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That was an utterly brilliant chapter.I was expecting Belle to defend her decision to Aden but I wasn't expecting her to admit that she's being selfish and point out that she has every right to be, that was brilliantly written and so true.I'm glad there was a little mention of Jed in there and I loved Belle's goodbye to Ben.So...last chapter coming up?

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Ohhh...I'm so upset for Belle & Aden. I can understand what Belle's going through and why she chose to sign the DNR. She has been through a lot...and Aden too...I'm glad that he finally stayed in the end...

I wish that Belle and Ben had more time together...but it can't be...:(

Kinda looking forward to the next update, but also not so looking forward to it because it's the LAST chapter! :(

Can't wait to see how you would end it. :)

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Wow.I loved it and I thought it was very brave to end it like that, not to include the glimmer of hope we were expecting but to show Aden completely shattered and Belle terrified of dying but perhaps terrified of living in pain more.For one horrible moment, I actually thought she was going to ask him to euthanise her which really would have destroyed both of them.Astonishingly emotional and unbelievably sad, that was an astounding ending.

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My eyes are watering up right now! *sobs*

Oh, my gosh - that was so heart-breaking, that's for sure...but in a way, it's the right ending for both Belle & Aden.

I would love a sequel - perhaps focusing on Aden, Nicole & Ben, and how they cope after Belle's death.

Thank you for such a great and emotional story.

Now, excuse me while I go get tissues...*sniffs*

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