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Broken Pieces

Guest pamy

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Ooh, thinking about that comment in the last chapter about Jack only having one girlfriend that mattered and it ended badly...did she cheat on him with Robbie?Actually thought it might be Tasha for a moment but then he mentioned a Katie.If so, no wonder he was upset to see him with Martha.

Matilda's in a very awkward position.She really needs to go and see the guy from the van...

Liked the last bit with Ric and Martha, you could sense how that would be an awkward situation.So is Brett still Martha's father in this fiction?Didn't think about that.Guess it makes sense.This is a really interesting fic, looking forward to more.

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Poor Jack :( Robbie must have done something really bad to him for their friendship to be ruined like that.

I was hoping that Jack and Robbie could sort their friendship out but maybe not since it hurt Jack to see Martha and Robbie talking and laughing together.

Hopefully Henry will be able to help Matilda out.

Looking forward to the next chapter :)

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Yeah. I made a mistake in one of my earlier chapters, about Martha's age (I said seven when it was in fact six) I've changed it. Also I changed the family dynamics in the fic a bit, I probably shoudl have mentioned it in the beginning. Brett is in fact both Ric and Martha's father. Ruth was their mother (Alf however will not appear much int he story). Tony is jack an Luke's father, but they have different mothers. And Matilda, Henry and Robbie are Beth's only children.

Chapter 7

She had known this wouldn’t be easy.

From the moment she decided to come. From the moment she took the file from Roy. She knew this wouldn’t be easy. This would be hard. Heart breaking. She thought she wouldn’t be able to read the words out loud. She thought she wouldn’t have the strength. Yet for some reason she didn’t have any problem reading the file. Her voice never shook. Still while reading the file she began to realize that there were things that had never truly made sense to her. Of course in some ways this was logical. She had been just a small child when these things happen. There was no way anybody could have truly explained to her what had happened. There was no way to tell her the details of what had happened. Small children should never be told this.

She hadn’t been ready for the story then. And she isn’t ready for the story now.

But she has to know. She has to know, because if she never found out it would haunt her forever. So she reads. And as she reads she remembers that night. Ric never takes his eyes of the photos. Martha can’t bare to look at the happy family picture now. The thing that she never understood – truly never understood – were her father’s words. He had said ‘it’s okay honey. Go with the detective. I’ll be there soon. I’ll explain everything.’ That were his last words to her. What had he wanted to explain? How could he ever think he could explain anything? He probably had still thought at that moment that he would get away with it. But how could he ever explain it to her? How – if he had gotten away with it – could he ever have looked her or her brother in the eye again.

‘Single gun shot wound…instant death….killed in the night….children in the house….No confession…Guilty verdict….Case closed….’


He can’t take his eyes of the photo.

Just the sight of his mother happy and smiling at the camera has him in tears. He hates pictures of her smiling. It just seems so unfair. That his mother had been taken away from him, before he ever go to know her. Before she could ever read stories to him or sing songs. He had missed out on so much. Martha had been a good big sister, the best sister in his opinion, but still it wasn’t the same. He had no mother and he had not father. And that would make any kid act out. But Martha had been such a good big sister, and he hadn’t wanted them to be separated.

But he had a lot of trouble trusting people .

A lot of trouble trusting people. He had not had many friends. Never. He had friends – class mates mostly – but they were never truly close. He had never had anybody – apart from his sister – that he trusted above all others. Nobody he could truly tell anything. And he didn’t believe in love either. Never had a girlfriend. And while he did like Matilda – the most beautiful girl he had ever seen in his life – he doesn’t think he could ever be with her. He doesn’t believe in love. He doesn’t trust anyone.

His father hadn’t just stolen his mother from him. He stole everything else as well.

He’ll never be able to trust anyone. Never at all.


He can’t go trough it again.

Rationally he knows it won’t happen again. He knows that just because Martha and Robbie were laughing, he won’t be betrayed again. Besides he hasn’t even asked Martha out or anything. Martha was not a part of his life, he could have just imagined their mutual attraction. And Robbie most likely didn’t even know he liked Martha. He knew all this. But that didn’t change what he was feeling. It wasn’t anger. Just resignation. He couldn’t do it again. Once had cost him much more than he had ever been willing to pay for a girl. And all for what? He had lost it all.

He couldn’t do it again.

