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Logies 2010

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Before this gets out of hand can I just remind everyone that only saying 'I've voted' is spamming and against our rules. By all means discuss the logies, tell us who you voted for, tell us who you think will win, etc, etc. but just saying you've voted is pointless.

Now with my non-Mod head on :P I think Home and Away will struggle to wrestle the most popular show award back from Packed the Rafters and will probably struggle in the other categories too this year due to the further rise of shows like PTTR and Rush. I think Todd has probably the best chance of winning the most popular actor award (though I'd love it to be HotDad :P ) and Kate Bell had a chance at the new female talent award largely due to to the popularity of Joey as a character.

Then again I could be wrong... what does a Pom know eh? :P

EDIT: You're right... Jess Tovey could be a contender, especially if she's a hit in Underbelly, but she will have strong competition from Rebecca Gibney and Jessica Marais.

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I'd like to see Ray Meagher win a Golden Logie, but he won't.

It's weird that Kate Bell got nominated in the most popular new talent category considering she's been around for a few years now and was only ever a brief guest character. I hope she wins though. I can't remember another guest ever getting nominated for one of these awards. Kain O'Keefe should have gotten nominated too, then.

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