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Another You, Another Me, Another Now

Guest JosieTash

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Red Ranger 1, everything below [Ch 21] came together soooooooo nicely. Cleo, in terms of her powers AND her characteristics, just works sooooo well. And, yes, the unstable element bit in the 1st paragraph IS inspired by the scene tween Picard and Riker towards the start of “Star Trek – First Contact.” Oh, and there's also further references to the "Tomorrow" series ... incl to Linclon Lewis' charecter Kevin.


Joey’s been going out with Charlie long enough to realise that civilians in the middle of a tense sitch tween the police & a criminal like Martha ISN’T the best of ideas. The mer-girls would be an UNSTABLE ELEMENT in the battle, but Joey CAN see some logic in a suggestion Cleo [who she is now talking to on the phone] has. Indeed, Joey LOVES that the AMAZING mer-girls are even MORE amazing than ANYONE in the Bay knows.

Joey phones Charlie – who isn’t exactly keen on having a civi like Cleo involved, BUT if Cleo & her girlfriends have been level headed enough to keep their mer-secret all these years, MAYBE Cleo’s suggestion is a good enough plan.

Charlie radios Avery – and tells him to collect Cleo on his way to joining them in the bush. Avery knows bout Cleo’s tail and her ability to maneuver water, but he is unaware of another ability she has – until now. Avery [sirens & lights ablaze] arrives outside the diner. Cleo gets in the police car – but not before getting a BIG kiss from each of her 3 beloved g/f’s. Avery takes off, heading for the bush track where Martha’s Ute is.

Meanwhile, Charlie gets word from officers at the farm that that the laptop Geoff spoke of [or indeed ANY laptop] isn’t there. Given what Martha's been trying to do, surely she has the laptop with her – and if she does, as much as Charlie is keen to destroy it, she knows that she needs that computer for evidence to convict Martha.

Nearby, Martha is on the verge of loosing it – how on EARTH could it be taking so long to hack into that footage??? Martha knows Jai is GREAT with computers, but she doesn’t know if, say, Emma is a computer genius. From what she’s seen & heard of the athletic, disciplined [sometimes tailed] teen, Martha wouldn’t be surprised.

Martha’s pleased she is still on higher ground than Charlie & Watson – even through the police women are MUCHLY keeping out of direct sight by hiding amongst the trees. Martha isn’t keen to actually shoot either officer, but if she HAS to, Martha WILL use her rifle – with DEADLY force if neccessary.

Martha hears a siren in the distance – more police. Come ON computer, Martha wishes – hack into that other computer and give me what I NEED!!!

The siren stops and Avery gets out of the police car [which is parked just behind Charlie’s] and looks in Martha’s Ute. He radios Charlie – no sign of the laptop. Charlie tells Avery her co-ordinates and Avery & Cleo start the journey to where Charlie and Watson currently are. Avery unholsters his revolver. He’s uneasy about taking a civi [Cleo] into such a tense sitch – but her ability COULD be a distraction enough for the police to capture Martha.

Word, naturally, spreads throughout the Bay bout Martha being the hacker. Alf & Colleen are especially disturbed - why they wonder? Martha, with the farm she has, seems sooooo in touch with nature these days – and Rikki and her g/f’s are, well, nature’s GREATEST wonder!!!!

Tony, being especially fatherly, has taken Bella, Cleo & Emma back to the Hunter House – as they eagerly await news of the pursuit for Martha, and especially bout Cleo. Irene, Annie, Ruby & Romeo remain at the hospital with Geoff, whilst Joey is now on her way to the Hunter House.

In the bush, the cat & mouse games continue. Charlie & Watson have now been joined by Avery & Cleo. Part of Charlie wishes Cleo at least had on a uniform of some kind, but she also thinks that, maybe, Martha will think twice bout firing at the police – now that 1 of the 4 mermaids is with them. Charlie orders Avery & Watson to span out and look for Martha in different directions – whilst Cleo is to stay with Charlie and ONLY use her powers on Charlie’s command.

Martha still has the higher ground but with 3 officers [and Cleo] to contend with, this isn’t going to be easy. Martha wonders why Cleo is here – there doesn’t appear to be any water round here, and there’s not a cloud in the sky [or any breeze for that matter]. She can’t worry bout such things right now – as she scurries further up the ridge.

Charlie, Cleo & the other 2 officers can see that they are reaching the top of that ridge. Charlie is pleased that there's been no shots fired by Martha of late. Charlie & Cleo finally make it to the top of the ridge. Watson is to their left – but far enough away that she uses her radio to contact Charlie. She’s spotted Martha. There’s still trees EVERYWHERE - but the 3 officers [fanned out like they are] seem to be pincering Martha.

Indeed, the frustrated Martha fires at Watson!!!!!!

