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Celebrity Big Brother 2010

Guest -Kevin-

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So Celebrity Big Brother will return for its final run of madness soon !!

And the rumours have been rife about whos going in as usual and some names are rumoured to be going in including Ronnie Rocket,Boy George,Alex Reid,Jedward and others.

The new eye was revealed recently !! and here it is :


Not sure what to think of it though! It gives me the impression that the last year of CBB is gong to be pure hell! And I cant wait :D:D

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I think John & Edward have already confirmed they're NOT doing CBB.

They seem to be linked with every reality TV show at the minute. lmao. I'd rather they didn't do CBB anyway. I despise that show. It's too desperate for my liking. It's usually celebs that just want to get back into the spotlight. Lets be honest - love them or hate them - J&E don't need any pushes to be in the public eye right now, do they? They're getting plenty of coverage already.

Not to mention the fact that - is rumours are to be believed - they're set to have their own Reality show anyway. That's a much better option for them. At least that way, their fans can watch it and the haters can avoid it. If you put them in CBB, it's too easy for haters to end up watching, either because they watch anyway, or because one of their fave celebs is there. I'd hate to see them being ripped to shreds again, just because they're easy targets.

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Interesting line up. I thought it was quite funny BB putting Dane Bowers and Jordan’s current bloke in the same house. They swore blindly nothing happened during New Years but the two journalists on BBBM said they definitely had a bust up. They seemed to be getting on quite well last night so I’m not expecting too many fireworks. Looking forward to seeing more of Stephanie Beacham and Vinnie Jones. I liked it when Stephanie first met Lady Sovereign. I quite like Sisqo, Heidi and Nicola T. Nicola seems really nice in fact. Not particularly interested in the rest of them although I remain undecided about Lady Sovereign.

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The problem is everybody’s getting on too well and most of them are too polite to get into an argument. Even Lady Sovereign who I was expecting to be quite rude hasn’t been so far. All I recall her saying was that Stephanie hadn’t really spoken to her and she aired this in the diary room. BB needs to throw a spanner in the works somehow. Try and produce a situation that will provoke confrontation (without getting physical of course). My favourite part from yesterday was when Stephanie was attempting street talk with Stephen having picked up some words from Sisqo. That was "dope"!

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