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The Unravelling of Summer Bay

Guest Georgia

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Thank you for the comments guys. Sorry for the delay. I wrote out a chapter plan though, so I know exactly how many chapters there are going to be, and what's going to happen in each one, so it'll be a lot easier to write. Hope you enjoy :D Something about the first half of this chapter seems off to me though - I think it's because I haven't written in a while.

Chapter Four:

“Happy Birthday Liam!” Martha yelled as she heard the front door of the farm house swing open. It was after 7pm, and although hanging out with Belle, Mattie and Charlie on the beach had been fun; it still couldn’t take her mind off Liam, and the mess she had made.

“Thanks”, he yelled back, and Martha looked down at the floor. There was something missing from his voice, the enthusiasm he usually had when speaking to her.

“I made a cake. Chocolate – your favourite”, she tried again, injecting excitement and hope into her voice. Liam walked into the kitchen as she finished her sentence and she smiled gratefully at him. Her smile quickly faded when she saw the coldness in his eyes.

“Chocolate hasn’t been my favourite for a while”, he stated, before taking a seat opposite her. “We need to talk”

“Look, I’m sorry about earlier Liam; I don’t know what I was thinking. I know I upset you, and I’m really sorry. I promise it won’t happen again”, Martha apologised, peeking up at Liam from underneath her eyelashes.

“This isn’t the first time things like this have happened Martha. We’ve been together for a long time, longer than you were with Hugo, and longer than you were with Roman, yet I’m constantly the last person you think of. It’s not right”.

“They were simple mistakes Liam. I’ve had a tough run of it; you should cut me some slack”

“I have. I’ve treated you like a princess ever since we got together. I say I love you every time I go out, because you have abandonment issues. I’ve done everything right, and I’m still not good enough. What else do I have to do?” Liam yelled, jumping out of his chair and pacing around the kitchen.

“Give me time!” Martha screamed back, her eyes flashing with anger as she took in Liam’s stance and the tone of his voice.

“I’ve given you time. I’ve given you years, and you can’t even say that you love me Martha”, Liam said quietly, his volume level decreasing and his pacing stopping.

“I can say it” Martha yelled, unable to quieten down. She was already too far past the point of return. All she knew was that she had to give Liam a reason to stay.

“Say it then. Say that you love me”.

“I can’t”, she admitted, her voice still loud but her eyes soft.

“Then it’s over between us. I deserve better”, Liam informed her. “I’ll pack my bags and go”

“This is your house too”, Martha reminded him, her voice finally lowering.

“It was your house first. We can talk about the plans for the entertainment complex later. I just need to get out of here”, Liam said softly.

“I don’t want to be a part of the stupid entertainment complex. You can buy my half”, Martha whispered as she turned her back on the man who had treated her so well for the last couple of years.

Liam nodded his head before walking out of the kitchen and into the bedroom. Martha tried to block her ears but she could still here the sound of Liam banging around and throwing stuff into his duffel bag. Less than ten minutes later, she could hear his footsteps heading back into the kitchen, and she knew that he was coming to say goodbye.

“Where are you going to go? You don’t really know anyone in Summer Bay... not well enough to crash on their couch”, Martha said politely, but her eyes were disinterested. She’d turned off her emotions as soon as Liam said that it was over.

“I’m going to go and stay with Belle. She’s my closest friend in Summer Bay, and Aden and I get on ok...”, Liam said calmly.

“I doubt Aden will let you move in with him and his girlfriend, who just happens to be your ex”, Martha teased, putting up the pretence of caring.

“I’ll rent a room at that motel that opened up down the road then”, Liam retorted. When he finished speaking, the room fell into awkward silence; neither occupant knew what to say.

“Well, I’ll see you around Liam. Thanks for everything”, Martha said quietly, her eyes smouldering with the love she felt but couldn’t express. Then, just as quickly as it had appeared, the emotion was smothered.

Liam just nodded as he picked up his duffel bag and walked out of the farm house for the last time. He jumped into his car, and sat silently for a minute or two, before gunning the engine and roaring out of the driveway.

He headed straight for the motel, deciding that it probably would be weird for him to stay with Belle and Aden. Plus, it would take him a while to find a new apartment to buy, and he didn’t want to impose on the happy couple for that long.

The motel car park only had three cars in it. If Liam had paid more attention to the finer details that made up the town, he would have recognised two of the cars as he walked into the reception.

If he had paid attention, he would have recognised the scarf that was caught in one of the motel doors as he walked to his room, dragging his duffel bag behind him.

In fact, if Liam had observed anything at all in his time in Summer Bay, he would have seen that the Chevy 67 Impala that was gleaming in the parking lot belonged to Lucas.

He would have seen that the small red beetle next to it, the one that was reflecting the sun, belonged to Indigo.

And if he paid any attention to the business side of Summer Bay, he would have known that the light blue scarf caught in the door was one of Nicole and Indigo’s designs.

But because Liam didn’t pay attention to the finer details of small town life, he didn’t acknowledge any of these things, and it didn’t dawn on him that both Lucas and Indigo were at the motel.

And it didn’t dawn on him that Indigo was the cause of Mattie and Lucas’s marriage problems, and he didn’t realize that Lucas was cheating on his wife with the beautiful, flirty, young fashion designer.

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I didn't see any problems with that chapter, I thought Liam and Martha were both perfectly in character and I could see it playing out the way you described.(Chapter outline?Yeah, I do those...)Lucas and Indigo?Hmm, I wonder if Liam's going to notice something...