That’s enough for Charlie, and even as Watson dives for cover, Charlie orders Cleo to use her powers !!!!

Cleo raises her right arm and she moves her hand the way she would to maneuver water BUT Cleo is channeling a more ferocious power that she has – and out of NOWHERE, Martha is hit by a CYCLONIC gust of wind!!!!!! … courtesy of Cleo !!!!!!!

Martha is easily knocked off her feet and to the ground. The rifle that was in her hands - who know where that is now. Watson, Charlie & Avery close in Martha. She doesn’t get a chance to get up off the ground before all 3 officers are almost on top of her – so there’s no point trying to make a run for it. After all, Martha has no back up – no Robyn Mathers or Kevin Holmes to her Ellie Linton.

As Watson handcuffs Martha, and gets Martha to stand up …..

Cleo “Why Martha???? What did we do to you?…. or didn’t do???"

Martha “You don’t understand!!!!”

Charlie “A reminder that anything you say, can be used against you in court.”

Martha “I don’t care !!!! I’m going to loose EVERYTHING!!!! This is the last chance I had to get the money I NEED to stay on the farm!!!”

Cleo “You were going to sell us out …… for MONEY !!!! I don't like being dissected, or in a circus, and besides, we could help you in other ways.”

Charlie “Cleo, you don’t have to do ANY of this.”

Cleo [sternly] “Yes, I do. [more gently] Having a tail doesn't stop me form being all caring & sharing. it makes me even MORE understanding I don’t EVER want to be locked up OR be Dr Denman's guinea pig. I don’t EVEN want Martha to be locked up. We CAN sort this out.”

Charlie “She fired at the police AND held Geoff against his will.”

Cleo “Look, I KNOW that Rikki would have probably ROASTED Martha from the inside by now, and Em & Bella would be more stern, but they’re not here and I am and I just want to show you that I’m as HUMAN as you all are. I’m NOT just some magical creature ……… and why can’t I get the word dissected out of my head ?!?!?!??”

Charlie “Cleo, this is OFFICIAL business now.”

Cleo “BUT, if this goes to court, someone’s going to want to know what’s on the computer Martha was trying to hack into. Hey, Em will be SOOOOO proud of me - for being this logical. Can’t wait to cuddle up in bed with Em in bed tonight … sorry, distracted…. Em’s got THE most AWESOME backside in the universe ….and nice puppies too .. so have Bella and ESPECIALLY Rikki !!!! …… Now, what was I saying? … Oh yeah, this CAN’T go to court …. and besides, from the sound of things, Martha’s either deliberately a bad shot, or she’s worse than Fi Maxwell - and that’s saying something. When you CAN’T a petrol tanker SIDE ON at close to POINT BLANK range, you’ve got issues.”

Charlie realises the Cleo DOES have a point …….

Charlie and Martha … kinda …. Well, their firearms are correct.




Note – the end of Chapter 21 is on page 127 [of about 140] of the handwritten draft !!!

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Red Ranger 1, glad you loved it. Cleo has a habit sometimes of waffling. There’s a great scene in the S1 finale of h2o where she’s REALLY worried about Denman capturing them …. And she rambles a bit .. It's like “She’ll put us in a tank and see if see is we can talk to fish. Probably squid – I HATE squid.” LOVE the 1st contact quote …. Oh, the E is DEF my fave version of the Enterprise, sooooooo sleek & gorgeous !!!

Sue, having Colleen being the hacker really would have been a turn out for the books so to speak. Oh, and believe or not, the sexy pics of Charlie & Martha weren’t part of the plan. I was trying to find a pic of a woman with a rifle …. One with clothes etc like Martha but couldn’t go past that pouty, cleavagy pic when I saw it .. and then I just had to keep things fair by having a sexy, cleavegy cop, and besides, Esther Anderson use to be blonde …. I rem seeing a pic that someone posted on bttb of her [pre H&A] at a car show I think].


As much as Charlie likes her job, she LIVES for Joey these days and having the mermaids in the hands of potentially evil scientists ISN’T a good idea.

Charlie “Cleo has a point.”

Martha “So, you’re saying that I’m off the hook?”

Charlie [sternly] “DON’T push your luck, Martha.”

Cleo “Martha, how bout you join my g/f’s and I? Sounds like a more than a few ppl, lots actually, ARE keen on the idea of us setting up an adult store in Yabby Creek. We can see that this ISN’T a sleepy little town, and you’ve got family here that can help you with the farm. Sure, I kept my tail a secret from my fam – but there’s a difference tween pride & being dissected. I’m sounding too much like Em or Bella now, so I’ll shut up.”

Martha starts crying, and Charlie really REALLY realises that Cleo & her g/f's REALLY are no ordinary girls. Cleo’s humanity, in the middle of all THIS, was truly HUMBLING!!!!

Watson ”What are we going to do with the laptop?”

