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A Little Help

Guest Bobby Forever Missed

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Story Title: A Little Help

Story Type: Long Fic

Main Characters: Pippa Fletcher, Kierain Geany and others.

Genre: General

BTTB Rating: T

]Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: Drug References.

Plot: Tells the story of Pippa Fletcher helping Kierain Geaney cope with his leg surgery. Covers events from 2008-2010. Including Kierain's musical career meeting Shannon Grant and Kierain and Pippa contacting each other.

Chapter 1 Bittersweet Sympathy

“Oh boy more surgery.” 15 year old Kierain thought bitterly in his hospital bed.

It was February 2008 Kierain had to have leg surgery.

“Hello I’m Pippa Fletcher” A kind voice said.

“Nice to meet you I’m whatever it says up there.” Came the sarcastic reply.

A blonde haired Woman walked in with a broad smile on her face.

“You remind me of my daughter Carly” Pippa laughed .

“I’ve been called many things but that’s not on the list.” Kierain chuckled

Pippa takes Kierain’s observations

“You certainly are healthy” Pippa declared.

“Yeah Great.” Kierain said looking rather depressed.

“Cheer up you’ll be fine and I’ll be here when you get back.” Pippa said in an attempt to comfort him.

Kierain sighs

“I’m also a good listener if you ever want to talk just push the button.” She urged before walking out.

Several hours pass by before Kierain is returned to the ward.

“Welcome back Darling.” Pippa soothed As Kierain woke up.

Kierain starts to cry as the reality sets in

“Ssh You’re okay.” Pippa said kindly as she stroked his hand.

“Would you like me to stay with you?” she asked wiping away his tears.

Kierain nods as Pippa pulls up a chair.

“I hate the bit where reality hits it’s always such a downer. “Kierain said blinking back more tears.

Pippa smiles sympathetically as Kierain’s mother and sisters arrive.

“Are you okay ?” mum asked.

“Yeah” Kierain replied Nurse Fletcher copped the bit where reality hits.

“Did you cry?” his sisters both smirked.

“What of it?” Kierain replied.

“Nothing.” They both said innocently.

“Well We’ll leave you in Nurse Fletcher’s capable hands.” Mum chipped in.

“Pippa please.” Pippa smiled.

Kierain’s family leave as a doctor walks in.

“Well young man I think you can eat a sandwich.” He said handing him a vegemite sandwich.

“At last!” Kierain said rapidly seizing the sandwich.

“well you seem happier now Darling.” Pippa smiled “I’ll be back soon” she added with a wink.

Pippa returns at 5pm with Nurse Bronwyn Craig..

Pippa taps Kierain on his shoulder as he has his Ipod in.

“44! Is that the answer?” Kierain asked with a fright.

“ Whoops sorry.” He added embarrassed when he realised where he was.

“This is Bron Darling.” Pippa said “She’s taking the night shift.”

“Gday.” Kierain said.

“Hi” Bron smiled.

“Well I’ll leave you two to get acquainted.” Pippa said “And I’ll see you in the morning” she added shaking Kierain’s hand from side to side.

“Goodnight Nurse.” Kierain replied.

“So what happened”? Bron asked.

“Something about relocating my hip.” Kierain answered.

“Ouch.” Bron replied while taking his Blood Pressure.

A Dinner plate is put on Kierain’s table by a volunteer.

“Oh boy If 1999 was anything to go by this should be….Interesting.” he pondered.

Late at night Kierain is asleep as the album “Mars Needs Guitars!” (1985) plays on his ipod. Steph Markham is in the other half of the room trying to get a girl with Tonsilitis to sleep.

“Come on.” Steph insisted.

“Read me a story Steph!” the girl pleaded.

“Okay but this is the last one.” Steph insisted as she picked up a book called “Cinderella.”

Kierain wakes up the next morning as the song “Bad” (1987) plays on his ipod.

He turns it off as Bron takes his Temperature.

