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Thurs 18 Feb 2010 – Episode # 5014

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” Too Much Information !!! “

[ Screened in Australia on Thurs 18 Feb 2010 – Episode # 5014 ]

Note – I’ve now added IADL to ep 5013


Leah talk to Hazem, she admits the diner was a haven to9 her in mnny ways – whish is why she has taken its destruction etc so hard. Hazem tells Leah he has part paralyses [one side of his body] and he’ll need to get help – and relearn etc – to do thing tat most ppl, take for granted.

A nurse arrives at tee door – she tells Leah & Hazem visit time is over. Hazem wonders if Leah can stay anoyrther 10 mins – but tee nurse is adamant, and Leah doesn’t seem to mind she has to bail.


Alf head sup to bed – after commenting Aden or Nic picked a very silly movie to watch [they had all been watching it iof course].

Nic & Aden kiss and things are looking pretty full on til Aden tell Nic he has to bail – to get up early of work etc morrow.


Next day, Alf wonders to Aden if he * Nic has a fight last night, as Nic seemed very moody this morn. Whilst Aden thks they didn’t, fall commits if a girl is like this in the morn, it’s oft the b/f’s fault.


Tony is on the phon top Rachel. He comments bout Trey’s dad – and the man inquisition finishes Tony’s sentence – but trey's dad mocks himself when he doe so. Tony tells Rach maybe trey’s dad can change after all.


As Leah & Miles walk to corridor towards Hazem’s room, miles comments to Leah bout their hotel room – with its red & black walls. Hazem’s mum approaches them – and she tell Leah Hazem is sounding etc sooo mush better now tat Leah has been to see him.


Tony is rather rather frustrated on the phone. When off opah one, he confronts trey’s dad bout some gym equip he ordered. Treys dad insist he did this beefer they came to an understanding recently – and they will loose their deposit if the don’t buy the equip. Tony tells trey’s dad that they’ve lost another 10 members recently – and are rally struggling.


After Nic arrives, Aden mentions Alf suggested tat she was moody this morn. Nic is annoyed that Aden & Alf are talking bout here like this – and walks off in a huff. Aden is left catching his head – wondering what just6 happened.


In the grounds, Hazem’s mum suggest to Leah that she & VJ move ion with Hazem & his family [here in the city] whilst he recuperates. Leah doesn’t look so sure bout this.


Tony tells trey’s dad that he’s been phoning ppl who’ve quit the gym – mots seem to be doing so as they think Trey’s dad is a racist. Alf suggest trey’s dad should talk to Hazem & Leah.


Nic talk to Alf bout what happened lat night – but when she get to the hot & heavy details, its clear Alf isn’t ken on hearing that. Nic tell Alf that after that, Aden seem to just “go cold” on her. Alf tells Nic that she should talk to Aden bout all this.


Leah talks to Miles. She isn’t so sure bout this moving ion business – as she and Hazem have only been out together a few times. Hazem enters the room – as does trey’s dad. Leigh tell him to get lost – but Hazem tells Leah & mils tat Trey’s dad saved him – its like Hazem was being bashed, but then he noticed tat the rioters stoped as someone [trey’s dad] had pulled them away from Hazem. Threes; a suggestion the best way to help evertyuo9ne is to have the local paper do a story bout this – but Leah [i think[ suggest there is a better way.


Aden is working out when Nic arrives. Although you get felling she initially planed to, Nic doesn’t confront Aden bout what happened last night.


Leah tells miles that she feels bad bout feelings towards trey’s dad [and wanting to linch him]. As Leah & miles talk, they see Trey’s dad & Hazem’s mum head out of Hazem’s room – on the way to get a coffee together.

Leah goes into Hazem’s room – and Hazem insist he doesn’t want Leah to sty with him out of pity – and teht hopefuily that might get back together when he is all better. They kiss – 1 last kiss of the time being.


Alf talk to Nic bout Aden – and how she didnlt confront him. She tells Alf it’s like Aden has been through way too mush lately etc for that. Nic then deliberately [in light of alfs embarrassment when she was talking bout how she got hot & heavy with Aden] bout herself planning to wear a sexy outfit when Aden arrives tonight.

Leah & Miles – they tell Alf that Hazem may never fully recover OR come bask to the bay.

Later, there's a “coldness” tween Nic ^& and as they watch a movie together in the lounge room.

On bask patio, Rabbit & Miles chat for a bit, before the go inside. They find Nic alone. She tells them Aden has gone to the bathroom – but is probbaly looking for ANY way out of this house right now.


There’s a knock on the door. Leah is surprised as it’s rather later at night. Its; trey's dad – who apologise for so publicity critisising Hazem tat way he did etc. Leah looks encouraged when trey’s dad says he is going to pay for all of Hazem’s med bills. Trey’s dad one more tell Leah how sorry he is – befog he bails.



Colleen is shocked to see Liam & Marsha kissing

Rabbit warns Miles “if you sleep, you die”

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Rabbit: red skirt/dark top/white lacy vest


Nicole: mauve [white swirls?] PJs


Leah: white top/grey cardie/dark long pants


Aden: dart [green unknown logo] t/dark long pants

Aden: grey [dark horiz stripes] t/dark long pants

Aden: grey singlet

Alf: blue [green check] shirt/wide brim hat

Alf: powder blue button up shirt/bone long pants

City Nurse: white [red vertical stripes] blouse

Hazem’s mum: dark long pants/dark Middle Eastern headscarf/dark [occasionally off white] top

Leah: dark scoop top/grey cardy/dark long pants

Miles: blue shirt/white [dark unknown motif] t/olive green long pants

Nic: dark [gold tropical? Motif] t/dark headband/dark long pants

Nic: white [dark kinda zebra stripes] top/denim jeans

Tony: black [with silver on each side] SB gym t

Trey’s dad: grey jacket/white [dark vert stripes] shirt/denim jeans

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