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In-demand Jodi Gordon swaps from Seven to Nine

Guest Jamey-Maria

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In-demand Jodi Gordon swaps from Seven to Nine


JODI Gordon has been offered a starring role in a new drama series for the Nine Network.

Gordon quietly auditioned for Cops LAC over the past fortnight, before Seven Network executives announced she would be leaving her long-running Home And Away role next month.

Gordon first auditioned for a role on Cops LAC two weeks ago and was deemed too glamorous for that part.

But producers were so keen to have her in the show she was asked back to audition alongside Underbelly star Gyton Grantley for a different role.

"Yes, she did audition, she was outstanding and she has been offered a part. We expect she will accept the role," a Nine spokesman confirmed.

Cops LAC (Local Area Command) will also feature Home And Away graduate Kate Ritchie.

The drama, set in the fictional command post of Seaview, will showcase some of Australia's best actors.

Gordon told The Sunday Telegraph she was excited about the year ahead.

"I had an amazing break , so I'm feeling very relaxed," she said.

Gordon's departure from the Seven soap follows a troubled year that included an incident in June in which she was reported missing by her then-boyfriend Ryan Stokes, the son of Seven owner Kerry Stokes.

Police found her in a Bellevue Hill unit with bikie Mark Judge. Her relationship with Stokes ended soon afterwards.

Conjecture remains about Gordon's departure from Seven.

Kerry and Ryan Stokes were said to be furious about the shame she had brought to the family and are believed to have wanted her out of the network, but Seven bosses said last week Gordon had left by "mutual agreement".



The constant swapping of 7 & 9 stars makes me laugh. Especially a day after 7 get Matty Johns 9 announce this. :P Either way I'm looking forward to seeing it!

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That's great! :D I hope she'll accept the part. It'll be nice to see her play another character too. :)

Belgian channels (the Flemish ones anyway) air quite a few Australian TV shows so hopefully, it'll air here someday. :)

thats fantastic news for Jodi!

It would be a great move for her after leaving H&A

I hope its true.

Hopefully I will get to see it somehow when it starts!

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I can't help thinking this is gonna flop.Nine has Underbelly and Special Rescue Ops,how many cop shows do they need?

Good luck to her though.It'll be good to see her in a different role.Hopefully i'll like her more then i did Martha.

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I thought the British tabloids were bad but the Aussie ones might be even worse. The Herald Sun is a particular favourite of mine. A few months ago they ran an article saying Ryan Stokes still loved Jodi and "he was the reason she still had a job at Channel 7". Now they tell us that he was furious about the shame she brought on the network and wanted her out of Channel 7.

The Herald Sun also told us yesterday that she had "few job prospects" yet within 24 hours we hear that she has auditioned successfully for a role on a new Channel 9 show.

This paper really has so much credibility doesn't it?

I will be sad to see Jodi leave the show but whatever the truth behind her departure I definitely think it is the right decision to leave the show and sever all ties with the Stokes. Perhaps in due course we will finally get to her her side of the story about what really went on with her last year. I wish her well for the future.

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