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Moving To Summer Bay

Guest Bobby Forever Missed

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Story Title: Moving To Summer Bay

Story Type: Long Fic

Main Characters: Kierain The Fletchers Lance and Martin and others.

Genre: General

Does story include spoilers: No

Warnings: Coarse Language

BTTB Rating: T

Plot: Kierain's mum moves to Summer Bay and takes up with a guy called Ted. While Kierain slowly goes off the rails but is saved by Pippa Fletcher.

Chapter I Moving in

“ Nice place.” 14 year old Kierain remarked at the sight of Don Fisher’s old house.

“Look I got offered a job in Yabbie Creek and I’m going to take it!” Mum barked.

It was January 1988 and Mum had taken up a Telemarketers job in Yabbie Creek

Kierain is unpacking his Vinyl records in his room as mum leaves for work

“If any of these are scratched I’ll ringbark that mover!” Kierain thought out loud as he pulled out his Living End albums.

Kierain heads to school in his electric scooter as Pippa Fletcher drops her kids off.

“I wonder what it’s like not being able to walk.” Carly Morris thought as she noticed Kierain

Pippa becomes very stern with her children “ I forbid you to ask him that!” She warned.

“But Pippa.” Carly protested

“Don’t you dare!” Pippa warned

Pippa goes over to Kierain.

“I’m Pippa Fletcher but you can call me Pippa.” She said

“Most people call me a retard but you can call me Kierain” Kierain replied.

Later after school Kierain is asleep on the couch when 14 year old Lynn Davenport knocks on the door.

“What the?” Kierain said with a fright.

Kierain answers the door

“Pippa wanted to know if you wanted to come over for dinner.” Lynn informed him.

“Sure why not.” Kierain replied.

“Great we eat at 7.” Lynn told him.

Kierain closes the door and goes to his room a song called “One Said To The Other” by The Living End plays as he gets changed into casual clothes.

At the Fletcher’s Pippa is cooking dinner when Lynn comes in.

“Is he coming?” Pippa asked.

“Yep.” Lynn replied.

“Good I want to get to know him.” Pippa said

Kierain arrives at the Fletcher’s wearing a shirt saying “Roll On” on the front

“ You made it.” Pippa smiled as she let him in.

“Thanks for inviting me.” Kierain said “ I didn’t know if I should bring anything.” He added giving Pippa a bottle of Pepsi.

7 year old Sally comes in and gapes at Kierain

“ Can I help you?” Kierain asked rather unimpressed.

Sally screams and runs out of the room

“Err sorry.” Kierain said

“ It’s alright.” Pippa smiled.

After dinner Pippa and Kierain are talking

“I’m also in a band called “Ruptured Appendix.” Kierain told her

Pippa bursts out laughing.

“Where’d you come up with a name like that?” she smiled.

“ All Saints.” Kierain answered.

Kierain is leaving The Fletcher’s when Pippa taps his shoulder

“Don’t be a stranger you’re welcome anytime.” She smiled.

“ Okay.” Kierain said.

The next day Kierain is at home playing his records and using the broom like a guitar when Ailsa Hogan comes in with Mum’s groceries

“Oh my god!” Kierain said as he saw Ailsa out of the corner of his eye.

“Whoa love I’m not robbing you I’m dropping of you’re mum’s groceries.” Ailsa explained.

“Oh.” Kierain said rather embarrassed.

“ I did knock I don’t think you could hear me.” Ailsa laughed noticing the broom.

“oh err sorry.” Kierain said looking more embarrassed.

Later Kierain is cleaning his room when Lance Smart and Martin Dibble stare at him through the window.

“Hey Lance check out the poser!” Martin laughed.

“Yeah what a dork eh?” Lance replied.

Kierain holds up a sign saying “ Clear off do-do heads!” As he notices them.

“ Hey he’s having a go at us!” Lance said

“Stuck up nerd I’ll fix him!” Martin replied.

Martin goes to the front door knocks on it then runs away.

“Gee I hate that when people knock on the door then run away!” Kierain said rather frustrated as he closed the door.

Kierain goes to the kitchen to find Ailsa forgot her money for the groceries

“Well I better take it down to her.” He thought picking up the money his walkman and a cassette copy of “Americana” by The Offspring.

Kierain is going down the street on his scooter as Floss and Neville Mcphee speed out of the caravan park with all their possessions.

