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Marilyn Chambers - Emily Symons


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^John and Gina are given more than 'extra' work to do, ok they're not as prominent as the younger character but it's something.

Unless you're referring to 'long term' characters. Celia has been given some decent screen time this week.

Leah - I'm glad she has gone for a while, I don't miss her. She is given stuff to do, but it's always boring Imo. Basically I find Leah to be a boring character, probably due to the type of storylines she is given and how she is written - she used to be one of my favourites way back... but I guess that's another matter.

Yes, I think Marilyn work's brilliantly with these sort of 'finding yourself' storylines over the dramatic ones. I think there were some great elements to the Mitzy storyline, though there was something 'missing'. It'd be great if she had a storyline like the one Shannon had with that Irish poet back in 1997.

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I think we need to shake things up in the Bay.....Put Marilyn with Jamie....

Now that would get things going for her.

However if the situation at the moment continues Emily should quit. Its unfair to her to just be a background character when we all know that she is an amazing actress (shown through her first two stints on H&A and on Emmerdale)

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