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Elijah Johnson - Jay Laga'aia

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I think either Jay messed his line up or they wanted to se how much attention we were paying.

I think if he messed his line up someone would notice so it was probably on purpose.

I saw Jay on Play School this morning.He was with Frank.No I have no shame!

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I am glad to see a different character join Home and Away. I will say it aloud, I mean an ethnic character, there don't seem to have been many of them ever in the show. Not that I can remember anyway. And hopefully he will be a good representative of religion as that is lacking also. Geoff was fairly good at representing religion, but as we all know, he had his shortcomings.

One odd thing: why did Elijah Johnson refer to his sick colleague as Reverend Johnson? Are they related? Do all reverends in that area have to be called Johnson? :lol:

Maybe he is hiding a secret (remember he was going to tell Miles something but he didn't?) and that is that he is sick (therefor referring to himself... so being honest and not lying but not stating upfront that its him). Maybe this is why it's "cimploicated" with Leah and having feelings for her? Maybe thats why he has turned to faith as well?

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