He takes a deep breath as he walks into his house. His father never knew what happened years ago, never even cared to find out. And he is not about to explain it to him now. So he is not walking in that house upset. He finds his father sitting in the living room reading some kind of file. Sometimes Jack thinks he remembers a time when his dad loved him. Actually cared. But he had been so young then, and till this day he’s not sure if he actually remembers this, or if he has gathered this from stories and pictures. What he does remember is a time when it almost seemed like his father cared about him. That was when he was in high school and still playing basket ball. He doesn’t know if it was the fact that he was so good at it or that it was a way he would get into college. Either way his father came to every game congratulated him for the wins, and truly cared. And then he had stopped playing – it hadn’t actually been a choice, but his father had regarded it as such – and it all went to hell. And of course in his father’s eyes his biggest mistakes was not working for his father’s company but becoming a cop.

He’ll never understand why his father seems to love Luke so much and him so little.

‘Jack. How was your day?’

When his father asked that the first time, Jack thought his father had accepted what he wanted, and truly wanted to know. Since then Jack has discovered that the only reason his father asks that question, is because he feels he has to. No matter what Jack answers, a couple of minutes later he nods his head and walks away. He simply asks to tell himself later that he had asked, and that he cares about his son.

‘Great. I’m still just the new guy so I have to stay at the station. But I’m sure I’ll get out soon. Something did happen today.’

‘Yeah? What happened. Somebody get robbed.’

‘No. I met someone. There was this girl and she…’

Jack never got to finish his sentence. For a second – a brief second – he almost believed his father cared. It was the first time he actually seemed to listen, but if he did he never found out. Because at that moment the door opened and Luke walked in. And if his father had cared at that moment, it soon went out the window.

‘Hey dad. Jack.’ ‘Hey Luke. How did it go with Matilda?’ Jack sighs softly and shakes his head. Every time. ‘Why? What happened with Mattie?’ ‘Oh we had this stupid fight earlier. But it’s alright now, we made up again and that’s okay.’ ‘Alright guys. I’ll be in my study if you two need anything.’ Jack watches as his father walks away from him. And even though he’ll never admit it, every time he does this it feels like someone punched him in the gut. But he does not say a word.

Hey Jack?’ ‘Yeah?’ ‘Could I borrow some money?’ ‘What do you need money for?’ ‘I want to take Mattie out, you know to make it up to her, I just don’t have money. I promise I will pay you back.’ ‘Yeah alright. How much do you need?’

Sometimes Jack wonders what is so wrong about him his father can’t love him and his best friend ends up betraying him.


Tasha doesn’t really understand.

She doesn’t have the full story. About anything really. She had known Jack for years – having met him once on vacation when they were children – but she hadn’t lived in Summer Bay for very long. She had moved here the summer before her senior year after her parents died. She had no other family beside her parents. Since Jack’s father had been her father’s best friend, she had ended up in Summer Bay. But she could never understand the relationship between Jack and his father. Nor what happened with Robbie. Robbie had been in her class in high school – she quickly discovered he had failed his senior year and had to repeat it, nobody would really explain to her why – and he had seemed so nice. So friendly. He and Robbie had been so alike. And Tasha thought that they could be friends. But when they saw that she was friends with both, it was like the world ended. And neither would really explain to her what happened.

She never found out. She tried to, but nobody would talk about it.

Jack looks tired. Though Tasha must admit, he usually does after he encounters his father. ‘Hey there. You okay?’ ‘Yeah. Luke and Mattie had a fight.’ ‘Really? Are they alright?’ ‘According to Luke they are.’ ‘How was your job.’ ‘The same. The phone actually rang today. And old lady’s cat got caught in a tree, and she needed help getting it out.’ ‘That all that happened today? It’s just you’re smiling a lot.’ ‘I met this girl. Martha.’ ‘Really? What’s she like? Tell me.’

Tasha smiled. Jack was the best big brother she could have ever wished for – technically seen he wasn’t her brother but it’s as if he was – and she couldn’t understand why there was no girl that wanted to be with him. He definitely deserved it.

She just hopes Martha doesn’t hurt him.


You can get used to anything.

It’s one of the things he’s noticed. After all these years in jail. You can get used to anything. Almost anything at least. The food they are served. The restriction of freedom. The fact that you can’t decide anything anymore. Everyone else makes the decisions for you. The fact that there’s never any darkness. Even the fact that it’s never silent in jail. He misses the silence, but he’s gotten used to the sounds. He doesn’t think about it much. Not at all.

