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Dont know if this is the right place to put this.

The character of Declan Napier in Neighbours has been recast.

James Sorensen, who currently plays Declan in the soap, has decided to leave the show to pursue a career outside of television.

A spokesperson for Five has now revealed that Erin Mullally, 20, will step into the role when Sorensen leaves.

She added: "As the character of Declan is extremely popular, and with some sensational storylines planned, it was decided that the character would be recast."

Mullally will first appear as Declan on UK screens this summer.


I hope this is not true.

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Declan is one of the only decent teen characters on the show. Or is he even a teen? I thought he was 18 when he arrived three years ago, and they just kept him in high school for way too long. I'm glad they have chosen to recast the character to keep him in the show, however it's a shame to see James Sorensen leave. He is quite good in the part, not to mention lovely to look at. The teens in Neighbours tend to all vacate the show around the same time to make way for a new bunch, so it's good that they've chosen to keep Declan on.

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I swear Declan's turned 18 at least twice.There was that time when he and his mates trashed No.24 and then he took charge of clearing it up, then again just after Bridget died when no-one wanted to celebrate with him because he was sueing Steph.

I did think Declan was a jerk for a long time but I've warmed towards him a bit since Bridget's death.I still tend to roll my eyes every time I see him with India, I wouldn't trust him with a goldfish let alone a baby, but I like the way he and Kate spark off each other, the matey banter he's got going with Ringo and the sort of big brother relationship between him and Harry.And even though Donna seems completely out of place at No.22 with Elle gone, I think there's a nice sibling vibe between her and Declan.

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I can't see anyone else playing Declan :( I don't like the idea of him being recast when it would be pretty plausible of Declan to leave. He has finished high school, he could be going onto other things (maybe moving closer to Miranda/Steve or Oliver) even though it would be a shame not to have India anymore. I love the character but I just can't picture it...Maybe I will eventually. I just can't understand how they could recast Declan so easily but not Dan who was married with a close relationship with his brother and in a pretty big storyline with the surrogacy.

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I'm really not happy with the decision. You can't recapture Declan's past with a new guy. Bridget? India? It won't be the same! I hope it's not true and even if it is, they change their minds. Personally, I think if James Sorenson really has to leave then Declan should be written off rather than recast.


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