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Star Quits H&A.

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I really liked Jodi on the show... but I sorta understand why she decided to leave. After Jack died Martha's storylines have been well boring.Im upset that shes leaving because she was my favourite characther.

I really liked the part where Martha and Angelo confronted each other it was really sad.

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I've always been indifferent with Martha. I don't hate her and I don't love her but I'm not sure I'll miss her when she's gone. It'll be interesting to see how they write her out.

Good luck to Jodi for the future. :)

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^ Sadly it's a might not. It seems the media love speculating on anything Jodi Gordon (& even more so bringing Ryan Stokes in to everything too :rolleyes:). And I don't see them stopping any time soon. Whatever really happened, I wish Jodi all the luck for the future. :)


Seven made the call over Jodi Gordon - it wasn't mutual

The Daily Telegraph January 29, 2010 12:35AM

CHANNEL 7 spent months hosing down rumours the network and Home And Away actress Jodi Gordon were parting ways but soap opera sources this week maintained it was the television network that decided not to renew Gordon's contract, not the actress.

Gordon will record her final scenes with Home And Away next month and while her colleagues report she is happy enough to finally end her days on the soap - and with it her intimate association with the Stokes family - this column is informed it was during a meeting with network bosses in November that Gordon first learned the network would not be extending her contract, even though it could have run for two more years with options.

Seven moved to end the relationship - in part due to Stokes' family concerns that the actress' fall from grace last June had embarrassed the rich and powerful family patriarch Kerry Stokes.

Far from being upset by the news, Gordon is understood to be relieved that she is no longer under the control of a network owned by the father of her ex-boyfriend Ryan Stokes.

Sources say that for some time Gordon has felt gagged by the Seven machine and still hopes to one day tell her story concerning that infamous night in June when she was discovered by police cowering in the corner of biker Mark Judge's home in Bellevue Hill. Judge later allegedly told police he had hallucinated a home invasion after consuming cocaine.

Much has been said about Gordon's partying since but despite Gordon's best efforts to get sober, Seven bosses are keen to distance themselves from the drama.

Rumours that she would move to LA after finishing on Home And Away appear to be without basis. Presently Gordon is said to have few job prospects.

Her loyal friends say she has fallen heavily for football star Braith Anasta and that he is helping her through what might once have been a much more distressing period in her life.


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^^ how upsetting!

Poor Jodi, after spending the last 5 years at the forefront of the show and have given so much to the show during her time then they just go and axe her, how dissapointing :(

I really hate to think she was forced out so I hope it isn't true.

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Thanks for posting the article Anaya.

Thuis is awful news. Although I used to hate Martha, she has improved in the last few months and H&A should be holding on to as many stars as the ycan because Alf, Irene and Leah are the only ones who stick around. It's like a revolving door with everyone else. She was on the show for 5 years and clearly dedicated, I think it's awful that the Stokes family are using their position against her.

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