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'For Ben' (by Georgia) - comments


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I really love this fic so far. I cant wait to see where you are going to go with it. I also love one mistake. I kind of had a feeling that Ben might have leukeamia but i was hoping not. Your werent kidding about the twists either were you. I cant believe belle has cancer. I hope aden comes along and saves the day and that him and belle reunite whilst worrying about their sick son.

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Glad that Belle answered and glad that she agreed to try and help, I was worried she wouldn't for a moment there.Wasn't expecting Belle to be ill as well, that was a shock.

Should probably abstain from the vote.All I'll say about Aden and Belle is that given what happened between them I think it would take a lot of effort for them to be able to forget about it and move on and just go back to how they were.Haven't really seen enough of the alternate couples to form an opinion so maybe you should keep them around and see how it goes..?

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