Martha “I should destroy it myself – or you could, Cleo. I can’t ….. I can’t believe it. I don't think I’d be as understanding as you.”

Charlie [sternly] “Consider yourself lucky, Martha – but remember that if the likes of Geoff or Irene could press charges ……”

Cleo “He’s Ruby's boyfriend – he won’t want to do that.”

Martha “He might. You’re the reason why he split with Ruby. A 4some, ALL girls, that’s a BIT too much for Geoff. That’s why he wanted to move to the farm.”

Cleo “BUT he doesn’t wanted us locked up OR you. Anyway, I’m going to TRASH that laptop – it’s evidence, and evidence is bad …. and leads to Dr Baywatch Babe-ville !!!!”

Charlie “DON’T do it on our watch – or it will get complicated. Come on, Martha – we’ll take you to the hospital, and talk to Geoff.”

As the 3 police and Martha walk away and start to descend the ridge, towards the track where their 3 vehicles are, they hear a decently sized THUD. Moments later, Cleo has rejoined the group – the laptop is now indeed trashed.

Soon after, Charlie, Martha & Cleo enter the hospital and talk to Geoff. Charlie also thinks of the “small” matter of Martha firing on Irene’s car. Indeed, when the trio arrives at the door of Geoff’s room, Irene and the others aren’t that happy to see Martha – but it’s Cleo who breaks the ice, reminding EVERYONE what charges against Martha could ultimately lead to. Irene agrees with Cleo, BUT insists that Maratha should pay for the replacement of her car window. Geoff [as much as he’s not keen – to say the least – on Cleo’s new ‘ship] doesn’t want to see her hurt either, ESPECIALLY not after the forgiveness she's displayed towards Martha – and since Geoff or Irene [or anyone else in Irene's car when it was fired upon] are pressing charges, Martha IS free to go, BUT Charlie makes it VERY clear that Martha better watch herself.

Martha ISN’T keen to face her fam. She can imagine what Alf & colleen will say – so she decides to head off from the hospital with Cleo. She doesn't think her fam will like the idea of her working at/being a partner in an adult shop, but maybe it’s the best way to go right now. Besides, Martha gets the impression, despite Cleo talking bout Rikki’s puppies etc, that none of the mer-girls are that experienced in all things to do with sex. Before they DO leave the hospital, Cleo thanks Charlie, for giving the mer-girls the idea in the 1st place of setting up an adult store, AND for offering to give Cleo & Martha a lift to the Hunter House – where, aided by Jarlie, Martha and the mer-girls work out a deal tween them of their new venture together.

Martha can see Cleo was right in her comments bout her g/f’s as Martha sees 1st hand that Bella & Cleo are the most diplomatic of the 4 mer-girls. Martha isn’t THAT keen on actually loosing the farm, but right now, being involved in an adult shop sound like an interesting new phase of her life. The girls invite Tony into their chat – after all, a male perspective is a good idea, even with 6 females who like other females. Tony & Martha smile at the thought of the 2 of them being the [straight] odd ones out in the chat – but having many different points of view is good.

The mer-girls ARE keen to gain as much knowledge as they can, without actually getting carnal [yet] about their new venture. Bella & her g/f’s are pleased, AND Tony & Martha are a little surprised, when Jarlie offer to take the mer-girls to Leah’s old place - to SHOW them some of Jarlie's “toys”, adult DVD covers etc. Martha decides to go with new business partners. As Martha, Jarlie and the mer-girls exit the Hunter House, Martha almost can’t believe EVERYTING that has happened. She NEVER imagined that trying to hack into THAT footage would end up with her starting up a business with the mer-girls – who could have ended up dissected if Martha had exposed their UBER secret to the world.

Fast forward and it’s now SEVEN months since the mer-girls and Martha decided to go into business together ….


Note – the end of Chapter 22 is on page 134 [of about 140] of the handwritten draft !!!

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Red Ranger 1, the plan for this story was sooooooooooooooo to have Martha end up in prison, but then I realised, that’s bad for the mer-girls. Indeed, I had Cleo go to the bush with Avery to use her powers on Martha, THEN I realised that she’s perfectly diplomat to solve this. Its like, if Martha’s finances stay the way they are, she could try again – so have her as a partner AND, like you say, who HASN'T Martha been with in SB????

Sue, the chapter WON'T be the last - as the recent inclusions to the draft [which you’ll ADORE below] means that I’ll post the last chapter morrow.


Martha drives into the car park behind “Sexy Tales”, the adult store she co-owns with Emma, Rikki, Bella & Cleo. As she pulls up her vehicle in a space close to the entrance, Martha reflects on what's happened over to the last few months.

