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Marilyn Chambers - Emily Symons

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I think Marilyn and John make a great couple. Initially I was against it because I loved him with Gina, but now I adore them together. Marilyn is one of the best characters, she is personable and rela

Marilyn made her first appearance in Summer Bay 30 years ago this week.  Happy Anniversary Emily 🎂 ❤️

You have got to be kidding!! I'm 69 and if Marilyn looks 20 years older than Emily's real age of 45 that would make her comparable in age to me. Let me assure you that she looks nowhere near my a

I'm not sure I agree about Marilyn's ditzy behaviour making her seem older.Maybe it's the result of having seen her since she was first in it and it might be different if she was a new character to me, but I think the fact she still behaves, and dresses, like she did when she was young makes her seem younger than she is.I think she and John compliment each other well:Marilyn has a serious side to her just as John has a fun side to him.

I agree, I think it makes her seem more innocent and young rather than old.

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Does anyone know if Emily Symons has recently signed a new contract? She's been on for about three years, which I think is the usual length of a contract on the show.

Well there was an interview which said that she hoped to sign another three year contract and I doubt that producers would want to get rid of her.

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Emily started filming in October 2009, but I believe she was only on a one year contract to start with (when I was informed of her return I was told that she'd be back for 'at least a year'). So one presumes that if she later re-signed with a standard 3-year contract in October 2010, it would take her up to October 2013. That's just purely guesswork and presumptions of course, but

she has been seen filming at Palmy earlier this month in any case.

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