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A great start to your new fic. When I read that this was going to be another Charlie, Ruby, Angelo fic I assumed they would be together like in your first fic but i was wrong. I do like the way you incorporated the Charlie/Ruby storyling with Angelos return though, Its a good idea. Im looking forward to seeing where you take this fic.

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Yay Danni's posted another Changelo fic! :D

Great start, I loved the way you've combined the Charlie & Ruby storyline with the one of Angelo coming back.

I'm sure deep down inside Charlie still loves Angelo! :wub: I wonder who's standing behind her... :mellow:

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Another great update, you write these characters so well.

I love the way Charlie let Angelo in a little bit by allowing him to comfort her.

I also love that Ruby has turned to Nicole for help in this as they did have a close friendship in the show not too long ago which now seems to have been forgotten about.

I really hope the house belongs to who I think it does.

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Good update :)

I like the way Charlie let Angelo in a little bit to allow him to comfort her, hope that Ruby will talk to Charlie, she needs to explain things to her.

& I like the friendship with Nicole and Ruby in this too, just like it was in the show a few months ago.

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