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Has anyone seen this yet? It's a viral marketing YouTube account with some very strange music videos on it. Please beware that some of the videos are a bit graphic (the one uploaded earliest should not be viewed while eating, and the second video is a bit raunchy). Apparently the titles of the videos are a secret code. There's a lot of speculation that it is promotion for Christina Aguilera's new album, or possibly something to do with Goldfrapp, or Lady Gaga, or Fever Ray/The Knife. Or it could be somebody new altogether, or it might not even have anything to do with a musician - it's a mystery!

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I'm pretty much convinced it's Christina Aguilera now. In the latest video uploaded, there are images of cakes topped with strawberries. Look what t-shirt Christina wore the day that this video was uploaded:


Also the numbers in the titles of the videos are a code which spell out CH AG on one video, and ITS ME C, on another one. It has to be her. I'm seriously impressed, I didn't think she would go to such lengths to promote her new album.

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