The adult shop has been open for 5 months now – and business has been very VERY good all the way. It certainly helped, when they applied to the council to start up this business, that they had Yabby Creek’s top cop [Charlie] AND a former magistrate [Morag] going into bat for them. Also, such has been Martha’s enjoyement working at etc her new business, she’s sold her farm, and is now living with Gina & the Austin’s – and is GREAT that she’s living next door to her business partners, the mer-girls [who ARE still living with Rachel & Tony]

Just as Martha is about to switch off the engine of her Ute, she hears a news update on to the radio. The investigation into THAT plane crash, whilst revealing the cause of the engine & systems failures abroad the plane, HASN’T come up with logical explanation for why the crash wasn't as bad as it should have been. ALL the flight data [black box etc] point to a crash that should have been far worse – and whilst the pilots, despite being hailed as heroes, have publicly stated that this was sooooooo a miracle, Martha muses to herself that that’s mostly the truth, because of the AMAZING abilities of the mer-girls.

After hearing the radio report, its ironic that after Martha enters the back room of “Sexy Tales”, Bella [who used her power that fateful day to cushion the impact of the crash] tells Martha what business has been like during her latest shift, i.e. its GLADLY been, once more, pretty busy.

Martha comments to Bella bout the report on the radio – and Bella responds by being overjoyed now that the actual footage of that plane crash HAS been erased, leaving only the footage of Jarlie’s engagement party from all the filming that Miles did that day. Of course, the footage of the mer-girls in the water near the crash lead to Bella & her g/f’s moving to Summer Bay, and Bella reflects on how the mer-girls haven’t taken up Rachel’s offer to unofficially get medical tests done, even in the humanoid form – it’s too big a risk.

Speaking of Rachel, Bella’s heading for home – and the next 24 hours are going to be “SLIGHTLY” eventful. Tonight, on the eve of the WEDDING of Charlie Buckton and Joey Collins, Bella, Rikki, Cleo & Emma all have something else HUGE planned … all 4 mer-girls are to loose their virginity !!!!

Martha “So, tonight’s the night !!!”

Bella “SOOOOOO exciting!!!”

Martha “Not trying to pry or anything, but ..... what’s going to happen ..... with the 4 of you and all?”

Bella “We decided on 2+2. There' NO way we were going to go for the O word for our 1st time.”

Martha “And …. How did you decide the 2somes?”

Bella “Rock, paper, scissors.”

Martha “You’re kidding ??? Right?”

Bella “Yes …. but initially, that WAS our plan. THEN we thought bout it, and as much as I want to “bed” both Em & Rikki, Cleo & I have this connection. It’s like, she was the 1st person to see my tail, and besides, you KNOW what Rikki & Em are like.”

Martha “They'd sooooooooo KILL each other if they weren’t lovers.”

Bella “Couldn’t agree more, AND Rikki & Em were the 1st to see each others tails. Oh, and with me & Cleo, I now - didn’t initially - LOVE that she calls me Cougar, and because she does that, Rikki & Em don’t call me that btw, I’ve got my OWN sexy nickname for Cleo. She’s my Toy Boy!!! and it soooooo “works” tonight – she’s going to be “the guy” 1st !!!!!”

Martha “Oooooooh, I haven’t heard these nicknames before. So, who else knows bout Cougar & Toy Boy?”

Bella “You’re the 1st person who DOESN”T live at our house to know.”

Martha “Sooooo exciting ..... that you’d tell ME of all ppl bout this 1st, given what I tried to do to you.”

Bella “Water under the bridge, Martha. Oh, speaking of water, you KNOW Cleo’s OTHER nickname. Of course, you do – someone 6 UNIVERSES away knows that she’s Ronnie’s Girlfriend. Well, she is. It’s like [Luke Skywalker impression] “I’ve never seen such devotion in a dolphin before” !!!!!!”

FLASHBACK – 6 ½ months ago …..

The mer-girls have been in the Bay for just 2 weeks when Cleo gets a phone call from the head dolphin trainer at the marine park on the Gold Coast. Ronnie, the dolphin who became besotted with Cleo, went quite well for the 1st week after she left the Gold Coast and started her new life in Summer Bay, but then, Ronnie’s health etc NOSEDIVED.

Cleo tells the head trainer that there are pods of dolphins off the coast of Summer Bay and that Cleo would keep a close eye on Ronnie - if we were to come to the Bay - to ensure he’s accepted amongst the local dolphins. The head trainer LOVES Cleo’s idea – and suggests she should make her way up to the Gold Coast to “seal the deal.”

Cleo & her g/f’s consider swimming up to the marine park but they decide to take the bus there – and because of that, Ruby, Rachel & Joey deicide to tag along. Each of the 3 Bayiders are keen to see where 2 of the mer-girls [Emma & Cleo] had lived their whole lives before they moved to the Bay.