“ Cool old people hooning!” Kierain thought.

Kierain enters the store to find Pippa working there.

“Hello you’ll catch you’re death of heat stroke in this weather if you’re not careful.” She smiled.

“Miss Hogan left this at my place.” Kierain replied giving Pippa the money.

“Thanks you’re a very honest boy.” Pippa smiled

Pippa gives him a bottle of strawberry milk. “ Here on the house love.” She smiled patting his head.

On his way home Kierain is laughed at by Emma Jackson.

“Where’d you get that shirt Salvos?” She remarked

“Where’d you get your face a semi-trailer?” Kierain retorted.

“Check Mate!” Kierain added as Emma walked off

Kierain comes home to find Mum with this new guy she’s seeing called Ted.

“Hi.” Mum said.

“Whatever.” Kierain said closing his door.

“Prisoner Of Society by The Living End plays through the walls

“WILL YOU TURN THAT DOWN?!” Mum shouted.

“MAKE ME!” Kierain answered back.

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Chapter II Smells Like Teen Spirit

Kierain and Ted are at loggerheads already.

“SHOW SOME RESPECT BOY!” Ted bellowed.

“SHUT UP YOU’RE NOT MY DAD!” Kierain yelled back as he headed out the door.

“YOU GET BACK HERE!” Ted screamed.

“RACK OFF!” Kierain yelled slamming the door

Kierain is on his way to school when Lance and Martin harass him.

“Hey it’s the Summer Bay retard!” Martin leered.

“Up yours Dibble!” Kierain retorted.

“Hey why aren’t you walking like us?” Lance asked.

“Why would I want to be like you?” Kierain asked sarcastically.

“It was only a joke!” Lance said

Bobby Simpson sees Lance and Martin and goes over to them.

“You two can be real jerks sometimes!” She said “ Insult him again and I’ll flatten you!” Bobby added glaring at them.

Kierain goes past the Fletcher house as Pippa tends to her roses.

“Morning Mrs F”. He said

“ Morning Darling” Pippa smiled.

At school Kierain is chatting up Sandra Barlow to the dismay of Steven Matheson

“ Stay away from Sandy or I’ll do you disabled or not!” he warned.

“Steven!” Sandra said shocked.

Kierain goes to class as Alison Patterson attempts to knock his basket over.

“ You right there?” Kierain asked.

Alison bursts out laughing “Whatever.” Kierain said as he entered the classroom.

“ A group of us are going to the store for lunch.” Sandra said sitting next to Kierain. “would you like to come?” she added ignoring Steven’s glare.

“ Sure.” Kierain said. Barbara Stewart walks in as Steven mutters the word “Retard.”

“Get outside Matheson!” Barbara ordered Steven walks out and slams the door.

At lunch Kierain and a group of year 8s go to the store and are served first by Pippa. Lance and Martin walk in and sit across from Kierain.

“Oh here we go” Kierain sighed.

“ Hey the retard has friends.” Lance laughed.

“Right you two! If you’re going to pick on disabled people see you later.” Pippa said sternly. Lance and Martin exit as Pippa walks over to Kierain and squats next to him.

“Just ignore them.” She advised kindly

“They follow me everywhere!” Kierain told her.

“Right if they bother you again you come and tell me and I’ll deal with them.” Pippa said rubbing the boy’s shoulder.

“ Thanks Mrs F.” Kierain said

“ Go on now you’ll be late.” Pippa said ruffling Kierain’s hair

“See you” Kierain said as he exited with his friends

At home Ted is being a slob leaving beer cans everywhere.

“clean it up!” he ordered at Mum

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Chapter III Blackball

Kierain is on his way home when Lance and Martin start picking on him again.

“Where’s your bodyguard?” Martin sneered.

“Yeah where’s your bodyguard eh?” Lance repeated.

“Better not let Mrs F see you hassling me.” Kierain replied.

“Come on we only want to be your mates.” Martin said.

“sit on it nerds!’ Kierain said turning his walkman up and driving away in his scooter.

Pippa is driving along in her van as Kierain waits at the crossing Pippa beeps and waves at him. Kierain waves back.

Kierain is going past the caravan park when he sees Frank Morgan putting up a flyer for a dance his band are holding.

“spread the word.” Frank advised.

“Okay.” Kierain said.

