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About A Boy

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This has probably been done a few times. But i'll do another one anyway.

TITLE: About A Boy

T.O.P.: Med fic maybe Long fic

GENRE: Drama

CAST: Belle, Amanda, Nash



WARNINGS: Language, Sexual references

PLOT: Belle finds her dad against Amanda's wishes

Librarian Note: Please check your Inbox, thanks.


Amanda and Belle were looking through Amanda's highschool year book.

"Is that really you?" Belle said

"Yeah, i was on the basketball team" Amanda replied smiling

"Is that a shock?" Amanda asked

"Yeah, you don't seem like the basket ball type" Belle told her

"I was talked into it by a friend"

"So where's my dad?" Belle asked

"Why?" Amanda asked frowning

"I just want to know if looks like me" Belle said

Amanda turned the pages to one of the last

"A little" Amanda said show her a photo of him

"Nash?, you dated a guy named Nash?" Belle said frowning at Amanda.

"I wouldn't say dated, but he was hot" Amanda said

"Wow, he does look like me" Belle said sofly staring.

Amanda grabbed the book and closed it.

"Please promise you wont try to find him" Amanda said

"Why?" Belle asked

"He's my dad, don't you think if i want to meet him i can" Belle said

Amanda stood up

"I said no" she replied

"Why don't you want me to see him?" Belle asked

"Because you were dissapointed when you found out i was your mother. I don't want you going through that again" Amanda told her

"Alright i promise" Belle said

"Another thing, what makes you think he'll welcome you with open arms? He could just treat you like he used to treat every girl" Amanda said

"What did he do?" Belle asked

"He treated girls as objects, not people" Amanda said

"So please don't try to find him. He'll just be a mean little jerk that'll let you down" Amanda told her

"I promied" Belle replied

"Thank you"


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Belle knocked Kitty's door

"Belle, this is a surprise" Kitty said as she opened the door.

"Hi" Belle replied

"Were you just in the neighbourhood or are you here on a proper visit?" Kitty asked Belle

"I'm here because i want to know a bit about my dad" Belle told her.

"Why do you want to know?" Kitty asked

"I'm starting a family scrap book and it starts with mine and Aden's family. I've already got Aden's family and history on Amanda, so i just want to know a bit about him" Belle lied.

"Why don't you asked Amanda?"

"I tried calling her but i can't get a hold of her"

"So you thought i might be able to help" Kitty said walking into the kitchen

Belle smiled

"I never liked that boy" Kitty started to stay

"Right from day one when Amanda brought him home to meet me. He was a rude little jerk who made fun of Kelli and me, and he had a reputation"

"What kind of reputation" Belle asked

"The kind of reputation a mother wouldn't want to out in public because of it" Kitty told her

"When Amanda got pregnant i asked so many times if she'd been raped. She no, he presured her a little but that was it. She didn't seem to hate him, although when she told him she was pregnant he hit her and told her to get rid of the baby"

"So did he eventually get to like the idea of becoming a dad?" Belle

"Amanda put an ultrasound photo in his locker and he nailed to our front door with slag written on the bottom of it. So i talked to his father, who had no idea his son got a girl pregnant. Maybe because he'd recently kicked him out for having sex with his step mother, apparently she was hot. So his father contacted his mother and she made him have something to do with the pregnancy whether he liked it or not" Kitty told Belle.

Belle thought to herself Amanda was right. He was a jerk, yet maybe he'd change Amanda wasn't perfect.

"Does Amanda know your trying to find him?" Kitty asked

"Can you help me?" Belle asked

"Did you just hear a single thing i just said" Kitty said

"You owe me, you told me my parent died in a car accident, if it wasn't for David i wouldn't have ever found out Amanda was my mother" Belle yelled

Kitty thought for a minute

"If i do this you say you located him through facebook or my space or whatever" Kitty said writting something down.

"Agreed" Belle said

Kitty handed her a piece of paper with a name and adress on it

"Cassandra Townsend, Nash's mother's old adress, no garenrees she still lives there"

"Thank you" Belle said and hugged her

"By the way, he should be easy to find, he's the spitting image of you" Kitty told her


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Belle saw a woman gardening in her front yard

"Excuse me" Belle said standing next to the front fench

The woman stood up

"Hello" she replied smiling

"Are you Cassandra Townsend?" Belle asked

"Yes, i something wrong?" she asked

"Oh, no i'm just wondering where i could locate your son" Belle told her

"Which one, i have five" Cssandra replied

"Nash" Belle said

"What's Nash done now?" Cassandra asked

"Nothing as far as i know. I just really need to see him, it's private"

"Did he get you pregnant?" Cassandra asked

Belle wondered how many girl he'd knocked up

"No" Belle replied

"Shame, i want a grand child" Cassandra said

she stood up properly and looked at Belle

"Number 10, 19th avenue. It's a building site you can't miss it" she told her


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Belle pulled up a the building site that Cassandra had told her about. She grabbed Amanda's year book and thought of an idea to get him to talk to her.

She got out of the car and walked to a rather large guy old guy who was standing alone smoking.

He swhistled at her.

"Hi" she said

"Hey he replied looking her up and down

"I'm looking for Nash" Belle told him

"For you baby, i could be Nash"

Belle raised her eyebrows

"McDonough" he called out

"Yeah" she head a guy say somewhere in the distance

"Visitor" The guy infront of her yelled

"Kinda busy" The voice yelled back who she thought must be Nash.

"She's hot" the guy called back

"Tell him it's important" Belle said

"She says it's important" the guy yelled

"Coming" Nash called back

She saw a guy who was kinda rugged country looking. With dark hair and Black fingernail polish.

"Hey" he said

"Hi, my names Jodie, i'm here to invite you to my brother Deacon's 35th birthday party" Belle lied

"Deac has a sister" Nash replied

Belle smiled

"I'm inviting all his old classmates and you were his best friend" Belle said

"You're not Deacon's sister" Nash

"What?" Belle replied

"If you were you'd know he hates me for sleeping with his wife" Nash said

"Ok so i'm not his sister"

"So who are you?" Nash asked

"I'm your daughter" Belle yelled as Nash started to climb up a ladder.

He stopped

"Which one of these guys put you up to this?" he asked

"None of them" Belle replied

"How old are you?"

"20" Belle replied

"So i would have been fourt..." Nash started to say

"Get the hell out of here" Nash told Belle


"That baby died" Nash yelled

"No i didn't asked Amanda she;ll tell you"

"Go" Nash yelled again


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