After the bus ride up the coast, all 7 head for the marine park – and as soon as Cleo arrives at the dolphin enclosure, Ronnie IMMEDIATLEY perks up. The head trainer almost can’t believe it – that Ronnie is sooooo besotted with Cleo, but he, of course, doesn’t know what started ALL of this - i.e. when Cleo mer-swam with Ronnie, after she accidentally dropped her locket into the dolphin enclosure.

Whilst Cleo is near Ronnie, the 3 Baysiders enjoy their time at the marine park. Joey especially LOVES seeing all the animals – like polar bears, seals, sharks and, of course, the dolphins. Ruby, surprise, ADOERD the various rides – especially the rollercoasters, whilst for Rachel, she knew 3 of the mer-girls [Rikki, Emma & Cleo] had lived on the Gold Coast for a while. Rachel muses that surely somewhere near here is where they MUST have been transformed. Rachel isn’t necessarily that keen herself on having a tail, but to know ALL the who/what/when/where/why etc would be sooooooooo cool – medically speaking. She knows that she’s not going to get any info out of the mer-girls, but it’s like the ULTIMATE medical mystery to solve.

Whilst Rachel, Joey & Ruby are enjoying all the marine park has to offer, the dolphin trainer agrees to take Cleo, her g/f’s and the 3 other Baysiders aboard the marine park research vessel down to Summer Bay, with Ronnie [hopefully encouraged by Cleo’s presence on the boat] swimming down the coast with them.

Before they all head back to the Bay, Rachel, Ruby & Joey meet all of the mer-girls' fams. Indeed, whilst they are at Emma’s old house, Mrs. Gilbert is especially pleased to meet Emma’s new “mum” Rachel – and vice versa.

Also whilst at the Gilbert house ….

Elliott “Emma, I’ve worked out a GREAT way to like this 4some of yours.”

Emma “Sounds intriguing.”

Elliott “Well, I pretend that you’re not you. You're not my sister.”

Emma “So, who am I then?”

Elliott “I’ve called you Claire ….. like “Heroes” Little Miss Indestructible.”

Rikki [going with ALL of this] “Claire, you look HOT. Elliott, mind if Claire & I kiss?”

Elliot “Go ahead.”

Rikki “Claire, I KNOW we’ve only just met, but I feel like I want to kiss you RIGHT NOW!!!”

Claire “I've never met you before either, but I LOVE your pigtails.”

Rikki “They’re a bit of a disguise.”

Claire “Intriguing and GOOD – as this Prim & Proper voice, it’s a disguise too.”

Rikki "Sounds like you could be fiery when you kiss, Claire.”

Claire “You’ll see.”

Continuing to “go with” Elliott’s idea [that they only just met], Claire & Rikki French kiss all but straight away - with Claire JUST beating Rikki as to who used their tongue 1st. Elliott is in HEAVEN, as Bella & Cleo are kissing too - 4 HOT teens girls each other in his room.

When the kissing is over, and Emma is herself again, she and the other mer-girls ARE pleased tat Elliott hasn’t actually tried to find out how they became mermaids – and doesn’t plan to try to find out any time soon.

When the girls are at Cleo’s old house ….

Kim “Cleo, I DON'T believe that you've gone all Katy Perry. I want you to kiss Emma, right her in front of me.”

Cleo “Gladly.”

Kim “This will SOOOO prove you’re the most intriguing peon to set foot on Earth – not that I didn't know that already.”

Cleo “I’m going to kiss Em anyway, but there's GOT to be another reason. The TRUTH – or who know what we could do ton you with our powers.”

Kim [thinking both of that happened to Martha in the bush and various PREVIOUSLY unexplainable things to the happened to Kim, courtesy of Cleo] “OK, the truth. I want to take photos and film all 4 of you kissing - to sell to the highest bidder at school. Despite that one of the girls is YOU Cleo, they’re sooo going to want to pay BIG time for some girl on girl. You know what teen boys are like.”

Rikki “THIS footage WON'T get us dissected, so go ahead.”

Bella “Sooooo true.”

Cleo “I guess there’s just on thing left to say ….Pucker up, Em.”

Kin gets lotsa footage of the 4some - with Cleo UBER gladly kissing each of her 3 DIVINE g/f’s. After the kissing stops, Cleo tells Kim that there’s a VERY interesting connection tween their cousin and one of the most EVIL, if not THE most evil, resident to ever set foot in Summer Bay. BOTH have the same 1st name ……. Angela !!!

Before the mer-girls head back to the marine park, there’s 1 more person they need to see. They all thank Miss Chatham for her cryptic, and yet UBER correct predications - great happiness [the girls’ new bed hopping 4some] and about danger [the hacking].

This time though, there’s a surprising directness to what Miss Chatham has to say. She tells the girls to meet her here exactly 1 year form now – when Miss Chatham will tell the girls anything & everything they want to know bout her time as a mermaid, including how she gave up her tail, prompting …..

