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John Palmer - Shane Withington


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I have to say I think John Palmer is one of my favourite characters on the show now. I love him.

He's always entertaining, whether he is purposely being a cantankerous stubborn idiot, or when he's being all nice and sweet with Gina. And there's been some nice moments with him and Xavier.

I really like him and Gina together, the 2 actors really bounce off each other together.

And he has had some cracking one-liners in the show.

"Have I mishandled the situation, Ginal"

Loooooooooool :lol::lol:

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I love him too, his relationships with Gina and Xavier are great and he always seems to get the biggest laughs on the show, often by behaving in a completely inappropriate manner and not realising it.Given that he and Gina are now basically flying the flag for married couples on the show, it's nice that they've got a good relationship.They should make him a regular, although if he stays on the show and appears as much as he does now I'll be happy.

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Yes, I like old John. He and Xavier have a great relationship, they are so funny together. And I am always waving the banner for older couples in love like John and Gina, its not just teenagers who have love affairs.

Excellent actor too. Shane played a very different character in Out of the Blue, a fatherly, sensible police officer, an even tempered chap.

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Red Ranger, not to spoil things, but I believe next week in the UK episodes John Palmer is moved to cast. It's one of the sad things about no titles, I imagine they'd be a stir of excitement if he popped up next Gina after 2 years as a guest. Now, I'm not quite sure anyone noticed it.

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