He’s even got used to the loneliness.

Nobody ever visits him. His parents have been dead for many years. All of his friends turned away from him. And his children believe he killed their mother. He doesn’t blame them. He blames the police. For not doing their investigation properly. For not finding the man that murdered his wife. For not finding the man his wife had cheated with, months earlier. But he will find out. He will find out who murdered his wife. He’s been working on it for years. He has many friends in the jail. And many friends outside now. Friends that have been paroled. Of course he realizes that the man his wife had been seeing, might not be the person that murdered her. But he will not give up until he gets justice. Any way.

All he knows about the other man is that he had a son his daughter’s age.

That must narrow down the list.


Morning dawned in summer bay.

Ric was not happy. Not happy at all. The caravan was smaller than he had thought, but that was still okay. There had been animals inside the caravan, and it had been quite funny to watch Martha jump in fright. But what he could not live with was the cold water in the showers. Especially since the showers stopped working somewhere in the middle of his shower. It had especially been bad since another resident of the caravan park had walked into the showers, thinking nobody was there. He had never before seen Colleen Smart in his life, nor did he know who she actually was. But he’s pretty sure he’ll never be able to look at her again.

It’s for that reason that he found himself at the main house again.

Really he wasn’t trying to see Matilda at all. Really. Which is probably a good thing since inside he found Matilda and some guy. Some guy he assumes is her boyfriend. But he had never truly thought she would like him. Never. Still he wants to believe that the smile that spreads across her face when she sees him, is actually genuine.

Euhm.. Good morning. The showers aren’t working.’ ‘Are you sure?’ ‘Yeah. They stopped working in the middle of my shower. And I met one of the other residents.’ ‘But there’s only one apart form your…oh no Colleen?’ ‘If that’s her name, yes.’ ‘Oh god. I’ll send my brother to fix it.’ ‘Thanks.’

Ric wants to leave fast. The way the guy is looking at him is actually unnerving.

It’s kind of scary.

Next chapter: Luke and Matilda's relationship continues to spiral out of control. Matilda searches for comfort in her brother Henry's arms. Martha and Jack grow closer together, while Robbie and Jack have the first conversation since they grew apart. Martha makes a discovery about the ring...

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Poor Ric feeling like he can't trust anybody :(

And Jack thinks that Tony doesn't love him :( - but at least he has a good friend in Tasha :)

I hope Brett figures out who murdered Ruth.

I like the sound of the next chapter :D

Update soon please.

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I can totally understand why Ric doesn't trust people easily. Who can blame him?

I really don't like Tony in this fic. At least, he still has the decency to ask how Jack is even if he doesn't really care.

I'm liking Tasha and Jack's friendship.

Next chapter sounds really really really good! :D

Please update soon.

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I'm glad you all like it. Thanks for the reviews.

chapter 8

He wasnt sure how to make things better.

Mainly because hes not entirely sure he actually did something wrong. Not something extremely bad .Admittedly he hadnt meant to hurt Matilda. That he had to apologize for that he understood. He really did. But it had not been his fault. It had been hers. She had to understand that she belonged to him. That he loved her. That he just wanted what was best for her. He knew what was best for her and the sooner she accepted that, the sooner everything would get back to normal. She was his and he would decide what she did and who she went out with. It might seem controlling by some people, but it really wasnt. It was for her own good. The first who had to go was Cassie. Cassie had gone out with one of his new friends and she didnt like him at all. She would just turn Mattie against him. And he loved her so much, he couldnt lose her.

And if she needed him to apologize he would do it. Even if he thought it really wasnt necessary.

He didnt recognize the guy that knocked on the door. He had never seen him before. For a second he thought he might be a friend of Matilda he had never met. But he quickly banished that thought. Especially when he began talking about the showers of the caravan park. Just a new resident. He had to admit he kind of felt sorry for the guy. Nobody wants to be interrupted while in the shower. Especially not by Colleen of all people. He would have forgotten about him, if it wasnt for the way he looked at her. For the way he looked at his Matilda. He didnt have that right. But he still could have forgotten it. If it werent for the way Matilda smiled at him. The smile that had spread across her face at seeing him not to self find out guys name , where he comes from and what hes doing here couldnt be ignored. His fathers words echo through his mind. If there is something that you want take it and never let it go again. Protect it at all cost. Destroy everything that gets in the way. And remember if you cant have it nobody else can. Seems like Matilda just didnt understand, or maybe she simply didnt want to understand.

