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Elijah Johnson - Jay Laga'aia

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I'm in love with him already!Not only is he gorgeous with a lovely accent but he's a breath of fresh air.He seems really friendly and doesn't take himself to seriously.Does anyone know if he's permanent or not?By some of Jay's comments in interviews i'm thinking he is but i'm not sure.I hope so!


It's awesome to see Jay in HAA,I've loved him since Water Rats.


Discuss away!Shallow drooling welcome!

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I second all of that. And would like to add, if he sings (or screams...)

to Leah, I will just DIE! :o

(That is if Jay doesn't kill me first for posting that clip :ph34r:)

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I love Jay. :wub:

I was so excited when I heard he was joining the cast and I have been eagerly awaiting his appearance on screen. I think Elijah is the perfect character for him to play, he seems like a well thought out, interesting character.

I can't wait to see more of him!

I loved his role in Geoff's departure. Even though I felt that Geoff's departure was a little rushed, but that's another topic.

Wasn't sure whether I needed spoiler tags for UK viewers but I put them in anyway.

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Stephanie - That's already happened in the UK, we are only 1 week behind at the moment :)

From what we have seen of him so far, I really like him. Looking forward to seeing more from him. :)

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I have no idea but I hope so!It'd be cruel of them to put one of my favourite people in my favourite show only to have him leave a short time later.Cruel I tell ya!

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