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Life's Too Short (by emmasi) - comments


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As I said in the pre-ramble to the fic, I won't be updating this anytime soon. I just wanted to post it now as a sort of oneshot. Mostly so I didn't forget about it and lose it on a disk somewhere... again :P

I can't remember where it was originally headed when I wrote it, and right now Ive got a bunch of other stuff to get through before I can start thinking about this.

Thanks for taking an interest though. I appreciate it :)

If you want to read something else while your waiting, I have a wide variety of other posted fics. May I suggest the epic, "After the Crash..." :D?

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SHOOT Noah (too late- someone already did)

Save Scott

Dude,You just put your precious Charlie's life in Danger!! :angry:

I'll let Jem and Andy explain why that was a really bad idea :o .

Now kirst, it looks like for once Scott was shot instead of Noah... Maybe you can lay off CHarlie now.


Well done Jem, this was well done... I like the idea behind it... I think Kim and Robbie are a little more then friends in this fic though! :P

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