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Star films final 'H&A' scenes

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Home and Away star Jodi Gordon has filmed her final scenes with the soap.

The actress spent her last day on set today after five years in the role of Martha MacKenzie, the Herald Sun reports.

Gordon announced that she was leaving Home and Away last month. She has since landed a part in police drama Cops LAC.

In a new statement reflecting on her Summer Bay stint, the star commented: "I've had a wonderful five years with Channel Seven and Home and Away - it's been an amazing experience to be a part of this incredible show. I've learnt so much.''

Gordon confirmed that she would like to work with Seven again in the future, adding: "You never know, Martha might come back to Summer Bay."



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I notice its says Bernard finished filming too

So perhaps they leave together? Or he is the cause of her leaving.

And the doors seems to be left open for Martha to return :)

Also it says she had an exclusivity clause in her contract but other reports haven't said this.

I suppose we'll know when Cops LOC starts!!!

An end of another era for H&A - very sad

I will really miss her from the show

(p.s thanks for editing!)

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^^^ I saw those articles earlier (yes Krystal thanks to you :P). It's actually going to be weird not seeing her around after 5 years of being on the show. And Alf's going to have no family left (apart from Colleen), I've always liked Martha's relationship with her Granddad. It's actually good that they're developing a relationship with Alf & Nicole now. 'Cos it's nice seeing him interact with the younger ones, and they have a different dynamic too.

And lol at Martha Stewart... that would be the real life convicted American chat show host/business woman not the Summer Bay fictional character. These newspapers always get something wrong and will Jodi ever lose the Ryan Stokes mention? :rolleyes:

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^^ Or they're confusing Martha with her grandmother whose name was Martha Stewart. :P

I'm going to be so sad when Martha leaves. :( She's been one of my favourite characters ever since she arrived five years ago. It'll be so weird not to see her on the show. The good thing is that the door has been left open, should she decide to return or come back for a (short) visit.

Good luck Jodi! :)

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