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And Just Like That - Everything Changes (by KirstyEkua) - comments


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Wow Kirsty just read it.

I love it and you have got a flair for this kind of thing definitely.

Its nice to see Rachel's perspective on what has happened with Jack bcause we never get a look in at how it makes Rachel feel.

Its nice to see a fic anout Tachel as well

Cant wait to read the update whenever you finish it :)

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Wow. I cannot put into words how much I absolutely love what you've written so far. It is so so beautifully written and really gives us readers an insight into what Rachel's feeling - were not really getting that from the show at the minute - and it really justifies and makes me understand why she's doing the things she is.

I loved how despite it being simply from Rachel's point of view, you subtly hinted towards what Tony's feeling at the end and there were flashbacks to the past, you put so much description in the emotions and the memories that it really teared me up when reading. I felt like I was in their little bubble with them when you were describing them curled up in bed together being deliriously happy and then remembered that Jack was dead :( I felt so awful for what Rachel's going through and how all she cared about was the pain Tony was feeling but she felt helpless.

I ALSO loved how you really kept the 'character,' mentioning how work is usually a distraction for Rachel (weve seen that so many times) and how Leah has been a shoulder to cry on. Sometimes it can be easy to change a character for the sake of a story but I really did feel this was very "Rachel." And Rachel mentioning Jack and how he smiled just like his Dad was really sweet.

I cannot wait for the next chapter!

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