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Ruby's p.o.v

I have been in a hospital for three different reasons. My grandmothers death, my mothers accident and my birth. That three is going to be 100 in a few weeks. There's always a funny smell off hospitals, a smell of fear, hurt, anger and death. I guess I'm going to smell like that in a while.

I can feel the deep drowsiness over my eyes disappearing.

"Ruby, your ok, you just fainted. Your mother will be here in a few minutes."

Charlies p.o.v

Hallways. I've been down many hallways in my life but this one is really long. The next few months are going to be long. I hope Ruby will live for long.

"Ruby is right in there." smiled a nurse, pointing her finger at a door.

I wonder if I will be seeing this door again.

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Charlies p.o.v

Fear. Ive seen fear in someones eyes every day of my life. Ive see it when I put the handcuffs on someones wrists, Ive seen it when I question someone, and I've seen it when I charge someone. I've never seen it in my daughters eyes until now. I've seen her angry, sad, happy, hysterical but not fearful. As I look into her eyes I wondor if I'm looking into a mirror.

My lips release one word, "Hi"

Ruby's p.o.v

35. There's 35 squares of linoleum on the floor. I've been in the hospital a meer two hours, awake for ten minutes and I've already started counting. I hate maths, I hated when I started learning numbers in school, I'll always hate maths but there's not many things you can do in a hospital. I just have to play the counting game. I can start by counting how many days I have left.

My mother stares at me, waiting for an answer, even though she didn't ask a question.

"You know don't you."

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Ruby's p.o.v

Charlie nodded her head and embraced me in hug

Hugs. I've been hugged hundreds of times, some for the same reasons, some for different reasons, each hug was marked with a reason but this hug was different. It was signifying something I never felt before. Something I don't even know how to describe.

"I'm sorry for not telling you." I mumbled into Charlies shoulder.

"I forgive you...... When... When did you first realize somethng might be wrong?" whispered Charlie through her tearless cries.

"I didn't feel ok, I thought it was my diabetes, but I guess I was wrong. I was wrong."

Charlie didn't say anymore she just cradled me.

Charlies p.o.v

Time. I've spent most of my time lately regretting every wrong thing I've done. I never realized time was so precious.

As I held Ruby in my arms, I knew I was spending my time in a good way.

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Charlies p.o.v

"Hello Ms.Buckton, may we speak outside." said a doctor. I nodded not knowing what to say, what to do and what to expect.

Ruby let go of my hand and gave a weak smile.


I cut her off before she could finish and told her "Charlie, call me Charlie."

She smiled and continued on "Okay Charlie, I'm doctor Roberts. Ruby came to have a checkup a few weeks ago. She explained her symtoms and I ran some tests. The results showed that she has a tumor in her left cortex." Doctor Roberts waited for me to say something but I was speechless, emotionless and most of all lifeless.

"Why don't you take a seat?" she asked as she saw my face going a ghostly white colour.

"What are her chances?" I asked. Those were the four words that kept going through every single brain cell I have.

"We're not sure right now. We'll have to run more tests."

Ruby's p.o.v

Silence. I'm not a silent person, I never have been, Charlie told me a few weeks ago that when I was born, she never thought I would shut up. I always have something to talk about but what if I have no one to talk to. I used to be able to talk to Charlie but it's different now. Even if it felt ok, I don't know if I could talk to Charlie, she would want to know how I'm feeling. I don't know how I am feeling. I'm empty.

Charlie came into the room. Without any warning she pulled me into a deep embrace and whispered "I love you."

That's when my emptyness was filled with tears, lots of tears.

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