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My Very Own Little Ghost (by callyha) - comments


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Aww I loved that chapter. And the mix of humour and sadness was good. Had to laugh when Ruby told Angelo to switch the engine on and when Angelo rolled down the window....and fun ghost Charlie is back! Yey! :) LOL at stealing Miles knife.....he likes his food...lol.

And Leah! :( I guess its like she had held her sadness back to be strong to help Ruby and Angelo and she is letting it out. :(

Update soon.

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Great update. Awww Riley is soooo cute! Looking forward to more conversations with this Stella woman and her reaction to Ruby being Charlie's daughter and not acutally her sister as everyone believed. And Leah :( I want to give her a hug. So sad that she is only starting to grieve now after having to be strong for Ruby and Angelo. And I forgot about ghost Belle! lol.

Update soon :)

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Great update. Interesting mix of reactions at the fair. I am glad people believe Ruby's story though. Hopefully Charlie's name will finally be cleared.

Poor Leah for being guilty for feeling happy and smiling. I liked what Irene said to her.

Update soon :)

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