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Thanks for the comments guys :D I'm updating pretty quickly on this one, and I think it's because I have everything planned out. I'm really enjoying writing it.

Chapter Five:

“Ruby, I’m sure that’s not the case. Geoff loves you more than anything else in the world, he just wants to do a good job with the church. It’s a new experience for him, and he just needs to concentrate on that for a while”, Nicole reassured her best friend.

“I understand that, but he’s been this way for a while Nic. It’s been about a year since he started running the church, and he’s still distant”, Ruby admitted, her eyes dropping away from Nicole’s, and concentrating on the ground.

“He’s been distant for a year?!” Nicole exclaimed, her voice loud and disbelieving.

“Well... no. That’s a lie. He was fine when he started working at the church; it’s only in the last few weeks that I’ve noticed Geoff pulling away from me. It would make sense if he had been distant when he started working at the church, but that’s not what happened”.

“Maybe you should just ask him what his problem is Rubes. You deserve better than someone pulling away from you. You’re an amazing person”.

“I suppose I could ask him. It’s my life too... I deserve to know what his problem is. It might make it easier if he’s trying to break up with me... at least it’s a lead in to the conversation”, Ruby said reflectively, her voice emotionless, but Nicole was having none of it.

“He’s not going to break up with you Ruby. You are his perfect match, his other half, and he knows that”, Nicole reminded Ruby, her tone fierce and determined. It was obvious that Nicole wouldn’t leave until Ruby was more confident.

“He used to think that you were his perfect other half Nic... people change. They grow up, they grow apart. Maybe that’s what Geoff’s feeling, and I’m too dense to pick up on it”

“First of all, you’re not dense. I don’t want to hear you say that ever again. Second of all, I was never Geoff’s perfect other half. He balanced me out; calmed me down; relaxed me... but I constantly felt like I was letting him down. I tried to take away his beliefs, and that’s not what he needed. The fact that you are still with Geoff, and in love with him, shows that you are the exact opposite of me, and exactly what Geoff needs”, Nicole said softly. She had never really analysed her feelings about herself in her relationship with Geoff, at least not out loud and in front of someone else, and it was depressing to have her failure acknowledged.

“But...” Ruby started, but Nicole cut in.

“No buts. Just ask Geoff what his problem is. I don’t want you imagining what he’s going to say, because you’ll just hurt yourself”

“But...” Ruby began again, but once again, Nicole stopped her.

“Look, it’s obvious you’re not going to listen to me. What if I got someone else’s opinion on the situation? Would you listen to their take on it?” Nicole asked.

“Who would you ask?”

“Indigo. She’s always got a perspective on relationships, and usually, she drives everyone crazy by inserting her opinion everywhere. It’ll be nice to get some use out of her”, Nicole joked, trying her hardest to lighten the situation.

“Sounds good; I’m sure she’ll be willing to give her opinion”, Ruby laughed. “Thanks for helping Nic, but I better go. I’m organising a church fundraiser”

“Man, you seriously are the perfect woman for Geoff. I would have sucked at jobs like that. Have fun!”, Nicole said sarcastically, as both her and Ruby got off the couch.

“Where are you going?” Ruby asked in confusion.

“I might as well go and see Indigo now. I have some business stuff to discuss with her as well as relationship drama’s”, Nicole explained.

Ruby just smiled and nodded. She was extremely proud of Nicole for making something out of herself, but at the same time, she was also jealous. In comparison to

Nicole, she hadn’t done that much with her life.

Sharing a quick hug on the driveway, Ruby jumped into her car, and Nicole into hers, and they both peeled out of the drive, before heading in opposite directions. Ruby was heading back to her house, right by the church, whilst Nicole was planning on driving through Summer Bay and then out the other side, to Indigo’s house.

Nicole’s drive took about ten minutes. Realistically, she could have walked, just like anyone in Summer Bay could, but it was easier to drive. Plus, there was a bunch of fabric samples in the back that weighed a ton, but needed to be shown to Indigo.

Indigo’s driveway had her little red car on it, which was odd. Usually, her car was parked in the garage, so that it wouldn’t be affected by the weather. Shaking her head to dispel the thought, Nicole pulled onto the curb, opting to park on the street instead of the driveway. Grabbing the box of fabric samples and the spare key to Indigo’s front door, Nicole climbed out of the car and walked as quickly as possible to the house.

Turning the key in the lock, and pushing open the door, Nicole was greeted by a sight she had never planned on seeing.

Suddenly, it became clear why Indigo’s car was parked in the driveway. There was obviously another car that was parked in the garage, and Nicole assumed that it was a black, 5 door, Chevy 67 Impala.

The box of fabric samples fell to the floor, barely missing Nicole’s shoes, and the occupants of the room looked around in shock and horror, distracted from the acts they had previously been engaged in.

“Nicole, what are you doing here?” Indigo screeched, frantically grabbing at some clothes to cover herself with.

“I could ask the same thing. What the hell is Lucas doing here?”, Nicole spat, her eyes narrowing in disgust. Although she wasn’t that close with Mattie, she still didn’t believe that it was ok for her husband to sleep with Indigo.

“I’m going to go Indi. I’ll call you later”, Lucas said softly, before kissing her lightly on the lips. “It looks like you and Nicole have a lot to talk about”, he finished, before running out of the side door which led into the garage. Less than a minute later, Nicole and Indigo heard a car roaring down the street.

“Lucas was right Indi. We have a lot to talk about. I suggest you put some clothes on... we’re going to be here for a long time”, Nicole stated, her eyes looking everywhere but the woman she had considered as her best friend.

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