She was his. And he would decide who she hang out with.


He had promised himself he wouldnt make the same mistakes.

But he could simply not stop thinking about her. Not at all. Never. She was on his mind the entire night. He didnt know much about her, but that hadnt mattered. He had told Tasha everything he knew. Everything that is except for seeing her with Robbie. He couldnt explain to her why it had hurt him so much. Why it had made him remember. He had never told Tasha the truth of what had happened. Partly because it hurt too much to talk about it, too much to remember it. He didnt want to remember Katie or Robbie. Never. But there was another part of him that realized that for some reason Tasha and Robbie had become friends. And though he didnt trust him, he knew that he could not destroy a friendship. So he had never told her then. And he didnt tell her now. Still Martha herself never left his mind.

He wanted to see her again. He wanted to know her.

He saw her standing outside the diner. Talking to a younger kid. Maybe her brother or something? He walked towards them, wondering what the hell he was supposed to say. He just wanted her to smile at him again. Thats all he really wanted. Good morning. She turned around and smiled at him. Well at least he got his wish. God. That smile. It was definitely the most beautiful smile he had ever seen. Still there was something else about her. Something that caught his attention. He had this idea that he had seen her somewhere before. He just couldnt remember where. She was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen, a lot more beautiful than Katie had ever been. His heart begins to beat faster. And not for the first time since he met her he begins to feel something. Something that ha thought had died. Something he thought he could never feel again.

But he was feeling them now. And it wasnt that bad.


Good morning.

She recognized his voice instantly. As if she had always known him. She had been wanting to see him since she left the police station yesterday. But she just didnt know where to find him. She had told Ric about him, late last night. After they had finished reading the file and decided to talk about other things, to simply forget what they had read. She had told him about Jack Holden. He had smiled, he seemed really happy that she had found somebody relatively interesting in this town. She had never had a boyfriend or anything close to it. Not that ric really found that strange of course. Still the way her heart reacted to Jack was something new. Definitely something new.

Good morning. Constable Holden.

Oh no. Its just Jack. Im not actually working right now. Miss.

Martha. This is my brother Ric. Ric this is Jack, he works in the police station with Roy.

Cool. Listen, Im going to walk on the beach. Ill see you back here in an hour okay?

Sure. Be careful. Dont get lost.

Ric smiled at himself as he left them there alone. It was clear to him that his sister really liked the guy. And it was somehow also clear that the guy liked Martha. He had therefore decided to leave them alone. And go for a walk on the beach.

so. How are you liking Summer Bay?

Its great. Calm. Beautiful. Just like I remember it.[/i]Youve been here before? Yeah when I was a child. But I moved when I was very young.Jack thinks that that is perhaps the answer to the mystery. Maybe he really did see her before. And even if she had changed, maybe she had an older sister or he had seen her with her mother. And she just looked like her. Then again maybe he had just seen her picture somewhere. Or she just looked like someone else he knew. Maybe it was even his imagination. Still he wanted to know more about her. He wanted to keep talking to her. Just talk.

Listen. Can I buy you a coffee?


Martha smiles at him. She had wanted him to ask this since he walked up to them. She really does like him, and would like to know him better. But she was afraid to ask him herself, just in case he was just being nice to her. She was after all Roys friend sometimes he was like a father to her, more of a father than hers ever was and it could be he was just being friendly. But it seemed like he wanted to know her, just as much as she wanted to know him. He seemed like a nice guy. But a part of her was really afraid. Her father must have seemed like a nice man to, at least to her mum once. Otherwise she wouldnt have married him. But she wouldnt let the fear overpower her and control her. She would lead her life, just the way she wanted to. Still she decided that she would ask Roy some things about Jack, just to be sure he wasnt some crazy guy that could snap any minute or something.

But for now just getting coffee was alright.


He had actually overslept.

It didnt happen to him very often. But he had been so tired last night. Normally he would already have been in the diner for his breakfast by now. Hell never be completely sure how or why. But for some reason after it all happened, he and Jack began to change the way they lived their lives. Making sure they had to spend as little time together as possible. Which isnt easy considering his little sister is dating jacks little brother. But today he was running late. It had happened before of course. Most of the time he didnt get breakfast or ate at home. Everything was better than actually having to be in the same room. It was just to awkward. And painful, it reminded him of better times. But today he was today he was hungry. So he decided to go. Maybe Jack wouldnt be there.

