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If You Don't Wanna Love Me (by charmed60) - comments


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So sorry i took so long to reply!! My bad!

First one

I absaloutly loved the first paragraph. You really captured Tony's emotions and it made me see things from his point of view. It must be awful for him, having to face up to the fact his wife might die and nothing he can do will make any difference. I suspect he feels incredibly guilty for everything and is now trying to make it up to her :( And i did love how she got him a blanket :lol: It sucks he is sleeping on the couch but i think that's very sweet and noble of him! Bles.

It was heartbreaking when she didn't let him into the bathroom. :( You wrote that so beauitfully though. Tony sitting outside just waiting for her broke my heart. Poor Rachel. She must feel so undignified and it must be so horrendous for her to be so sick and feel like she can't let Tony in even though i think she probably wants too. Really loved the ending though. Really bittersweet.

Second one

Firstly, Tachel kissing :D:wub: Loved the whole 'sleep with me!' lines too, very funny and nice little touch to break it up a little. I'm very glad it finally seems like they're going to work things out!! It's sad though Rachel is still pretty guarded, although i understand that and think it's going to take a lot from Tony for her to regain his trust (as it should though, haha). I'm not impressed Kate called and spoiled their moment!! Just when it seemd he was going to tell her everyhing too, and they were all cuddly and lovely and things. Dammm it! hehe. But loved the suspence the end and can't wait to see what happens next!! And poor Rach, how much more can she really take.

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Wow Laura i loved this :D I can't beleive the lengths Kate has gone too. She is seriously unhinged. I can't believe she had gone to the trouble of getting divorce papers and signing them :o I did love how Rachel knew Tony hadn't signed them and didn't question it at all, that's a great sign she has regained her trust in him, yey. :D Also loved how Kate stepped her foot right in it and said she'd forged them without meaning too. Clever writing.

“Me? Lucky? My husband left me for his ex wife and I’m having to face the fact that I’m probably going to die and somehow I’ve got to learn how to say goodbye to my baby son. He’s not going to remember me Kate.”

That was so sad :( Poor Rachel. I'm surprised she's so together after everything she's going through. But i think that kinda of make Kate realise that she has a second chance with Lucas and she should concentrate on that instead of endlessely harrasing Tony, which is just going to push Lucas away.

Oh my poor Rachel at the end!! I'm glad Kate seems to be doing the right thing though!! That's one thing in her favour. Tony is going to go crazy at her, he'll probably blame her for what happened to Rachel.

Can't wait for the next part :D

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Oh my gosh, that was brilliant!

:o Kate! Wow, I wasn't expecting that at all, it was VERY clever! She forged it? Gee, she really is desperate.. I almost feel sorry for her. But I loved Rachel picking up on the 'y,' that was so good! Go Rach!

I can't believe the end though. :( So sad! She's really sick, especially now that she's collapsed. I really hope she'll be okay. Poor Tony. :(

I can't wait for you to update! 'Tony refuses to let Rachel go.' :o No! She can't die, she just cant! :(

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Oh My God Laura that was so intense! :o I loved it!! The beginning was so lovely and it was nice to hear that Rachel's friends wanted to do something for her after everything she's been through.

I like how you wrote Kate in this chapter. She does have a heart after all :lol: Her reaction to all this i think shows she's just a scared, messed up women who is fighting for something she knows she'll never have. She must have known Tony would blame her but she didn't seem to think about that and i think that goes some way to redeeming her (a little bit :wink: ).

Tony's reaction was heartbreaking. :( I also loved that Rachel immediately asked for him :( I can imagine Tony reacting that way. It was so sad he just grabbed her and didn't let her go.

He leant down and placed his face next to hers as tears rolled down his cheeks. He desperately wanted to understand what she was trying to tell him and it hurt him so much that he couldn’t. What if she was trying to tell him that she was in pain? Tony felt a deep fear in his chest and it was getting worse, he was so scared that this was it. He was terrified that Rachel had been right, that she was going to die.

This part was so heartbreaking. You wrote it all so beautifully.

Can't wait for more.

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