“I’m knocking off now Darl but Pippa’s coming in shortly.” She smiled.

Pippa comes in dressed in a black top jeans and black and white earrings.

“Would you like a wash before breakfast my love?” she smiled.

Kierain looks embarrassed

“Relax I’ve seen it all before.” She smiled.

“Yeah okay.” Kierain replied.

“So are you feeling happier today Darling?” Pippa asked while cleaning his back.

“Not really.” Kierain sighed.

“I’ll take you out into the garden later and we can talk some more” Pippa suggested. “Would you like that?” she added washing his fingers.

“Yeah I would.” Kierain said.

Pippa pats his head as Breakfast comes.

Kierain eats his breakfast then sobs quietly.

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Chapter 2 What’s On Your Mind?

"If you want to cry let it out love.” Pippa urged with her arm around Kierain’s shoulder.

“That’s the problem Pippa I can’t let it out.” Kierain replied.

“You can.” Pippa encouraged. “It’s just you and me out here I promise I won’t tell anyone.” She added gently.

Kierain and Pippa are out in the garden Pippa has an understanding look on her face.

“I can’t I’m just not ready.” Kierain said.

“Well when you are ready just call and I’ll come and we’ll chat.” Pippa said gently.

“Thanks.” Kierain said.

“Do you like school?” Pippa asked.

“It’s okay.” Kierain answered.

“What year are you?” Pippa Inquired.

“10.” Kierain replied.

“Nearly a man.” Pippa smiled as she pushed his wheelchair into the hospital.

“Not yet.” Kierain laughed.

“Back again?” Donna Manning smiled.

“That we are.” Pippa smiled back.

Kierain is in bed listening to “Smooth Criminal” By Michael Jackson (1987) when his Dad walks in with McDonalds.

“Hi Dad.” Kierain said

“Hi .” Dad replied pulling up a chair.

“Anything good on T.V.?” Dad asked.

“No not until Neighbours: The Early Years.” Kierain replied.

Later Pippa comes in and sits next to Kierain.

“How are you Darling?” she asked.

“I’m okay just bored.” Kierain answered

“I thought I’d write up my notes in here and keep you company.” Said Pippa.

“ Won’t they miss you?” Kierain asked.

“Probably but you’re more important at the moment.” Pippa replied.

“Thanks.” Kierain replied gladly.

“Are you feeling any happier?” Pippa asked as though she thought he needed a hug.

“No.” Kierain replied.

“Well I’ve got some news that might cheer you up I’m doing a double shift so I can be with you tonight.” Pippa informed him.

“What about Mr Fletcher?” Kierain wondered out loud.

“Oh he died in 1990 you would have liked him.” Pippa said.

“Oh great me and my big mouth!” Kierain said.

“No it’s okay.” Pippa said. “You didn’t know.”

Kierain starts to cry Pippa grabs a tissue and wipes his tears.

“Hey now what’s brought this on?” she asked kindly.

“I hate this!” Kierain said through the tears.

“ There There It’s okay just let it out.” Pippa soothed holding the boy in a one armed hug.

“Ssh I’m here Darling.” Pippa said in a comforting voice.

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Chapter 3 Who’s Gonna Save Us?

“Are you okay now?” Pippa asked kindly.

Kierain nods.

“Do you want me to stay for a while?” Pippa asked gently while holding his hand.

“Yes Please.” Kierain answered.

“God that was embarrassing.” He added.

Pippa smiles. “It’ll be our little secret.” She said stroking his head.

Carly and Ben Lucini come running into reception with one of their boys who is unconscious due to a soccer ball in the head.

“I’ll take this Pip.” Donna offered.

“Thanks .“ Pippa replied.

“Someone help!” Carly shouted from the corridor.

“What’s the matter?” Donna asked.

“He was hit in the head with a soccer ball!” Carly replied franticlly.

“I’ll just go out and check that’s my grandson.” Pippa said “But I’ll be right back.” She added.

“Okay.” Kierain said turning on the T.V. in time for old Neighbours.