Kierain returns home to find Mum and Ted fighting.

“PACK IT IN YOU TWO!” Kierain shouted.

Ted goes to hit Kierain.

“Go on do it! But I must warn you if you proceed I’ll go straight to the cops and have you arrested for child abuse.” Kierain said insolently.


Ted glares at Kierain as he and mum go to work.

“Ponce.” Kierain muttered.

At the Fletcher’s Pippa is making dinner when Tom her husband comes in.

“I saw a friend of yours on the road today.” Tom informed her.

“Kierain?” Pippa asked.

“Yeah you really see him as one of your own don’t you?” Tom said.

“He’s a darling.” Pippa said fondly.

Kierain is at home watching “Who Dares Wins” when Lance and Martin knock on the door.

“Bugger off!” Kierain shouted as he saw them out the window.

Lance and Martin leave as Kierain gets up to use the bathroom.

Later Pippa comes over with some left overs and notices Kierain asleep on the couch.

“Darling are you okay?” Pippa asked tapping on the window.

“Don’t touch my stuff!” Kierain said waking suddenly Thinking it was Lance and Martin.

“It’s me.” Pippa replied.

Pippa comes in and sits on the couch next to Kierain.

“I thought you might be lonely here all by yourself.” Pippa said “where’s your mum anyway? She added helping herself to a can of Coke.

“Work over in Yabbie Creek she won’t be back until 10.” Kierain answered.

“What she just left you here alone?” Pippa said looking concerned.

“I’m alright.” Kierain assured her.

“All the same you call me if you need anything sweetie.” Pippa said as she tidied up “or if you ever get too lonely just come and say Hi we’re only down the road.” She added as she left.

The next day Kierain isn’t feeling too good he is suffering from the flu but goes to school anyway.

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Chapter IV Ted is a dork There I said It!

Kierain is asleep in class as Barbara shakes him.

“It’s recess mate.” She said looking concerned.

“Oh sorry Miss I only intended to rest my eyes for a second honest.” Kierain replied shaking.

“I think you should go home mate.” Barbara instructed him.

“I can’t I need permission from the…Oh wait you are the principal.” Kierain replied.

“Your lips are turning blue please just go home.” Barbara pleaded

“Okay I might see you tomorrow.” Kierain said exiting the classroom.

On his way home Kierain gets a shocking headache.

“ARGH MY GOD!” Kierain screamed as he burned up even further.

Kierain is going past the Fletcher house when he falls out of his moped.

“Aw just my luck!” Kierain thought as Pippa ran to his aide.

“You’re burning up sweetheart.” Pippa said lifting the boy up.

“ I don’t feel good.” Kierain said weakly as Pippa sat him on the fence.

“I’m not surprised I think I should take you to Dr Matheson.” Pippa said lowering the boy back into his moped Which Frank picked up on his way out.

“It looks like Swine Flu.” She added escorting Kierain home

“Who are you?” Ted demanded when Pippa brought Kierain home.

“Shut your face Ted!” Kierain snapped.

“Please take him to a doctor he’s got a possible Swine Flu.” Pippa pleaded.

“I’ll decide when my step son gets medical help thanks!” Ted Barked grabbing his briefcase and heading out the door.

“Thanks for nothing Jerkhead!” Kierain retorted

“I’m staying here.” Pippa declared “ I don’t want you on your own when your this sick.” She added putting a sponge on Kierain’s head.

“I think I’m going to be sick!” Kierain said bending over double.

“That’s it I’m taking you to Phillip right now!” Pippa announced picking Kierain up

“Hold on to me sweetheart.” Pippa said carrying him out of the house

“I’m freezing Mrs F.” Kierain said as Pippa put him in the back seat of her car

“Here Darling.” Pippa said wrapping him in a blanket

Phillip instructs Pippa to take Kierain directly to hospital as he indeed has Swine Flu

Kierain is put on an IV drip as Pippa comes in

“You wanted to see me Darling?” She asked.

“I’m not going home while Ted is still there.” Kierain announced

“Oh Darling.” Pippa said as she stroked him

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Chapter V Runaways and New Family Members

“Are you sure that’s wise?” Pippa asked rather concerned

“Dead Set.” Kierain answered

“Is he really that bad Dead Set?” Pippa asked.

