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When It All Falls Apart (by Jen) - comments


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Ahh Jenny! Jen! Jen!!! Oh boy, am I so damn ecstatic that I wasn't around to make you stop? In a word, YES! Not that I would have been so obliging anyway. :P The 'or not' option was always more appealing to me. Anyway on to Gaden. Just amazing. ^_^

You always write Geoff so spot on and it wasn't anything less this time. It was like you'd cut open Geoff's head, let me jump right in there and ride the wave of thoughts & emotions with him. Really moving stuff and your descriptive writing is so great that it only aids me to build the imagery of each thought, feeling and scene in my mind. Making it all feel so much more real. Awwww poor Geoffrey though. :( My heart breaks for him...

He’s crying for the pain he’s feeling, the emptiness inside, the ugliness on the outside, and the memories that are haunting him, that have been following his every step like a dark cloud. Finally letting out everything he’s been trying to keep inside, while someone holds him close.

But not too much though. :P Without the hurt there can be no comfort. ^ Like what happened just right here. :wub: I adore that bit & I adore that it was Aden who was there to rescue him now, a role-reversal of the trawler incident.

Geoff is so tired, his eyelids drooping closed, and he lets his head fall onto Aden’s shoulder.

“I’m sorry,” he hears Aden whisper.

Aden finds himself reaching out, his finger hovering on the outside of the burn, touching the edges where it is just a little bit pink. Even at this, Geoff sucks in a breath, holding it, but he doesn’t pull away.

“Is it bad?”

Rather than getting angry, Geoff finds himself nodding. Aden nods in reply.

Aden hasn’t told Geoff that it will be okay, like so many others have. And for that, Geoff is grateful.

This whole scene is so touching. I love that Aden understands and tells Geoff like it is (and in essence what he wants to hear), not like everyone else who are painting it like it'll all be okay, misunderstanding and thinking that is what he wants to hear. Ahh my boys, they got a connection and read each other like no one else.

Aden doesn’t feel like it is enough. He wants to do more, take some of the hurt away. Not just the physical, but the emotional. Everything Geoff is feeling, Aden wants to wash away, but he knows he can’t. He leans forward and presses his lips on the edge of Geoff’s shoulder. Geoff feels a warmth, but for the first time in days, it is pleasant, and Geoff never wants it to end.

OMG! *Flailing* Do I need to say more? Such a small gesture but with such huge meaning. Adorable.

“I’m here,” Aden soothes, whispering softly.

“We need -” Aden hears Geoff say.

“It can wait,” Aden replies, scooting across the floor, so he is right at Geoff’s side. He lifts a hand and cards Geoff’s hair, hearing a soft sigh escape his lips. Because, really, whatever they have to talk about can wait until the morning. Aden isn’t going anywhere.

And I always will be. Too cute. And that is why

when Geoff does leave the bay it doesn't take long for Aden to follow as being apart from him is unbearable.

'Cos that is how it'll play out...

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