Bella [echoing Cleo in h2o S1, episode 13] “You can do that?”

Not that the girls WANT to give up their tails, BUT it would be good to know how Miss Chatham did so, as the only way they know is the way Charlotte AND Gracie [Charlotte’s Gran] lost their tails FOREVER. Both those times were due to a once in 50 year occurrence when all the planets in our solar system are aligned with the moon, and on the night of a full moon, you have to be in the Mako Island moon pool when the full moon passes overhead.

The mer-girls then head back to the marine park - and meet back up with Rachel, Joey & Ruby [who headed for the marine park when the mer-girls went to see their “Yoda”.]

The park’s head dolphin trainer is pleased when Ronnie indeed DOES follow the marine park’s boat [with Cleo & co aboard] down the coast AND, in the coming days, he DOES bond with the Summer Bay dolphins BUT not to the point where he doesn't make a beeline for Cleo when he senses that she is near.

Back to the present day ….

Bella “Cleo’s just soooooooo ……[thinking of the right superlative]”

Martha “AMAZING is the word you are looking for. I’d be in prison for sure if it wasn't for Cleo. The way she handled things in the bush like that.”

Bella “AND she’s such a HOTTIE!!! Anyway, I’ll head for home. Hope you have a busy, but not TOO busy night here.”

Martha “Bella, before you go, do you want, at a later time, to hear bout Maddie & me? Sorry, that came out wrong - we weren’t. Not that there's anything wrong with that.”

Bella “Didn’t even CONTEMPLATE that you were thinking that.”

Martha “Anyway, we briefly lived together, and Mads is engaged to Ric, who, like me, is Alf’s grandchild.”

Bella “I should really hear more bout this Maddie. After all, she looks like me, so she’s obviously DDG!!!! Anyway, time to head for home. Bye, Martha.” [bella bails].

A few hours later, the mer-girls, Rachel & Tony have just finished watching a rom com on DVD. Rikki & Emma look lovingly into each other's eyes before they tenderly kiss each pother on the lips. Simultaneously, Emma & Rikki stand up – and Rikki takes Emma’s hand in hers. The duo kisses once more – as, after they oar out the front door, heading for their room in the annex ……

Emma “I’m still kinda surprised that you want me to be “the guy” 1st.”

Rikki “Are you saying that I’m BUTCH?”

Emma “Are you seeing that I’M butch?”

Rikki “What I’m saying is that if you don’t shut up, I’m going to have to kiss you.”

Emma “Such an “EVIL” punishment.”

Rikki “I’m soooooo going to have to SPANK you for that.”

Emma “I’d “hate” that.”

Rikki “Bella was right – you ARE a kinky little bitch!!!”

Emma “And that’s why you love me”.

They kiss one more – as they enter the bedroom, whilst back in the lounge room, Bella & Cleo kiss. Bella then gets to her feet, and as she reaches her hands down - to help Cleo up ….

Cleo [looking up at Bella] “Cougar.”

Bella [looling down at Cleo] “Toy Boy”

Bella helps her “much younger” g/f to her feet, and just like Rikki & Emma, they hold hands & kiss as they head for the bedroom.

For Rachel & Tony, it’s certainly interesting having the 4 teens who are HOT for each other ion the house. When Rachel comments bout this, Tony responds by suggesting they should head off to the bedroom themselves. Tony especially likes Rachel’s plan, as they head for the bedroom, for her to put on some of the HOT underwear she recently bought at “Sexy Tales” - the latest of a number of purchases Tony & Rachel have made at the store.

Meanwhile at Leah’s old place, Ruby’s having some fun at Jarlie’s expense. It’s like, will BOTH Charlie & Joey be fashionably late to their wedding tomorrow??? …….


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Red Ranger 1, glad you’ve REALLY enjoyed this story. Re you getting to rally kwon the h2o girls etc, the plan [if I can think of a good enough idea], will be to have a sequel of sorts to this – i.e. a story where the mer-girls have been residents of the Bay for a year or so …. Posted onto bttb next Aussie summer. It’s easier that way, as I’ll have many months to come up with a plan – one that I can totally “War & Peace”. Kind of speaking of whish, I just looking at my 3 previous fics posted on bttb, and this latest one [in terms of chapters at least] is the longest.

Re Maddie & Bella, given that Belle met Helena [her alien look alike] in one of my previous fics, i could go there.


Ruby also is intrigued that the usually so obeying the rules Charlie IS ignoring the old wives tale bout not seeing her bride the night before the wedding. Furthermore, Ruby reflects in her OWN 'ship. She’s VERY glad she & Geoff were able to sort things out – and get back together. Actually, that process quite surprised Ruby, as Geoff suggested that he’d totally cool with the idea of her being friends with the mer-girls IF Ruby & Geoff could be a bit more adventurous in the bedroom. Ruby, who has been holding off suggesting that same thing [on the assumption “Bible Boy” wouldn’t be THAT keen] jumped for joy at the idea – so it was a triple win for Rubes, i.e. 'ship back on track; more adventurous bedroom antics with Geoff; and being totally free to be friends with Rikki and her g/f’s !!!!