But he was. And he wasnt alone.

He hasnt seen Jack with a girl since Katie. Actually he hadnt seen him with a girl before Katie either. Which is probably what made what he did so much worse. But now there he was. He seemed so happy, so carefree. And Robbie was happy for him. But he almost groaned out loud when he recognized the girl he was with. Martha. This was going to be a disaster. He didnt like Martha, at least not that way. And never again would he do that to Jack again. Never. Even if Jack never as much as spoke to him again. He would never do it again. But Martha was his friend and lived in his caravan park actually it was his mums, whatever and it was bound it bring trouble. Him being friends with Tasha was already bad enough. Jack would have a hard time trusting his friendship with Martha, not because of her but because of him.

He should have eaten at home. He should have left. He didnt.


Hey Robbie. Good morning. Do you know Jack?

Hey, Robbie said silently as he made his way to Marthas table. He looked at Jack trying to make it clear to him that he was just being polite. That there was nothing to worry about . But Jack didnt even look at him. Morning. Yeah we know each other. In a town this small, you usually know almost everybody. Good morning Jack.

First Jack had thought about not answering. But that would be rude. And Martha didnt mean anything bad by it. She simply didnt know. So he answered. Good morning Robbie. Listen Martha I have to go to work. Maybe Ill see you another time? Oh. Yeah. Go to work. Hopefully. See ya later. Bye. Bye. Have a nice day. Hunter. Jack nodded at him. Robbie realized that the only reason he acknowledged him was because Martha was sitting right there. Just like he knew that the only reason he was leaving was because he had arrived. Holden. have a nice day. He didnt answer. He simply smiled once more at Martha and left the diner. Martha looked confused but she seemed happy to.


Sometimes he felt guilty.

As he thought of the way he treated his oldest son. Sometimes. The feeling didnt last for long. At least not long enough to make him act different. He loved his son. He did. But he had also loved his mother so much. Much more than he had ever loved Lukes mom. Much more than he had ever loved any other woman in his life and Jack looked so much like her. So much. Sometimes he couldnt even look at him. There was of course also the fact that his oldest son had disappointed him. First there was the whole basket ball thing. Jack had loved that even he could see that and he had been great at it. Had he remained playing he would have gotten a scholar ship and could have gone to college. But he didnt. instead he destroyed it all by dating a girl. Just one girl. For many years Tony has known that girls and woman just destroy everything a man works for.

He should have come to work at his company.

Thats where he belonged. Thats why he was the first born. Instead he had decided to become a cop. To help other people. Tony was of the firm believe that you had to help yourself, think about yourself, everyone else should come in second place. Jack was different. Till this day he hasnt found out where Jack got his beliefs from. He has Luke though. For that he is grateful. Luke was the son he had always wanted to have. And he had some great friends. New friends. And he of course was dating Matilda. She definitely was a great girl. Somewhere in the back of his mind he remembered Jack saying something about a girl. Maybe he should ask him about it the next time he sees him. His eyes wonder over to the pictures in front of him.

He wishes he could forget some of the things he has done in his life. But he cant.


He had been searching for a while now.

He had been her for fifteen years. But he hadnt begun searching until a couple of months ago. Its not that he hadnt wanted to know. Its just that he had no way of finding out the truth. But a couple of months ago he and one of his friends had been talking. One of his friend who was about to get paroled. And they had started to formulate a plan. John was going to go to Summer Bay. To discover all he could about the murder case. And about the man his wife cheated on him with. All they had was the fact that he had a son about his daughters age. It made him 21 now. Still there couldnt be that many options in Summer Bay.

He just hoped that whoever it was hadnt left Summer Bay.

John had left three days ago. And he was here now. He hadnt been able to find out much about the murder case. It had happened a long time ago. And he had to be careful with the kind of questions he asked. Not to draw suspicion to himself. He could however tell Brett that there were five families who had sons about his daughters age. All of them had been there fifteen years ago and they were still there now. One man had died though. He thought it would be better if he simply didnt ask how John had found out. John then dropped the next bombshell. Apparently both his son and his daughter were currently in Summer Bay. He send John back to get more information both on the families, the murder case and his children.

