wide and a smile spared on her face

Aden nodded “Yep” he said standing to his feet and opening the front door, Nicole skipped past him and he followed her down the path

“I have something to tell you” Nic said “It’s about me and Romeo”

“You’re together?” Aden asked

Nic nodded “Kind of, nothing official, just a bit of mucking around at the minute. But I really like him” She sighed “Like, really really like him. Like the type of love like.”

“I seen you two on the beach the other day, you’re really into him aren’t you?” Aden smiled

Nic nodded “I really am, more than I’ve ever been into anyone, I’ve only really ever felt like this with Geoff, I still love him, but it feels the same with Romeo, I really think I’ve got it right this time!” Nicole smiled widely

“And does he?” Aden asked smiling at her excitement

“I think so, I mean he seems to be into me, and he told me he liked me.” Nic giggled like a teenager

“How serious are you?” Aden asked bluntly, he was close enough to Nic for her not to get offended at some of the questions. Nic blushed and avoided eye contact. “You slept with him?” Aden blurted out

“Thanks Aden, I honestly don’t think that guy on the phone over there heard you, Do you want to shout that louder?” Nic scolded

“Sorry” Aden laughed “It’s just I thought you weren’t like that?” he asked trying to pick at her, but in a playful way

“I was upset okay, and don’t you start it was your fault I was upset, It was the night we broke up.” Nic said

“Flip, you waited a long time to get over me didn’t ya?” Aden joked “So pretty serious then?” He asked in a more serious tone “As in you want to be with him forever?” He said with a lovey tone to his voice.

“You really can’t be serious can you?” Nicole looked sternly at Aden “Yes, I really like him, Yes it’s kind of serious, but only you know at the minute.” She said “And for the record, I thought I had made huge mistake sleeping with him, we woke up early the next morning and talked it through, and I was dead set on forgetting about it, but none of the two us really wanted to, It hasn’t happened again by the way, just in case you’re curious”

“I’m wasn’t” Aden laughed “Wait you slept with him in the house? With Miles there and everyone!” Aden scrunched his face

“No, it was on the beach, but we watched a movie that night” Nic said, and she felt as though she was digging a beggar hole for herself

“So he slept in your bed that night too?” Aden laughed “You’re such a skank!” He giggled

She hit his arm playfully “Oi! Shut it! I so am not, you know me well enough” She grinned

“This has been the longest walk ever to get a milkshake, I thought you were thirsty?”

“I am!” Nic said, as she quickened her pace, Aden threw his arm around her shoulder as they walked into the diner, they ordered their drinks at sat at a table, and continued chatting.

They drank their drinks in a few minutes of silence before Aden finally broke it “Do you want to go for a walk?” he asked sensing she felt a little bit awkward “On the beach or something?” He added

“Yeah sure” She said, she stood to her feet and lifted her drink, carrying it with her out of the door.

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Here's the next chapter! :)

Hope you enjoy it,, & Please comment! :)

el x

They walked slowly side by side down the beach, It was still silent, but not an awkward silence, “You know, I was dreading this day all week, I was so nervous, I didn’t know if you would want to even talk to me” Nicole said

“Every time I seen you , I wanted to apologise, but I thought you would try to kill me” Aden laughed “I’m glad you called round but”

“Yeah, me too” She smiled

“I’m really glad we can be” he stopped when he saw her looking away, and when he looked up, his mouth opened and he felt upset for Nicole, he could see on her face that tears were coming on, but she quickly blinked them back... A few metres down the beach was the worst thing Nicole could have seen, Romeo was there,

but he wasn’t alone. Annie was with him “Nic” Aden spoke, but her eyes were fixed on the two teenagers “Nic, are you ok?”

“What? Oh yeah I’m fine” she said, but it was clear she was acting

“Nic, do you want to go back to my place?” Aden asked, trying to sway her gaze away from them, they weren’t doing anything, just standing talking, but standing close to one another, it did look like more than it probably was. Nic did say her and Romeo were pretty serious

“I’m fine Aden, I think I might just go home, I’m not feeling too good right now, Sorry. Can we do this another time?” She asked, but left before she even got an answer, she walked quickly up the beach, Aden tried to follow her, but she was gone.

He walked down the beach straight towards Romeo and Annie, “Can we talk?” he asked as soon as he was close enough for Romeo to hear him

“Can you give me a minute please? I can catch you in the diner later of you want?” Romeo replied in a friendly tone

“I need to talk to you now” Aden insisted

“It’s fine Romeo, I need to go see Rubes anyway, we can catch up again later” Annie smiled, she kissed him on the cheek as she left, saying “Hi” to Aden on the way past, who wasn’t very interested in the moment of time

“What’s up mate?” Romeo asked

“What are you playing at?” Aden got straight to the point

“What do you mean?”

“Nic? Are you with Annie again, because if you are, I think Nicole needs some sort of explanation” Aden said, his anger was clear

“What do you mean an explanation?” Romeo asked, he was keeping his cool, trying not to blow anything, he knew Nicole didn’t want anyone to know yet

“Stop playing dumb, Nic was round earlier, she was telling me how much she liked you, and how you two were getting on so well. And she just saw you on the beach a few minutes ago and she’s crushed, what are you playing at?”

“I’m not playing at anything” Romeo defended himself

“Do you like Nic, or was she just someone to keep you occupied until Annie came home? Because if I find out you used her, I swear to God I’ll kill you!”

