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Thurs 11 Feb 2010 – Episode # 5009

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” If You Think I’m Tough …. “

[ Screened in Australia on Thurs 11 Feb 2010 – Episode # 5009 ]

Note – Just getting myself reorganised after a GREAT trip to Sydney on the weekend. I'll get ep guides back to being posted within a day of the ep happening as soon as I can


Romeo tells Xavier that on day when his step dad was bashing his mum, Mink the step dad with a cricket bat, and she went into a juvenile detention centre as they didn’t have the money etc for a lawyer. It also didn't hope that Mink was saying she meant to do it. Romeo tells Xavier tat Mink expects a lot from everyone, because she expects a lot from herself.


Rachel & Tony enter, but Tony bails soon after. Leah admits to Rachel, after a while she is VERY frightened.


Ruby & Geoff clash – after he tries to apologise for what’ happened tween them. When Ruby asks, Geoff admits he REALLY doesn’t know who he is angry with right now. Geoff bails.


Rach is a tad stunned when Leah admits that she hasn't left the house in a week. Leah tells Rach she has tried but as soon as she gets close to the door, her heart is racing so hard it hurts.


Trey’s dad & Tony clash over how [in trey’s dad opinion] Tony isn’t motivated etc enough to want this business to thrive again.


Romeo is talking to Xavier when Alf asks him to help outside. After Alf & Romeo bail, Xavier talks to Mink bout what happen to her step dad. Mink quickly realise Romeo didn’t tell Xavier that Mink hit her step dad with that bat to protect Romeo, not their mum.

Mink ads that her step dad took ay opportunity to hit their mum, and when Romeo was 14, he started deliberately provoking their step dad, so Romeo was get hit rather than their mum. Mink tell Xavier tat Romeo is tougher that mink will ever be.

Romeo & Alf come bask inside, and Xavier answers his phone – its ruby.


Rach talk to Leah about Hazem, and Leah admits she thinks it’s wrong to tell him tat she can’t see him because she can’t leave her own house. Rach insist that THAT it’s why Leah needs to get help form a psychologist.


Tony talk to Gin about Trey’s dad, but Gina can’t help Tony – as she & trey’s dad haven’t rally been on speaking terms since what happened with Hugo.


Ruby admits to Xavier its weird tat she should be asking him for help with her ‘ship troubles with Geoff, but she’s reassured when Xavier thinks what ruby did [the peace rally] wasn't a bad thing to do.


Xavier tall Romeo tat Mink told him everything. Romeo initially doesn’t want to talk bout it, but then tell Xavier he REALLY should. The day the incident occurred; the step dad lost his job, and was looking to annihilate someone. Romeo once more got bashed – but then the step dad was lying on the floor. Mink hit him with a cricket bat – but it was actually a hit on the head on a coffee table on the way down that killed the step dad.


Tony & Trey’s dad clash once more bout not only the best way to run the gym, but how trey’s dad views didn’t help maters when the riot. Tony bails early – and when trey's dad questions that, Tony tells him that if trey’s dad thinks he’s so good, lets; see how he goes at the gym by himself.


Ruby tries to talk to Geoff but he’s not interested in talking bout their ‘shop. Indeed, Geoff attack a teen boy who Geoff believes was one of the rioters. Trey’s dad breaks up the scuffle.


When Colleen brings over one of her casseroles, Leah ”breaks” … and REALLY starts balling.


Avery sternly talks to Geoff bout what occurred. Treys dad can’t back up the fact that the dude who Geoff attacked was one of the rioters.


Ruby tries to speak to Geoff bout their ship bout he says it’s all too much. Geoff breaks up with ruby, and as he bails, she starts crying.


Geoff talks to Alf, as Alf seem to be mush better now in his attitude. Alf tell Geoff he got that way as he knows theirs always family & friends there tor support him. Geoff tell Alf that he fells lost, so Alf wonders what Geoff would usually do at times like this.

Note – as they talk, we see a little dog run past them.


Geoff enters, and prays for a bit. He is about to bail when the new Reverend, Elijah, wonders if he wants to talk. Geoff isn’t initially keen – but then admits “I’m completely LOST”. Reverend Elijah tells him that that is a good place to start.



Liam helps Marsha on tee farm

Leah is WAAAAAAY struggling with what’s happened

Geoff leaves the Bay !!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Rachel: dark v neck top/dark long pants


Ruby [pink & dark ink blotch] t


Romeo: black & white sleeveless shirt/white [dark swirls”] shorts


Alf: bleu & yellow check button up shirt/none long pants

Alf: brown polo shirt/khaki long pants/cream wide brim hat

Avery: light blue police shirt/dark blue long pants/

Colleen: dark aqua top/white [brown floral] blouse

Dude who Geoff attacks: yellow & red lifeguard polo/red shorts

Geoff: white [dark crest * grey horiz stripes] t/dark long pants

Geoff: white t/denim jeans

Gina: blue [white floral; near collar] top/white cardy/dark long pants

Leah: dark l/s top/dark long pants

Leah: white dressing gown

Mink: dark [dude playing a guitar on grey background] mid thigh dress

Reverend Elijah: black [partly white collar] priests’ outfit

Romeo: blue & white check button up shirt/white [dark swirls?] shorts

Ruby: blue [off white horiz stripes & native American Indian like trim] top/dark shorts

Tony: grey t/denim jeans

Tony: black [with silver on each side] SB gym t/dark shorts

Trey's dad: grey jacket/denim jeans/black & white check shirt

Trey's dad: white l/s shirt/denims jeans

Xavier: blue [white crest] t/dark [mustard dots] shorts

Xavier: red [grey “fresh juice”] t/dark [white dots] shorts

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