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Mink Carpenter - Matylda Buczko


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So far I really don't like Mink. I don't like her personality and I don't like her name. But I'll have to wait and see before I totally dismiss her as a character. I'll just wait and see how the storyline of her family background plays out.

I wonder if we'll see her pro surfing. I don't like how they are making it so obvious that Romeo hasn't mentioned that he has a sister to anyone in the bay. It's not subtle at all.

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what an entrance to the show ... punching john palmer in the face <_<

tbh i haven't warmed to her yet maybe because i haven't seen alot of her

but seriosly the tatoo (saying killer) than the punch - summerbay is becoming a haven for rebellious teenagers and i just don't like her attituide at all

Btw who is suppose to be older- her or Romeo?

cause right now it looks like Romeo is alot more mature than she is

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She's older, she said "come and give your big sis a kiss" when she first saw Romeo. :) And I'm loving her. I think she's hilarious, and she's like Romeo in that she's up for a laugh and a good time, but you can definitely see that he is a bit more mature, even though he's the younger one. I think he's learned a bit more from his life experiences than she has. Then again, her whole jokey facade could be a complete cover, like Romeo's was when he first showed up.

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I'm loving Mink :D

She's a refreshing character; she's actually doing something. And that tattoo... I have a feeling it means something important, and once you figure that out, her whole secret will unravel (yes, I think she has a secret, and I'm looking forward to seeing what it is :lol:)

I can't wait to see more scenes with her; she's livening everything up !

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Didn't Romeo mention her earlier in the episode where she was introduced?He was trying to distract Colleen and she says something like "We don't really know much about you, have you got any brothers or sisters?" and he replies "Yeah, one sister, older."

Only seen her for about 30 seconds, didn't make much of an impact.Reserve judgement for now.

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