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'For Ben' (by Georgia) - comments


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you are amazing you know that.... simply, unbelievably amazing...

and I honestly am telling the truth when I say that it was an honor proofing this fic for you because I loved every second of it!

I'm not sure about a sequel though... it would be good to see the implication of Belle's death done properly unlike on the show, but at the same time that ending.... well it couldn't have been done more perfect!

I love you hunni.... your brilliant :)

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Okay, already commented but since everyone else seems to be discussing the possibility of sequels: Firstly, I think that that ending is perfect in its own right and doesn't really need a sequel.But if you are thinking along those lines, there does seem to be a kind of ready made family for Aden in Nicole and Ben(take that however you like...).I think the idea of Ben learning that Belle was his birth mother and them teaching him about the person she was has definite possibilities.

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What a perfect ending. I am so glad I found this fic. I have to say that is one of the best I have read on here.

I loved your description of Aden's emotions in that final chapter. It would be so hard to supportive in that situation. My favourite but was definitely his reaction after her death. I'm glad that she finally said I love you. :wub:

I almost wish you had given her a miracle cure, lol, but in a way I am glad you didn't because as I said above the ending was perfect. Especially the second last paragraph and the final sentence; beautifully written.

I think I mentioned this previously but I loved the original characters you introduced into this fic. I often don't like them but yours were brilliantly constructed and relevant to the story.

As for a sequel... I know I am going to sound like a broken record but I thought the ending was perfect, all the loose ends were tied up and we are left to put own interpretation on what happened after that. But I think there is potential for a sequel if you want to write one.

And lastly, can I say thank you for the effort that you put into writing this fic! It was great to read. :D

Edited by Stephanie
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I've never done this before, but there were so many amazing people who commented on this fic, so I decided it was right to do it :D A personalized thank you to the people who commented for each individual chapter:

Chapter One: Thanks to Bec, Sarah, RR1, Steph, dee83, Danni02, Laura, Scotcaz22, Elainea, haaxhaa, rocknroll, HeavenForbid and amz89.

Chapter Two: Thanks to Bec, RR1, HeavenForbid, Steph, amz89, Scotcaz22, dee83, Danni02, Elainea and Sarah.

Chapter Three: Thanks to Danni02, Sarah, Bec, amz89, Scotcaz22, nicoleee23, Elainea, twinkletoesjess, RR1, HeavenForbid and dee83.

Chapter Four: Thanks to Bec, nicoleee23, Danni02, Scotcaz22, amz89, Elainea, RR1 and Sarah.

Chapter Five: Thanks to amz89, Danni02, Steph, Scotcaz22, Elainea, RR1, rocknroll, HeavenForbid and Bec.

Chapter Six: Thanks to Steph, Danni02, Bec, Scotcaz22, Elainea, HeavenForbid, RR1 and Sarah.

Chapter Seven: Thanks to RR1, Steph, rocknroll, amz89, HeavenForbid, dee83, Elainea and Scotcaz22.

Chapter Eight: Thanks to Scotcaz22, amz89, Bec, Steph, RR1, Danni02, Elainea, carina.vanessa.adellefan and HeavenForbid.

Chapter Nine: Thanks to amz89, Bec, RR1, rocknroll, carina.vanessa.adellefan, Scotcaz22, Elainea and HeavenForbid.

Chapter Ten: Thanks to Bec, amz89, Steph, RR1, Scotcaz22, carina.vanessa.adellefan, rocknroll and Elainea.

Chapter Eleven: Thanks to Tele, Steph, RR1, carina.vanessa.adellefan, Scotcaz22, Elainea, amz89, Bec, bubbleburst and HeavenForbid.

Chapter Twelve: Thanks to RR1, Tele, Bec, Scotcaz22, Elainea, MrsL and amz89.

Chapter Thirteen: Thanks to RR1, Bec and amz89.

Chapter Fourteen: Thanks to Bec, RR1 and amz89.

Chapter Fifteen: Thanks to carina.vanessa.adellefan, amz89, Scotcaz22, Stephanie and RR1.

Chapter Sixteen: Thanks to Steph, amz89, RR1, carina.vanessa.adellefan, Stephanie and rocknroll.

Chapter Seventeen: Thanks to Stephanie, RR1, carina.vanessa.adellefan, rocknroll and amz89.

Chapter Eighteen: Thanks to amz89, carina.vanessa.adellefan, RR1, Stephanie, HeavenForbid and Elainea.

Chapter Nineteen: Thanks to amz89, Elainea, Scotcaz22, RR1 and carina.vanessa.adellefan.

Chapter Twenty: Thanks to Stephanie, amz89, RR1, carina.vanessa.adellefan, Scotcaz22

Chapter Twenty One: Thanks to Tele, RR1, Scotcaz22, yaz88, gillyh, Sarah, Bec, amz89, carina.vanessa.adellefan and Stephanie.

Ok, so now I’ve done that, I have two major thank you’s for this story.

The first goes to Bec, for being the most awesome proof reader, and not getting annoyed when I wanted to talk about the twists, plot, characters, reviews etc.

And the second goes to RR1, for commenting on every single chapter without fail. So thanks for that RR1 (still hoping you’ll cave and tell me your name :lol: ), I loved reading every single one of your reviews.

And last of all (yeah, I know, this was extremely long) I've decided what will happen with this little mini-series. Sometime in the next week or two, I will post a two-part story called: Discovering The Truth.

It will be from Ben's point of view, and set about eight years in the future (he should be fifteen-sixteen in this fic), and it will be about him discovering who Belle really was. So you can read that if you want, but if your happy with the ending, you don't have to. It's just something I want to do, because I loved writing this so much!

Edited by Georgia
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I hope you do a sequal and it was all a dream, you could have had Ben find out Belle was his biological mum and then just as Ben gets to know her properly she dies but Ben realises that he won't get to know his real mum, then he wakes up and realises it was all a dream., so he can get to know her properly.

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