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Marilyn Chambers - Emily Symons

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I think Marilyn and John make a great couple. Initially I was against it because I loved him with Gina, but now I adore them together. Marilyn is one of the best characters, she is personable and rela

Marilyn made her first appearance in Summer Bay 30 years ago this week.  Happy Anniversary Emily 🎂 ❤️

You have got to be kidding!! I'm 69 and if Marilyn looks 20 years older than Emily's real age of 45 that would make her comparable in age to me. Let me assure you that she looks nowhere near my a

As far as i know, she's away at the moment as Emily Symons went on maternity leave and gave birth late last year.


i think i saw John in the preview for this week's episodes, so MAYBE they both about to return to our screens.      

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At one time  the  acting  profession  looked  down on  Soaps  as not  proper  acting

but  not  anymore  ... I  think they see the  soaps  as a  kind of  bread and  butter  work    that  keeps

actors and actresses  going... they can always take a break  and  do a movie or  stage  play


The  worse thing is  when  a  famous  actress from   Eastenders   suddenly  turns up  in   Corrie  St  as a  new  charactor

thats  really  confusing  !


(Maybe  Emily  will come  back   in  Neighbours  ? )

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1 hour ago, Blaxland 89 said:

Were the second set of parents that turned up for Marilyn her actual real ones? The ones that turned out to be scroungers. 

Yes they were, George & Heather Davidson

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On 19/05/2016 at 3:05 AM, myken said:

According to Emily herself she will be back on screen June 20. 

Cool. Considering how fast 2016 seems to be moving along at, that isn't that long.

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