And to please take a picture of them. Please.


It was later that same day.

Jacks shift had ended. He was working on his car in front of their house. The damn car stopped working every few weeks. Jack was sure the damn car did it on purpose. Just to annoy him. He hadnt heard anyone approaching, but then again he wasnt paying much attention either. hey Jack. He froze. He literally froze. He hadnt expected Robbie to show up here, let alone to try and talk to him. Where did he get the right from? After a second he just returned to work without acknowledging him. Maybe he would simply leave.

Robbie had spend the majority of the day trying to decide whether or not this was actually a good idea. Maybe he should just leave it as it was. But he missed Jack. And he just wanted to maybe try to fix things, or at least make sure that Jack didnt hate him more than he already did. Jack had frozen at the sound of his voice, indicating he had in fact heard him, but just went back to work. Still Robbie needed to talk to him.

Jack pleaseJust give a me a minute..please, I really want to talk to you.

He wasnt going to go away. And there was a part of Jack that wanted to talk to Robbie as well.

Alright fine. Talk.

Its about Martha. What about her? I just want you to know Im not trying to do anything. I know you have no reason to actually believe me. But I didnt know you knew her, alright. Shes just this girl I knew when I was a kid. Before I even met you. And shes staying at the caravan park, and shes just my friend. I was just being friendly. Im not trying to hurt you like that.

You mean again. Look. Thank you for taking the time to come and tell me. But you didnt have to. I knew you didnt know. And Martha and I are just friends as well. So if you would be, there would be nothing wrong with it. Not like there was last time at least.

But theres not. Besides it seemed like Martha really wants to know you better.

Jack couldnt help the smile that began to spread across his face at Robbies words. Still the conversation was now officially over. While he was grateful that Robbie cared enough to come and tell him this, there was nothing else he wanted to talk about.

Well if thats all. I really need to fix my car now. And Im sure you have more important things to do.

I could look at it if you want. I mean I do know how to fix cars. Thats why Im a mechanic.

I can fix it on my own. Thanks for the offer though.

Jack turned his attention back to his car and Robbie knew that was it. Still he felt he needed to say something else. Something important. He had the courage to do it now, and if he didnt do it now, he probably never would.

Listen Jack. I know you dont want to listen to me, and there is no reason why you should. But I really need to say this. So Im just going to do that. I know what I did to you was awful. And I shouldnt have done it. I know. I know that this is all my fault, and our friendship is pretty much beyond repair. There is nothing I can do to fix it. I know that it is much too late. I should have tried a long time ago, but I didnt. I wish I could turn back time and take all my decisions back. Change everything I ever did wrong to you. You were the best friend I ever had, the best friend I ever could have wished for. And I know I can never get that back. ButI just want you to know, that I am really sorry for what I did to you. I know you probably dont believe me, and you dont have to. You dont have to forgive me. Just hear me.

Jack listened to his entire speech. But he didnt say a word. He didnt know what to say. Robbie stood there waiting for a couple of seconds. Then he turned to walk away, before he did however he whispered one more thing. Im really sorry. He heard Robbie walk away after a while and only then did he look up. He watched him walk away, and didnt say word, at least not until he was too far away to actually still hear him say something.

I know. But it doesnt change anything.


Matilda didnt like Lukes friends.

They had been changing him. And she was pretty sure that they were the reason he had reacted that way on the beach. Or that morning when he had met Ric. He had actually been very rude. Ric was a costumer and even if he didnt like him, he had to at least be polite. She didnt understand what was going on with him. But she never said a word. He had after all the right to have the friends he wanted or to feel the way he did. Maybe he simply hadnt slept well or something. But Luke seemed to think that he had the right to tell her who to hang out with. First it was Cassie. He seemed to have developed a real dislike for her. She was pretty sure that if he would have his way, shed have no friends left.

Something was definitely wrong with him.

