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January H&A Video contest

Guest -Kevin-

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OK so last year we had a monthly H&A video contest going on Youtube but it died out after October and I am bringing it back seeing as I was the last person to win it and I will be the host. This months topic is couples and whoever wins this contest will host the February one and so on. I hope to keep the monthly contests alive and running like clockwork. Anyway here are the rules for the January contest :

1. It can be any couple ever on H&A

2. It can be an AU (Alternate Universe) couple

3. It can be a compilation of all different H&A couples

4. It can be a new or old video

5. You can enter 3 videos maximum

6. Closing date is February 1st

You can enter your video here :

Just post your video as an video response to the Contest video.

And remember guys , have fun!! :D

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