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The Real Hugo

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Story Title: The real Hugo

Type of story: Medium/Long depending on what sort of reaction I get from people.

Main Characters: Hugo,Suzy,Derrick,Charlie,Angelo and few others

BTTB rating: T/A


Does story include spoilers: None but will say in chapter before if there is.

Any warnings: None really could be the mention of violence.

Summary:This is my first fanfiction so i dont no if it will be anygood..Its happening just after the season finale,and we find out about Hugo and his murkey past and what happens to Martha and Charlie...

Chapter 1

Charlie tired to open her eyes she had blacked out for a good while,as she gradually opened her eyes,she put her hands to her head and seen the blood.Her head as pounding.

She wasnt in the shipping container anymore she was on a boat,she coudnt remember getting on it though.

Then she could hear footprints,and then she seen him Hugo standing in front of her pointing a gun.

Charlie:Hugo wait? whats going on? Why were them people in that shipping container? you have been in charge of this whole operation from the start havent you? I cant believe this Angelo was right.

Hugo:Its not like that Charlie. You shoudnt have come you should never have seen none of this and noww ?? He paused and stared at her.

Charlie: What you got to kill me? you wont get away with this Hugo they find out!

Hugo started walking closer to Charlie.He stood still and pointed the gun..

Charlie: Please Hugo dont do this,Ruby needs me!

There was a bang!!!!!

next chapter: Who has got shot and how fired the bullet??

I no first chapter is short but its late and i want to no if you like it before i carry on.. Any comments would be welcome..

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Thanks for the commets :)

Chapter 2

The gun shot rang through the sky like a thunderstorm..

Charlie opened her eyes in shock.Hugo fell to the ground blood pouring from his leg where the bullet had shot in.

Hugo screamed out in pain,stood behind him was Suzy,She went closer to Hugo.

Suzy: I told you not to cross me Hugo you should have listened to what i said.

Hugo:Suzy what you playing at?

Suzy looked over at Charlie only realising her now.

Suzy: What is she doing here??

Hugo: Shes a cop,she's no's what weve being doing?


Hugo:Its over Suzy everything,we been rumbled theres no going back now!

Suzy:Or yes there is Hugo i have worked for this for so long and no one is going to get in the way now.

Hugo:Do you not inderstand the cops there onto us we are finished.

Hugo tore of his shirt and wrapped it around his leg.

Suzy:We can sort this out,you just do as i say.

She looked at Charlie.

Suzy:You have to get rid of her.

Hugo:Suzy no.We cant do this anymore.

Charlie,suzy and Hugo did not realise that Angelo was close by he had followed Suzy in his Car.

Suzy still was having none of it,she was not going to prison she was doing this for a better life for her and alyassa.

Angelo made his way onto the boat tryin not to get the attention of Suzy or Hugo,then he realised Charlie was there to.

Angelo took out his gun.

Suzy put the weapon down nd step away this is an order from a maraine cammander.

Suzy turned round and seen angelo, she wasnt giving up without a fight.

She pulled the triger,Hugo tryed to jump up and push the gun out of her hand there was a scuffle and the gun went of.

Hugo fell to the ground with blood running from his chest.

What happens next? does hugo die? Do they find martha? And can they save the immgrents?

comments appricated? thanks for reading :)

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Chapter 3

Angelo ran and put handcuffs on suzy but she resisted but he managed to get them on her.He untyed Charlie and then rang for ambulance.

Hugo was taken to the hoisptal and Suzy was taken down to the station. Charlie was given examantion at the hoisptal she was fine there was nothing major wrong. Hugo had been taken into surgery.Angelo and Charlie went back to the shipping yard this time with more officers.When they got there derrick was there. Angelo ran over before he got out of his car and told him to step out of the car and put his hands behind his back.

Charlie ran around to the boat and opened it,Martha was still there she helped her out and she was put in a police car.

The shipping container toke a few minutes to open,angelo was shocked to see the sight in front of him.The immgrents were taken out and into a local hostel.

Back at the hoisptal news on Hugo was through he had been been stablished but it was looking very grim.

Angelo was at the station interviewing Suzy.

Angelo:I want you to tell me Hugos involvment in this people smuggling business?

Suzy:What people smuggling? I never heard anything about it!

Angelo:Dont play dumb, we have caught you,this whole operation is finshed we have the indonesian people and everything you have been doing for the past year will be out in the open in the next 24 hours,They will talk once they no they are getting back home and reunited with there familys.

Hour later

Suzy:I caught arnt i?

Angelo:You sure are! I want to everything? You have to talk sonner or later theres no getting out of this.

Suzy:Fine,yes me and hugo where running and international people ssmuggling business, Back home in Indonesia we were taking money of the people in exchange to get them into summerbay. But the last few months things started to goo. well you no wrong you the poilce starting susing things out.

We had to hold them for a while before they can go and start there new lives.

Angelo:So you make thousands dollers of the backs of poor familys that want a better life,People died on one of boats young children

was on that to and yous still carrying to make money.

Suzy:Yes i havent forced anyone they wanted to come they wanted to get out of the poor poverty homes and build a better i was just helping them do that.

Angelo:you make me sick,you will be kept here tonight but will transferred to a prison in the moring,you are looking at a very long stretch.

Next next chapter: Hugo explains his actions and then tradgey happens!!!!

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