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A Shattered Hearts Dreams (by dolly-999) - comments


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OMG that was ace! I didn't see this coming! Tsk! I don't like stupid Serena already!! Jack your a fool! A fool I say! lol Married... :o I'll speak with you later... lol


Very good! Yey I'm first one to read and reply! *does dance*

Please post next chapter asap!

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That was just the best chapter. Just when i think this fic couldn't get any better you surprise me again, well done. Serena's married to Jack huh, well we'll just see about that! By the way, noticed the use of neighbours characters lol!

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Loving it! Reading about Jack with someone else doesn't feel right though.. :( Stupid Serena. Wahay! Alliteration! :P

Please update soon! Else I'll get the violent people out of my thread to come and get you with their sticks. Lol

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Count me in with the whole stick bashing thingy! :P


This is a great sequel Dolly, I can't believe Jack is so taken by Serena...hang on, he is a bloke so should expect it really!

*Sigh* why is it that men are completely oblivious to the evil side of pretty women? lol

I don't know about anyone else but I keep imagining Serena to look like Amanda Vale LOL! It's very freaky, maybe its the whole evil persona with blond hair lol

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Wow! Serena's got a bit of a bad history, ain't she!? :P

I'm beginning to like Sean a little bit, even though he's planning to get Martha. :( Ha! I can't wait for something bad to happen to Serena! Lol.

Update soon!


It's fabulous! :)

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