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Tanks for the comments. Here's the next update.

Charlies p.o.v

"I love you too." whispered Ruby, staring me straight in the eyes.

Ruby lay in my arms, every so often I would gently plant a kiss on her forehead.

The doctor came into the room after a while and discharged ruby, she told Ruby..us to come back in two days then they would start the tests.

Tests. I used to love getting tests at school. I would always score high, it gave me a rush, a sort of adrenaline rush. I came out with top marks in every test. I like tests but what if I can't come out with top marks anymore, what if ruby doesn't....

Ruby's p.o.v

Home. What is my home? Leahs? Irenes? The house I grew up in? Or what if it is the hospital from now on.

Charlie and I walked into leahs kitchens.

"Do you want a drink?"

"What about some food?"

Charlie waited for an answer but nothing came, only silence.

"Do you want to watch some t.v?"

I knew what I wanted. I wanted it for weeks now.

"I want to move home."

My home isn't a place, home is where my mother is.

Charlie's p.o.v

"Of course you can." Ruby wants to move home, here, with me, together.

Mother. I've always felt a bond with Ruby. When she misbehaved I scolded her like a mother, when she cried I held her like a mother. I've always been a mother to Ruby even if she didn't know it. Now she knows who I am but what if Im not able to finally be a mother.

We cuddled together on the couch, within ten minutes, she was asleep, in her mothers arms, at home.

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Awwww, such a sweet chapter:) even though it is sad I was smiling cause it was so sweet lol:)

I loved the last part and how Charlie doesnt know if she can finally be a 'mother' even though in my eyes she always a sort of mother figure, well you know wat i mean:)

but really liking this:) Keep it up:) and please dont make me cry lol only kidding:)

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Ruby's p.o.v

Nightmares. I used to always get nightmares when I was younger, if I was worrying about something I would get the worst nightmares. When I got a nightmare it didn't last for long because Charlie would be there to rescue me. She would slip into the bed with me and wrap her arms protectively around me, instantly I would fall asleep and I would dream, just dream. When I found out the truth about my mother, the nightmares came every night but I fought them alone and I lost every time.

"I think it's time for bed Rubes." whispered Charlie into my ear. Charlie released her grip on me as I stood up and made my way to my bedroom. Just when I got into bed Charlie came in.

"Night Rubes." murmered Charlie, planting a kiss on my forehead. I caught her hand just as she turned.

"Stay, please."

I won't have to fight the nightmares by myself tonight.

Charlies p.o.v

As I lay with Ruby in my arms, my mind started to drift....

"Come on Charlie, don't do this to yourself." said Ross as he tried to move Charlie.

"No! No! Just leave me alone! I want to stay here! I want to stay with Ruby!" said Charlie hysterically. As Ross left Charlie, she began to read the words in front of her 'Ruby Buckton. 1993 - 2010. Loving granddaughter, friend and daughter.'

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Charlies p.o.v

D-day. Deliverance day. The day everybodys faith was decided for better or worse. The day that changed peoples lives. Today is my D-day. Its deliverance day and also diagnosis day.

“The doctor will be ready in a few moments.” smiled the receptionist as Ruby and I came into the waiting area. “Just take a seat over there.” Pointed the receptionist towards a row of vacant seats.

Ruby and I sat down, I wanted to talk to Ruby but I didn't know what to say.

Ten minutes later a doctor Roberts came out and asked us to come into her room with her.

“Good afternoon Ruby and Charlie.” said Doctor Roberts as she took a seat.

I smiled and replied “Afternoon.” Ruby said nothing.

“Ok do you want me to tell you the good news or bad news first.”

I quickly said “Bad.” I wanted to get it over and done with. Ruby still said nothing.

“Ok so. You have a Medulloblastoma tumor. Medulloblastoma is a highly malignant primary brain tumor that originates in the cerebellum or posterior fossa. The good news is that we caught it early and its treatable. Have you any questions?

“Whats the treatment regime?” I asked.

“Treatment begins with maximal resection of the tumor. Chemotherapy is now an important part of treatment for all patients with medulloblastoma.It can significantly reduce risk of recurrence. There are a couple of different chemotheraputic regimens for medulloblastoma,but most involve a combination of lumostine, cisplatin, carboplatin, vincristine, or cyclophospamide.”

“Am ok. When do you start?”

“Next week.”

Rubys p.o.v


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