“Hey yesterday they were screening at 1991 pace Now they’re in 1986 again what the hell?” he thought to himself. He then pulls out a list.

“Okay Neighbours you’ve just made my list!” he thought putting Neighbours at the bottom.

“Repeat shows that have stopped mid-way through my favourite era and started again just to annoy.” Pippa read sitting back down. “What exactly is this list for?” she inquired.

“Keeping track of Reruns that pull swifties on us viewers.” Kierain answered.

“Hey Dad! Times 2”. Pippa read.

“Oh that was a fun time from 1998-2001.” Kierain said “first they put it on in January 1998 from the beginning playing them until the 1989 season which aired in 1999 then they take them off and start again in 2000 until 1988 finished it’s rerun in 2001. Hasn’t been screened since. He explained.

“Oh that’s annoying.” Pippa said.

“Especially if your like me and tape reruns now I have to wait until at least 2013 to get the rest of Amelia Frid’s Neighbours episodes.” Kierain said.

“Dinners here.” Pippa announced “And if you’re good I’ll get you an extra Ice-Cream.” She added smileing.

“ I’m always good.” Kierain replied.

Carly’s son is put into the bed next to Kierain.

“You look farmilliar.” Carly said. “Have we met?”

“Don’t think so.” Kierain replied.

“Hey now I remember you’re the guy from Ruptured Appendix.” Carly said

“ssh I don’t want fans swarming in.” Kierain said

“Sorry.” Carly replied.

Donna comes in and takes the other boy’s observations while Pippa brings in the Extra Ice-Cream she promised Kierain.

Carly is almost in tears staring at her comatose son.

“Ben this may not be the ideal time but I want a divorce.” She announced.

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Chapter 4 My Girl

“Wha,What?” Ben said shocked.

Kierain realizing how delicate this conversation was put his headphones on full blast

“You heard me.” Carly replied.

“But why?” Ben asked

“Because all you love is the army!” Carly said starting to cry.

Donna taps Kierain’s shoulder.

“Yeah?” Kierain said.

“Everything alright?” Donna asked.

“Yeah why?” Kierain replied.

“You just seem a bit down.” Donna said.

“I’m fine.” Kierain assured her.

Ben leaves the room slamming the door.

“You okay Miss?” Kierain asked.

“Yeah and it’s Carly okay?” Carly replied.

“Sure.” Kierain said

“Tell you what I’m going for some Mcdonalds would you like some?” Carly offered.

“No money.” Kierain replied.

“My shout.” Carly said.

“Oh okay if you’re offering.” Kierain said.

“Great see you in a while.” Carly smiled.

“Looks like you’ve made a friend.” Donna said as Carly exits the room.

“Looks like it.” Kierain replied with a smile.

“Hey that’s the first time you’ve done that!” Donna said.

Pippa walks back in.

“I see you’ve met Carly.” She smiled.

“More like she uncovered my alias.” Kierain said

Pippa laughs.

Rose Stevens walks in.

“Hi I’m Rose qualified Physio Thearipsit. She said.

“Hi I’m Kierain qualified Record Collector.” Kierain replied.

“Here’s my qualifications.” She smiled pulling out a list that stretched to her feet.

“Oh yeah?” Kierain replied pulling out his records list which stretches all the way to Pippa’s feet on the end of his bed.

Rose whistles.

“Okay okay you win, I see you’ve played “patient/physio” before.” She joked.

“I’ll be overseeing you’re rehab after those bulky plasters are replaced with fibreglass ones in a few weeks.” Rose added.

“Is that a fact?” Kierain replied.

”stay calm boyo I’m married.” Rose joked.

“I know my doctor has a picture of you in his wallet and it doesn’t take Einstein.” Kierain joked back.

“Oh you know Mitch?” Rose said.

“Yep.” Kierain replied.

Carly’s son wakes up. “Mummy?” he cried.

Donna strokes him. “She’s coming little mate.” She soothed.

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