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Harry and Ginny fanvideo!

Guest rockstarrr08

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I dont know if this is the right place. But last night I have started making a Half Blood Prince specific Harry and Ginny video.

So I thought of uploading to Youtube a example quality preview lol of the video.

Any comments and even ratings are appreciated on there :)

- Please note: The video may not be able to be viewed in some countries :)
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Yeah it's not youtube, it's the silly video editing program lol. Im thinking of scrapping it until I get Sony Vega Video Editor or something better :P

Thanks for your comment though :)

I enjoyed it Sarah :)

The quality was good... just a little tip... if you want your video to be in widescreen... just change the size to 1280x720 :D

also... what program do you use?

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Movavi Video Editor, my dad got it from a magazine it came free with it. It's good but it does play up a fair bit (eg, locks up, clips pause for a bit, video clips are missing). Thank you for the tip, I was actually going to ask about that :D

no worries :D and yeah some movie editing programs are like that.... I tell you Sony Vegas was the best thing I ever got... before that I used to use Nero Video Editor and that wasn't too bad to use :)

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