Especially when he arrived at her house later that afternoon. He had was angry. She had spend the day with Cassie and he didnt like that. They had been arguing for a couple of minutes when he suddenly changed the topic of the conversation. Now he was accusing her of something. How dare he? Sure Ric was nice but that didnt mean she would cheat on him or something. What the hell are you talking about? That guy. That was here this morning. You mean Ric? The new tenant? Hes just renting a caravan Luke. Nothing else. Dont think I didnt see the way he looked at you. For the love of God Luke what the hell is the matter with you. He can look at me anyway he likes. Just because he thinks Im cute or something, doesnt mean theres something going on there. It just means he likes the way I look. Im sure youve looked at other girls. Seriously. What the hell is wrong with you. Dont even give me that. I saw the way you looked at him as well. The way you smiled at him. The way you talked to him. I was just being friendly. Hes a customer. I know what friendly is Mattie, that wasnt simply friendly. Lukes voice kept raising with everything he said. Mattie thought it would be better to continue the conversation when they were both calmer. Look maybe it would be better if you go home and calm down. We can talk about this later. Oh no. We are talking about this now. What do you think Im just leaving you alone, so you can think of the perfect excuse. Im not having this conversation anymore. Mattie turned around intend to walk to the door and usher him out. Luke however grabbed her arm and turned her back to him. We are having this conversation now. let go of me Luke, now. Shes not entirely sure what happened next. It had been an accident, that part at least. But the next thing she knew she was lying on the floor. He had pushed her and she had ended up on the floor.

There was a complete silence. Luke suddenly sat beside her. Mattie Im so sorry, it was an accident. Are you alright? Get out. Mattie. I said get out. Now. Luke thought it would be best to leave. Right there and then.

Mattie heard him leave and let out a breath she hadnt realized she was holding. She curled up in a ball and simply began to cry.

How had things gotten this far?


Thats how Henry found his sister.

Curled up in a ball on the floor; Crying. He had no idea what was going on. Nor did he know what had happened. But he rushed to her side immediately, gathering her in his arms. And she just cried. For a second he thought something might have happened to Robbie or their mom, but then he would have been told as well. Hes not sure how long they sat there together on the floor, but eventually she calmed down. Enough so that he could get her to the couch and to make her talk to him.

Mattie had never been so happy to see Henry. She had no idea what had happened. Nor who the boy was that had just left the house. Because he was definitely not her boyfriend. He was not the boy she had fallen in love with. Not at all. What happened Mattie. Oh Henry. I dont know what to do. Dont know anything anymore. Tell me what to do. Its okay. Everythings going to be okay. Whatever it is we can fix it. Just talk to me. I had a fight with Luke yesterday and The entire story just came out. Henry had always been easy to talk to, he was after all her twin. He let her talk, even if at some moments he wanted to say something he didnt. He knew she needed to get it all out. Just let her talk. He could say something after she was done. And then I ended up on the floor. Wait a second what? He hit you? No. No he didnt hit me. But I think he pushed me so I ended up on the floor. That son of a you okay? You didnt get hurt right. No I didnt. I just dont know what to do anymore Henry. Its going to be alright. Everything will be alright.

Together they sit on the couch. Trying to figure out what to do now.


There are some things about the file she cant stop thinking about.

One gunshot wound. why hadnt she heard anything? She realizes she was a child, and probably would have dismissed the sound as something else but still. She should have heard something. But she didnt hear a thing. Killed in the night. Something was weird about that to. She remembered however she admits that she was very young back then and she could simply be mistaken that her father always came home late. At least he was never there to read her a story. Children in the house. That part gives her chills. He had murdered their mother while they were in the house. Had he been thinking then to hurt them as well? Had he wanted to kill his own children as well? No confession. That was what made her think the most. She had always assumed that her dad had told that police agent the truth. That he had done it. Thats what he had told her when she called a couple of years ago. Not Roy, Roy hadnt been working the case, he had been taking care of them, he had been trying to find them a place to stay. But the other one. But he hadnt confessed.

No matter which way she thought about it, there were just some things that didnt make sense.

Like the ring. Granted the ring could have absolutely nothing to do with it. It was possible that the ring did belong to her family. That the ring had been lost by someone before. She had never actually looked at the ring much. It was just a ring, it had been with her for the past fifteen years, but she had never examined it. Now she did. On the inside of the ring she found an inscription, one that might lead her to whoever the ring belonged to. Because the initials were definitely not her mothers.

From T.H. to S.H. Ill love you forever.

But she didnt know whos initials they were.

Next chapter: Martha and Jack grow closer together, while ric and Mattie spend some time together. Henry talks to Luke while Jack and Robbie are friendly together. Robbie grows closer to Tasha, roy overhears something interesting, Brett discovers something. Jack finds something in his father's study...

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