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Tues 16 Feb 2010 – Episode # 5012

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” Like Water Off A Principal’s Back “

[ Screened in Australia on Tues 16 Feb 2010 – Episode # 5012 ]

Note –

I LOVE the irony of the quote of my desk calendar for 16/02/10 …. “The great consolation in life is to say what one thinks”


Charlie and Angelo have an uneasy chat because of what’s going on twen them at the moment, indeed, Angelo bails as soon as Ruby arrives for dinner. Ruby wonders to Charlie what’s going on.


Romeo is annoyed with Mink – that she told Xavier what truly happened with their step dad. Mink isn’t keen to talk bout that, so she changes the subject – i.e. she tell Romeo that she is really keen to go down the coast a bit morrow to surf.


After dinner, Ruby talks to Charlie bout the sitch with Angelo. Ruby wonders what the problem is – as it’s not like Charlie hasn't had housemates before. Ruby then realise Charlie hasn’t actually lived with one of her b/f’s before.


Next day, Gina wonders if hell just froze over – when Xavier tells her tat she was right bout Mink.

Romeo arrives – and apologises for what Mink said to Gina. Gina insists that its water of a principal’s back.


Ruby is initially pleased when Irene tells her tat Geoff rang last night when she was at Charlie’s. Irene tells Ruby bout Geoff’s plans – incl to catch up with Annie before he truly sets off on helping ppl in foreign countries etc.

Ruby is a more than a little despondent when it appears that Geoff, whilst asking bout how Ruby is, didn’t go further than that [i.e. he’s not pining to be with her again].

When Irene asks, Ruby say she plans today to go to the beach and read a novel form cove to cover.


Charlie & Angelo talk further bout what’s happing tween them – incl the suggestion they are bound to cure her moving in phobia in time. Charlie is keen to talk further but this, but Angelo sternly “suggests” they do so at lunch.


Xavier tell Romeo since Hugo die, Gina has been very protractive of him. He also comets that he keep the money where it is [cupboard] as Gina is less likely to find in there – as it like she’d had a better rader for finding something that’s well hidden.

Xavier sees Ruby siting nearby – and when he talk to her she tell him she is getting nowhere reading her novel [as she is thinking bout Geoff constantly].


Charlie tell angle she is rally annoyed – that he seem to be punishing her for being honest bout having issue with moving in with him. Their chat is interrupted by a callout to an MVA


Mink sees Xavier talking to Ruby, and whilst Romeo tells her Xavier is just being supportive, Mink thinks Xavier is taking advantage of Geoff being off the scene. Romeo realises Mink likes Xavier, and she backs up that theory of his when she tells ruby Xavier commented she [ruby] has beautiful eyes. This kinda embarrasses both Ruby & Xavier – and Mink continue to make her play for Xavier by siting tween Ruby & Xavier.


After Angelo stops the car, Charlie tells him that she does love you – but doesn’t want to move in with him just yet. Charlie hopes this isn’t a deal breaker tween them, but if it is, so be it. Angelo starts up tee police car again and drives.


Mink makes a play for Xavier, but she’s clearly not impressing Ruby. Indeed, before Romeo “suggest” he and mink should bail, ruby tells mink that mink’s tough girl act isn’t all that grat.


Mink tells Romeo she likes who she is – and that she can say whatever she likes. She insists to her bro that this isn’t just one big act. Romeo’s had enough – he bails, and its claer that Mink is frustrated [she slams her fist against that table].


Things are still unsay tween Angelo & Charlie – so he decides to bail form work a little early – seeing he’ll take care of some paperwork [to do with MVA?] morrow.


Romeo tells Xavier that mink seems to have always been this way [so full on]. When Gina asks, Romeo declines an invite to diner. He heads for home – hoping mink hasn’t set anyone on fire.


Ruby talk to Alf bout how she got nowhere with her novel today.

Angelo speaks to ruby bout Charlie – and ruby tells him that Charlie hasn’t had a long term ‘ship. Its’ like, ruby has had more successful/longer ‘ships that Charlie. Both Roman AND Joey are mentioned – esp. how it seems that Charles slept with Hugo so her ‘ship with Joey would break.


Charlie looks deep in thought/confused as she photocopies some tings.


Ruby tells Irene she ended up having a good day – chatting with Xavier etc.

Xavier enters and when ruby asks him, he says he didn’t tell Mink ruby has beautiful eyes, but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t. Xavier bails.


When Romeo tells Alf bout how headstrong Mink is, alf responds by saying he too has stubborn sister. Romeo tells Alf he never knows what mink is going to do next.


Mink enters Xavier’s room, via the window. She goes to tee cupboard, takes out one of the shoeboxes, and gladly picks up some of ALL that money.



After Xavier accuses Mink of stealing the money, he calls her a fake. She says she doesn’t like that – but she kisses Xavier seconds later

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Ruby: orange [dark trim] dress – with rope like belt


Irene: dark [gold leaf trim] low cut v neck top


Mink: black & white [yellow collar] wetsuit/white [zebra stripes] bikini top


Alf: white [blue check] button up shirt/bone long pants

Angelo: grey [white trim] t/olive green long pants

Angelo: light blue police shirt/police cap

Charlie: light blue police shirt/police cap

Charlie: dark [white floral] dress

Gina: dark [grey floral; & red trim] top/white long pants

Mink: dark singlet top/dark long pants – with white belt

Mink: dark thin strap top

Romeo: blue singlet/black & white shorts

Romeo: white [dark sleeves & trim] t

Ruby: blue [white leaves?] thin strap maxi dress

Ruby: dark [white floral?] bikini top/dark shorts

Xavier: red [white “85”] t/dark shorts

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