As Ruby sees Jarlie kissing, she can’t help stirring the woman who, until earlier this year, she thought was her sister …..

Ruby “So Charlie, looking forward to seeing you in a tux. I wonder tough, if you’ll look even more dashing that Detective Robertson. Sure, he made me clap like a seal, but THERE was a man who UBER cared bout how stylish he was. I mean, that aqua tie he wore was to die for.”

Charlie [well aware Ruby is joking] “Well actually, I was thinking of wearing my work gear up the aisle. Joey LOVES a woman in uniform.”

Joey “Do I ever.”

Ruby “Honestly, I couldn’t be happier of both of you. Oh, and I’ll promise especially not to have ANY issue with my diabetes morrow. Wouldn’t want me fainting at your wedding or reception.”

Joey “At least Rachel will be there. Although I can imagine giving someone CPR in your wedding dress, like she did with Belle, makes for a bigger story that if she’s “only” part of the bridal party. I’m soooooooooo looking forward to having Rachel & Rikki by my side tomorrow.”

Ruby “Speaking of the Rikki & her g/f’s, it’s funny that Bella’s been self reliant most of her life, and now she’s kinda got 2 UBER mums – with Rachel AND you Charles.”

Charlie “That’s a good cue, since the girls work at an adult shop, as I think its time for Joey & I to head off to the bedroom. NO old wives tale is going to stop me from having some serious sexy fun with Joey tonight ….. and Rubes, DON’T say a word [bout how embarrassed you are].”

Ruby “Wasn’t going too – soooooo happy for both of you.”

Jarlie head off to the bedroom, kissing as they make the “long” walk there.

It’s the morning of the wedding, and Jarlie are naked [mostly under the covers] side by side in bed.

Charlie “So glad you came into my life …. and then BACK into my life.”

Joey “Soooooooooooooo glad you waited for me.”

Charlie [kinda singing] “Even if it takes forever, I’ll be waiting here for you.”

In the lounge room, Ruby’s getting anxious. She knows brides are supposed to be fashionably late on their wedding day, but this is [the usually “straight down the line”] Charlie we are talking bout. Since it’s getting closer to 9am, when both bridal parties wall be here to get ready for the wedding, Ruby decides enough is enough. She knocks on the bedroom door, and after Charlie invites her in …….

Charlie [as the door opens] “Ruby, aren’t you worried that we are visibly naked?”

Ruby [discovering that Jarlie’s puppies are INDEED off the leash AND uncovered] “No, I’m taking a leaf out of Elliott’s book. You know, Emma’s little brother. He pretends that she’s not his sister when she’s kissing her g/f’s.“

Joey “We’ve got to meet this Elliott – when we honeymoon on the Gold Coast.”

Ruby “You don’t have to meet him to know him. He’s like a slightly younger male Emma.”

Charlie “Good to know.”

Ruby “Anyway, don’t want to rush you but …. ppl are going to be here soon.”

Charlie “We could have things changed and have the wedding here. I don’t think I’m in the mood for clothes today.”

Ruby [said quickly, thinking of Elliott’s words of wisdom] “You’re not my mum. You’re not my mum. You’re not my mum.”

Joey “BUT Charlie, if we do have to get dressed, at least we have wedding gowns TO DIE FOR!!!!”

Ruby “Are we in a parallel universe? Joey & I are being the sensible ones for a change. No offence, Joey – but you're usually more “flighty” that Charles.”

Charlie “OK Rubes. After a few more kisses, on the lips AND other places, we’ll both get out of bed.”

Ruby [quickly, like before] “You’re not my mum. You’re not my mum. You’re not my mum.”

A few hours later, all the many many wedding guests are at the surf club, and whilst most of the Bay's residents have accepted Jarlie [and EVEN the mer-girls’ 4some], both Brett [Joey’s brother] and Colleen has declined to go this wedding – that day all the years ago when Madge Wilkins rejected her STILL haunts Colleen. [see below]

The bridal cars arrived bout 15 minutes ago, and the 2 sets of bridesmaids [Morag & Ruby for Charlie, and Rachel & Rikki for Joey] have gone into the surf club. Jarlie’s fam & friends AND the local journalists took pics of the 2 brides exiting the wedding cars – but now there’s a lull in proceedings. It’s like, where are BOTH bribes???

Ruby [looking resplendent in her bridesmaids dress] exits the surf club - and sees Jarlie facing towards the ocean. As they UBER kiss, Ruby is pleased that Charlie is sooooooo in love but SURELY the organized bit of Ruby’s mum's brain will kick in sooner or later.

