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As Martha laid up in bed, she looked out her window of her large mansion home in the bay. The home was huge, with a garden, expensive and beautiful items placed around the home, She heard her son cry from the other room, "Coming sweetie" Martha said getting out of bed. She walked up to her sons' room, It was a big bright room with blue and green walls, A photo of her and jack was on the top shelf of his bookshelf.

"Hey your okay" Martha said picking him up, she sat him down and started her days work. As the phone went, Martha by that stage had got Wyatt dressed and placed him in the playpen and picked up her mobile,


"Martha its Jess, listen has the model designs came in yet" She asked, **** Martha thought,

"Im still working on it" She said,

"Good, hurry up" She said hanging up. Martha walked towards Wyatt picking him up in her arms,

"Well at least you can't answer me, yet" Martha said as Wyatt looked at her.

Jack and Rachel walked down the beach, admiring the view,

"Jack, you are such a dork, you know" Rachel said, Jack smiled at her, and took her over to the rocks.

Okay, not sure what to think! Lol. Beginning was great.. but the ending? Why is he with Rachel!? They sound pretty... together. lol Please update soon so I know what the hell is going on! Lol

Very good writing though! :)

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Okay, at the beginning of that, I thought Jack was cheating on her - was going to rip his throat. :) (Omg, that just made me feel sick.. lol My neck itches now... :S)

But :o. Uh-Oh! Someone's after Martha! Dum dum dum!!

I wonder what Jack did... Hmmm... *strokes chin*

More soon please! :D

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