“What has this got to do with you anyway? You broke up with Nicole, this is why all of this happened!” Romeo shouted

“Listen Romeo, Nic is still my best friends, and no one is going to hurt her and get away with, are we clear?” Romeo nodded his head “So you better sort this out!” Aden shouted

“Aden I’m stuck I don’t know what to do, Annie was the first girl I feel for in this town, But since the day I came here, I’ve liked Nic, as a friend and more, And now I’ve fallen in love with her, but then Annie comes back and I’m in a mess and I don’t know what to do anymore, either way I’ll have to crush someone and I don’t want to do that”

“So you’re saying you love Nic?” Aden asked, shocked at how serious this was

Romeo nodded his head “I really do, she means so much to me and I don’t want to lose that”

“But you don’t want to lose Annie either?” Aden added understanding where Romeo was coming from, but still angry at him

“No, But she has this amazing opportunity in Japan, she can go back for longer and the only reason she has for staying here is Irene and me”

“I think you’re the only person who knows what to do here mate, but if you really hurt Nic, I will be looking for you!” Aden said, a little less threatening this

time “But good luck mate”

Romeo nodded as Aden walked away.

Romeo turned and walked home slowly, thoughts were filling his mind and he couldn’t clear them. He couldn’t help kicking himself for getting into this situation in the first place, he should have told Nic he still liked Annie, or he should have told Annie about Nic, he should have done something.

Annie had the chance to go back to Japan, the only reason she had to stay was Romeo, or that was what she told him. If he told her to go, she might ask him to wait until she came back, but he couldn’t do that, he was falling for Nic, and falling fast, in fact he had already fell, hard. From what Aden had said Nic was crushed, and that was the last thing he wanted to do to her, after everything that she’d been through, and everything they were going through trying to work out what they wanted to do in their situation, and then finally deciding they wanted to be together. What had he done, he walked even slower now, dreading going


He stopped dead, everything left his brain, and he knew exactly what he needed to do, his pace quickened as he knew where he wanted to go, this was the moment he would have to tell her their relationship or whatever they had was over, he wasn’t looking forward to it, but he couldn’t keep her holding on any longer

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Ok, Well this is the last update! I've really enjoyed writing this & I hope you have enjoyed reading it too!

I think I'm going to write a sequal, but I'm not sure... Would you be interested? Let me know!

Thank you for all the comments! You really are so nice & I love reading comments... It makes me want to keep writing!

I hope you all can continue to comment and to read my fics! Thanks again for all your kindness :)

Heres the chapter! Enjoy!

“Hi, We need to talk” Romeo said in a serious voice as his stomach churned inside him.

“Sure come on in” Annie smiled, but a worried look on her face “What is it?”

“I’ve been seeing someone” Romeo said bluntly, not wanting to put it lightly, only to crush her by trying to be nice about it

“You what” Annie asked trying to understand exactly what Romeo had said

“I’m sorry, really I am, But I’m really falling for her, and you have this great opportunity, and to tell you not to go and to stay with me, would only be selfish”

“Who?” Annie asked ignoring everything else he had said

“Nicole” Romeo sighed “I’m really sorry, and don’t get me wrong this has been so hard, I really love you too, but you have so much ahead of you and I don’t think I’m supposed to be a part of that”

Annie nodded “Even if I want you to be?”

Romeo shook his head “I can’t be, you have too much on offer for you, and I can’t sacrifice all I have here, My life is n the bay, and I don’t yours is, well most of it anyway, take all the opportunities you can get, and don’t let anyone stop you from taking them, no matter how you feel towards that person”

Annie nodded again “I love you” she sighed

“I love you too, but were not the same people as we were 6 months ago, there’s someone else for you, and for me there’s Nicole” He smiled

“You really like her?” Annie asked

Romeo nodded “I really do, I love her” He said smiling

“Go get her, you really deserve everything! Thank you for saying this, for being honest, you really are a great guy you know”

“I know” he grinned, he let a small laugh out before he was serious again “Thank you, thank you for taking this so well, you have matured and changed so much, I

really hope we stay friends forever” he smiled

“Yeah me too” Annie hugged him tightly “Now go to Nic, I’ll catch you tomorrow”

Romeo smiled and left the house, walking quickly home.

His mind was full of thoughts again, What would he say to Nic? He had really hurt her, and he hated apologies, he was rubbish at them.

He got the path leading to the front door, he stopped to take a breath before entering the house, Nic was sitting on the sofa, she didn’t even flinched when he walked through the door, Miles was in the kitchen and Alf was sat at the kitchen table, reading something. “Did you have a nice morning?” Miles asked him

Romeo nodded “It was ok yeah” he said, Nic turned to look at him, quickly turning her head back around when she saw him looking back.

He took another breathe and made his way towards her, he sat down just in front of her, he took her face into his hands and kissed her passionately

“Strewth” Alf said looking up from the table

“I love you Nic, And I’m sorry” He smiled at her as she stared at him, he kissed her again, this time she responded

“Umm” miles said awkwardly from the kitchen

“I love you too” Nicole said, passion filled her voice “But what about Annie?” She asked the question she never wanted to ask

“Were just friends, I realised you’re the one for me, no one else” He grinned, she threw her arms around her neck and kissed him once more, before they turned to look at Miles and Alf, who both seemed to be in shock

“Oh, we’ve kind of been seeing each other for a little while” Nic giggled

“And you never thought to fill us in?” Miles asked

“We were keeping it quiet for a bit, but I guess Romeo doesn’t like that plan anymore” Nicole laughed “Sorry”

“Yeah, well now you know, and you didn’t find out last at least, there’s loads of others that don’t know yet” Romeo smiled

“Yeah, well of you go and tell them” Miles laughed “I always thought you would be a good couple, I’m always right”

“Yeah, you are” Nic laughed.


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