Another 5 minutes pass, and Ruby is at the point of yelling out “Get a room” when she goes over to Jarlie ……

Ruby “Don’t want to rush you, but there’s a room full of ppl just dieing to se you get married.”

Joey “Charlie, are you going to make am honest woman out of me?”

Charlie “Whichever way you are now, I don’t want to change a thing.”

Ruby “I think I like soppy Charles.”

Charlie “OK. Let’s get wed, Joey.”

Minutes later, Charlie [ivory one shoulder gown] and Joey [aqua strapless gown] walk side by side down the aisle ….. with Morag & Ruby not far behind Charlie and Rachel & Rikki doing likewise for Joey. [see pics below for the wed dresses]

It’s a UBER loving, wonderful ceremony, centerpointed by the vows ….

Charlie “I will respect your right to make your own decisions and I will love you as much for being one as when we are two.”

Joey” And I promise to be there for you when you need me and I will not lie to you or shut you off from what I am feeling.

Blood nut Female Celebrant “Charlie & Joey have invited you here today to witness this afternoon of their commitment to each other. This commitment we now symbolise according to tradition with the exchange of the rings”. [see below]

Joey & Charlie do indeed, exchange rings – with loving looks from everyone, especailly the mer-girls, in the assembled crowd. Jarlie seal their new status ….. MARRIED ……with an UBER kiss !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Later at the reception, after LEAH caught Charlie’s bouquet and IRENE caught Joey’s, Jarlie are about to head off on the honeymoon on the Gold Coast [they will be staying at the resort next to the marine park where Cleo previously worked] when Emma approaches Jarlie ……

Emma “Joey, I know that my g/f’s and I have given you an official wedding present, but here’s an unofficial one.”

Emma whispers something into Joey’s ear, and when Jarlie gets in Charlie’s car, to begin the drive to the Gold Coast …..

Charlie “My darling bride, what did Emma say to you?”

Joey “She gave me a few cryptic clues – about she & her girlfriends became mermaids. IF I can figure all this out, would you mind if I had a tail?”

Charlie “THAT would make you even MORE amazing, Joey. So yeah, I’m sooooo going to help you become like Cleo & the others.”

Joey “I love you sooooooooooooooooooo much, Charlie.”

Charlie “I know.”

With that Jarlie kiss - and then Charlie starts up the car and they head off on their new life TOGETHER !!!!!!

Joey and Charlie’s wedding dresses




If the wedding vows sound familiar, it’s becaue I couldn't go past those of my fave H&A charecter who actually got married, well liknda, when she was Bayside – GYPSY !!!!


A scene from one of my precious fics “Oh My God !!! You Killed KImmy !!!!”

After finding just the “right” spot on the beach, and setting down all their things, Matilda & Belle comfort each other with a kiss, which young Annie takes in her stride – she’s sooooooo used to her best friends doing so, but, naturally, when Colleen, who is looking out to sea near the surf club, see them, she is DISGUSTED – 2 girls openly kissing in public like that !!!!

Colleen starts to gently cry, as she recalls an incident that happened many many years ago.

FLASHBACK – It’s just days after Colleen’s Miss Groper Pageant win. She's TOTALLY in her prime, and many of the boys in town are VERY interested in Colleen, but there’s only ONE person that the young Colleen has her eyes on.

Colleen’s heart is all aflutter as she thinks about what she’ll wear, what she’ll say when she approaches the person that she fancies. Colleen knows that she is taking a BIG risk - what will all the gossip mongers in town say if/when the news got out etc – but Colleen NEEDS to do this.

She arranges a secret meeting in the park with the person that she is keen on – and muchly dresses to impress. Colleen arrives at the park – and she sees that the person she likes is already there waiting. Colleen approaches – her heart is all aflutter with a sea of emotions. Colleen and the person she secretly fancies exchange greetings before Colleen [not being able to hold her felling in any longer] says, "I don’t know how to say this but ….. I, I’m in LOVE with you”

The look of DISDAIN on MADGE WILKINS’ face [who Colleen adores] tears Colleen’s heart into a MILLION pieces!!!!

It gets worse when Madge says, “You maybe Miss Groper, but no thank you Colleen, I’m not into ppl of YOUR kind!!!!”

Madge storms off – and Colleen starts to cry.

As Colleen begins to slowly clear her eyes of tears, she is WAY pleased that NO ONE but she & Madge know that this incident, form so many years ago, ever happened. Colleen then sees Maddie & Belle in a rather tight embrace, and Colleen’s disapproval of the girl on girl ‘ship [because of her OWN experiences] intensifies. Colleen thinks to herself, if I can’t be with the girl of my dreams, then no other girl/girl paring will be together either!!!!!

THE END !!!!!!


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