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Next bit. I know it's a little short, but it is the first of two pieces. The next bit after this is the last one.

Enjoy x

Leah, Irene and Colleen all stood at the place where the Diner used to stand. The builders came yesterday and knocked the building down as it was declared unsafe.

“What do we do now?” Colleen asked

“Nothing” Irene said remembering what she felt when they heard that a landslide was heading towards them. She remembered the gasps heard when everyone was told. She remembered how she felt when she saw Charlie. Help was here and ready to get them out. Irene smiled with a tear trickling down her face as she quietly thanked Charlie whilst looking at the sky.

“But that was my job, what am I supposed to do?” Colleen said

“Thank god that you’re here. And think about what Ruby and Angelo are going through. This place should be the last thing on your mind” Leah snapped

Leah stood and held herself. She remembered her reaction when she saw Charlie climb up to where they were to rescue them. She remembered the relief that filled her, the smile from Charlie that assured her she was going to get out alive, that she was going to see V.J again. A tear fell down her face as she thought of Ruby and Angelo. Leah sobbed as she thought of her friend laying in the hospital unsure if she would wake up. Irene turned to Leah and comforted her.

Colleen looked at the two women. Colleen then too, looked up at the sky and quietly thanked Charlie.

Alf and Tony stood at the surf club. The builders hadn’t got there yet.

Tony closed his eyes and remembered when he was able to pass his son and his wife to the officers on the roof. He remembered how grateful to Charlie he was. He remembered looking around him and seeing that the damage caused by the landslide and the flood hadn’t stopped Charlie and her team from working. Tony remembered turning to face Charlie, he smiled at her. She smiled back

Alf closed his eyes and remembered when they found Charlie. He remembered hearing Charlie cry help one last time before they got to her. He remembered the blood that filled a small puddle on the ground next to Charlie. He remembered the cries Angelo wept when he saw her. He remembered looking where Charlie was pulled from. He saw the small space covered with gym equipment, beams from the roof and mud. Alf opened his eyes and a single tear fell down his face. Alf looked towards the skies and quietly said “Please”

The next day Ruby and Angelo went to see Charlie again.

Angelo sat down next to Charlie and put his hand on her hand.

“Charlie, wake up. Please. All of us need you” a tear fell down Angelo’s cheek.

“Mum? Please. If you can hear me wake up. I need you” Ruby sobbed as she held Charlie’s other hand.

“Mum?” Ruby said softly as she felt Charlie squeeze her hand.

Angelo looked at Ruby and then to Charlie when he too, felt Charlie squeeze his hand. Angelo blinked away his tears as her heard Charlie moan as she woke.

Charlie opened her eyes. She looked and saw Ruby and Angelo sitting beside her. She smiled.

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Hey guy. thanks for reading my fic. hope you enjoyed reading it, and i hope you enjoy how i finish it.

“Charlie!” Angelo and Ruby screamed, their faces lit up with delight at the sight of Charlie.

“Angelo, the baby” Charlie said as she weakly took the oxygen mask of her face

“Charlie, shh, your in the hospital, your ok” Angelo said as her stroked her face

“Mum… You‘re ok!. Ruby said as she wiped her tears away. “Wait what?” Ruby asked a bit confused

“The baby, is it ok?” Charlie asked, still groggy from waking up. She looked at Ruby and Angelo, their faces showed complete shock.

“What baby?” Angelo asked even more confused, one eyebrow arched

“The baby. I found out a few hours before I was called into work, I was going to tell you, but..”

“Things happened” Angelo replied with a huge grin on his face.

“Is it ok?” Charlie said as she swallowed hard

“Erm.. I don’t remember been told ab..” Angelo started to say before Ruby added; “Dr. Hamish said he was able to put Charlie’s hip back into place, with out any complications to the fetus” Ruby smiled as she looked at Angelo and Charlie. Charlie smiled when she heard Ruby finish. She then looked at Angelo. He eyes showed how happy he was.

Looking at the trio through the glass in the window, Dr. Hamish saw Angelo and Ruby laying on the bed next to Charlie. A family so small been so happy. He looked at his chart and smiled.

Five Months Later..

The total death toll is at three. One of the men was swept away in the rising water and has been named as Fred Donaldson, the police officer had told us that he was working on a drain when a wave took him away, he died just one mile from his home in the city. The other two victims were traveling in their car when a tree fell on top of them, killing them instantly. The road, just ten miles north of the city has been closed. Council workers predict that is 2 million dollars worth of damage, most of the money will be spent rebuilding homes and businesses in Summer Bay, a small town where senior constable Charlie Buckton nearly lost her life saving the lives of the residents who were seeking refuge in buildings. Weather experts predict that this behavior in the weather only occurs once every seventy five years, meaning the next weather surge like this wont happen again until 2085.

In other news..

Alf turned the radio off.

“To Charlie, if it wasn’t for her we’d all be dead” Alf said as he raised his glass. He smiled at Charlie, as did everyone stood in the hall. Charlie smiled back at everyone, content in knowing she, and her team, had saved everyone that was in the surf club and diner.

“Charlie” everyone said as they all raised their glasses to Charlie.

Charlie was discharged from hospital two weeks earlier.

She was given the all-clear of any brain damage. Something which was very rare in the incidents that Charlie was in. Her hip had completely healed up, however, she is to use a crutch to aid her walking whilst pregnant. Something which she can loose once the baby is born.

“So, how does it feel to be recognized by the council and radio?” Colleen asked

“It hasn’t sunk in yet, Colleen. I was just doing my job” Charlie smiled. She rested her hands on her stomach and smiled.

Angelo was stood at the bar looking at Charlie, she looked so beautiful, he smiled as he reached in his coat pocket.

“Charlie.” Angelo said as he walked over to where Charlie was stood

Charlie turned to face Angelo and smiled “Yea” she replied

“You are the most beautiful person I have ever known, your caring, loyal to all your friends and a damn good cop. Your carrying my child” Angelo placed his hands on Charlie’s stomach, “I feel so lucky.” Angelo took something out of his pocket and got down on one knee. “Charlie Buckton. Will you marry me?”

The room fell silent as every one was waiting for the answer.

“Yes!” Charlie answered.

Everyone in the hall fell into another silence. This time looking on at their rescuer. Believing that she deserved a baby and a husband, after all she did for them.


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