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Marilyn Chambers - Emily Symons


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I love having Marilyn back. I'm just not happy with the writers how they haven't had her interact with Irene yet. When Miles wanted her out she was like I will find somewhere, and it was like she had no options, HELLO IRENE!!!

AH! Marilyn is in the diner having a dream, and who is there Colleen, she goes into the kitchen and tells Irene and still Irene doesn't interact with her!!! I love having Marilyn back in the bay, but I'm starting to lose faith in H&A!

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I love having Marilyn back. She's such a breath of fresh air and she's the same old Marilyn that I remember from all of those years ago.

I agree. I was a little worried they'd ruin her by bringing her back but i've been pleasently surprised and i'm really enjoying her scenes.

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I'm hoping that they didn't just bring Marilyn back to kill her off. At this stage, Marilyn has confirmed that her cancer has returned and that she only has less than one year to live. Maybe Marilyn gets cured or it turns out she doesn't actually have the cancer because then it would be like Chloe all over again, only this time we have had Marilyn for longer than 1 or 2 episodes for her return.

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I'm looking forward to seeing how it all pans out... But I seriously hope it will end at just a date and there wont be any romantic involvement whatsoever.

What I'm really looking forward to seeing is Maz making some real friends...she still seems quite isolated from everyone. To kick things off I think Irene and Maz's mate-ship needs to be reestablished on screen again. Back when she returned in the 90's they immediately made a start of re integrating the character back into the show by forming new/old bonds with already established characters like Angel, Irene, Stevo, Travis, Pippa, Ailsa, Alf etc This sort of thing needs to happen again otherwise she may become a 'novelty character'.

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