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Amy Mathews and Ada Nicodemou interview

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Picture, and small blurb + interview



I'm also going to type what has been said because 1 of the pictures I can't get to full size.

(small article)

Lucy's TVDayz

Have you ever really liked someone on TV and then read about how in real life they're as painful as a bikini wax?Naive old me will be convinced that someone is lovely, only to find out they employ a team of minions to pick the pips out of their watermelons.And each time, I get this weird feeling like I've lost a friend. This is why I was particularly nervous about interviewing two of my fave "Home and Away" actresses- Ada Nicodemou and Amy Mathews. Would I be asked to avoid eye contact at all times? Would they shun my chain store top? I needn't have worried- they are two of the most down-to-earth people I've ever met. I guess that's what happens when you're raised in this part of the world.Now if only Paris or J.Lo had done some growing up in Australasia!


Our Hearts Are At Home

Home and Away is back on February 1, and we caught up with the actresses who play Leah and Rachel on the TV3 soap. Ada Nicodemou, 32, (Leah) and Amy Mathews, 29, (Rachel), dished all to TVDay about their highs and lows and why we won't be catching them in Hollywood anytime soon.

How are you similar to your characters?

Amy- I wish I was more like my character- she's so together! As far as personality goes, she's really driven, and she's professional.

Ada- I think you are all those things!

Amy- Rachel's a really bad cook, and I'm a good cook.

Ada, on "Home and Away" Leah is a good cook.Are you in real life?

Ada(Laughing)- I love to eat! I don't enjoy cooking at all. I'm married to a chef..... I've hit the jackpot, ladies!

Are you similar to Leah?

Ada- We've both got a Greek background, and we're both quite nurturing.I think Leah would be an awesome friend. Leah's more nurturing than me. She's definitely a lot nicer than me! But I've been there for 10 years- I'd be kidding if I said a lot of Ada doesn't go into Leah and vice versa.

Over the years, have you ever had a moment where you've been really worried about filming a particular scene?

Ada- Once Leah's husband at the time, Dan, had been away on a school trip and she'd organised a romantic evening in the diner. She gets into this French maid's outfit- basically in lingerie- and not only does Dan walk in but a busload of kids as well! I don't even wear a bikini, let alone my lingerie! That was pretty embarrassing!

Amy- When I found out she was pregnant all I could think was, "I have to do a birth scene!" It was full-on. Also, the post-natal depression stuff. For Rachel to be cranky and sad for so long was really hard. I felt bad for Rachel and for the viewers constantly seeing me wailing!

What's one of the most fun scenes you've filmed?

Ada- I like a wedding, and I've got married a couple of times!

Amy- The weddings are really fun because all the cast are in the same room.

Ada- I remember my first wedding on the show- I put on the white dress for the first time with the veil and my Mum, who was acting as a greek adviser, started getting emotional! I did the big dress and got it out of my system so at least when Ada got married she didn't do the big dress!

If you could bring back any characters to Summer Bay, who would they be?

Ada- I'd bring back Kane (Sam Atwell), who was Kirsty's husband- he's my all time favourite character. ANd I'd bring back my ex husband Vinnie (Ryan Kwanten). He's on True Blood. I don't think he's coming back. I've asked him to leave True Blood for Home and Away but he's getting back to me on that...

Amy- Probably my first husband Kim, played by Chris Hemsworth.

Ada- Who's doing really well!

Amy- Yes, on Star Trek. I've never been married before, but there's something about the first husband!

Ada- That's so true Amy!

Is moving to Hollywood something that either of you would be interested in?

Amy- I think the only reason to move is for the work, and as an Australian, if the work is in Australia I'd prefer to tell Australian stories and stay there.To have a core group of people who stay and keep the talent on Australian soil is important.

Ada- I love my job but it doesn't make up who I am. I want to have kids, and I want to bring them up in Australia and around my family.

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Thank you so much Suzanne for posting that interview, they both seem like such good friends and really sweet people. I love how Amy keeps putting herself down in interviews and Ada's like you are good! I love all the interviews of those two that keep coming out. Not sure what I think about Amy wanting Chris to come back - controversial! :lol:

Thankyou so much for that, Suzanne! :D They're both just so lovely. I loved that interview!

I found another one:


Yay! There's a few interviews of them now. :P They seemed to get more coverage over there than here!

That one is probably my favourite thank you for posting. They both seem so lovely and down to earth and close. Although I have to say they were rubbish at dishing out gossip! The funniest bit was when they were talking about Amy having difficulty with the medical language and Ada was like I'm worse and all I have to do is ask "do you want coffee with that?" :lol: Poor Leah.

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