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The Beginning Of The End

Guest Lucii

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Story Title: The beginning of the end

Type of story: One shot

Main Characters: Changelo

BTTB rating: Please rate your fiction - every fiction needs a rating.

Genre: Drama/Action/Romance

Does story include spoilers: None

Any warnings: None

Summary: Charlie and angelo getting married. they have two kids mia and nathan

Librarian Note: Please check your Inbox, thanks.

The beginning of the end.

“She spent their wedding night alone”

“Shhhh, you’ll jinx me”

“You? Darl you’ve got no problem! Now let me get my hands on that hair”

Charlie gently smiled to herself but somehow still felt under pressure. She was terrified of being jilted. The last few months had been so stressful, organising the wedding, but she had got through it. They had got through it. Together. Six months ago she had been the happiest girl on the earth, the universe in fact, when Angelo proposed. Now those happy days seemed like a distant memory and those two happy people were replaced by manic monsters. The arguing, shouting, crying over the wedding. The nights he spent on the next street at his friends. The nights when he’d come home drunk while she was looking after their kids. The nights w

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