“Totally Dead Set if you don’t take me in I’ll just runaway.” Kierain informed her

“I’d like for you to think this through some more and if you decide that this is really what you want I’ll speak to The department.” Pippa said

“Already done that.” Kierain told her “They say it’s fine as long as you guys are fine with it.” He added

Ted comes in to see Kierain

“I’ve only got one thing to say to you and that’s Up yours!” Kierain choked almost crying

“I second that! You’re a heartless man!” Pippa said glaring at him

Ted leaves as Pippa hugs a crying Kierain

“Ssh you can stay with us Honey I’ll look after you.” She soothed

“But what about Mr F?” Kierain asked

“He’ll just have to like it I’m not having you living with that man!” Pippa said stroking Kierain

Kierain is at home packing his bags a week later

“Please.” Mum Pleaded

“Sorry won’t work!” Kierain said angrily as he slammed the door

Kierain arrives at the Fletchers and knocks on the door

“This is the Police!” he joked

Pippa opens the door

“Got you!” Kierain joked

Pippa introduces Kierain to the family then shows him to his room

“there you are Sweetheart I’ll come check on you later.” Pippa smiled

Kierain wets his bed during the night Pippa finds the sheets stuffed behind the washing machine the next morning

“Sweetheart why didn’t you tell me?” she asked gently

“tell you what?” Kierain asked

“that you Err had an accident I could have changed the sheets for you.” Pippa smiled

Kierain starts to cry

“There There Sweetie I’m not angry What happened are you nervous?” Pippa comforted while carrying him to the bathroom and drawing a bath

“Come on you can tell me I won’t yell at you I promise.” She added while lovingly washing him.

“it just happens from time to time.” Kierain said as Pippa lifts him out of the bath.

“ I know your not used to a big family but I need you to tell me these things it’s just between us.” She smiled.

Later Pippa is sewing when Kierain comes out

“you won’t tell anyone about this morning Dead Set?” he asked.

“I promise My Sweet stop worrying no one will know and I still think you’re cool.” Pippa said pulling him close to her and stroking him.

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Chapter VI The Real Deal

“Are you sure you can handle fostering a special needs child?” Tom asked Pippa looking concerned

“Yes I think WE can handle it besides Kierain and I get on alright.” Pippa answered defensively

“Fair enough but he’s your responsibility I can’t handle this right now I’m late for my first day at Macklin’s.” Tom said

Kierain who had heard this whole conversation emerges from the doorway and claps

“Bravo Mr F #1 comes first eh?” he said sarcastically

“you watch your tone young man!” Tom said walking out the door

Kierain chokes the air as Pippa rubs him

“Calm sweetheart Calm.” She said

Ted comes to the door

“Kierain stop this nonsense and come home.” He said

“Screw you Ted!” Kierain said

“You’ve got till the count of 3 to get off this property or I’m calling the police!” Pippa said standing in front of Kierain as though she thought Ted would try something.

Ted leaves as Pippa turns around and squats beside Kierain

“Are you okay?” she asked

“yeah I’m fine.” Kierain replied

“I won’t let him anywhere near you.” Pippa declared protectively

“I’d like to try something that might calm you down and stop you wetting the bed tonight.” She said leading him into the sewing room and sitting in a rocking chair

“your kidding right?” Kierain said as Pippa sat down in the rocking chair.

“Come here.” Pippa said sitting him on her knees

“hey this feels warm and well safe.” Kierain said snuggling down into Pippa’s chest

“I’ll always be here for you My Sweet I want you to come to me if you have a problem including having an accident I won’t be mad I promise.”

“Dead Set?” Kierain asked

“Totally Dead Set.” Pippa replied still rocking the boy in her arms

Kierain falls asleep Pippa kisses him tenderly on his head as she gently places him on the spare bed

Later at night Pippa is tucking Kierain into bed and she sits on the edge

“remember if you wet the bed again don’t just try and hide it I want you to call me Darling.” She said gently.

“But…” Kierain started

“Love look I’m a nurse to be a nurse you have to have tolerance for that sort of thing at best all I’ll do is bath you then talk about it with you. I promise you all you’ll get from me is 100% understanding and sympathy.” She said stroking his arm.

Sure enough Kierain wets the bed again.

“Dammit!” he muttered

Kierain summons all his courage then his lips move

“Mrs. F!” He called

Pippa comes in and turns on the light

“Good Boy.” She said taking the doona off

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